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In thirteen months of travel, we saw quite a few funny things…interesting road signs, things lost in translation, even animal masturbation. Tim and I managed to capture some of the humor on our cameras, and here are our favorite funniest photos.

Funniest Photos

At the Trick Eye Museum in Jeju, South Korea, we had tons of fun posing for the camera. Here’s one of the silliest of the day…

Smelly bathroom


Sheep poo, anyone?

Sheep poo for sale


We found a KFC in Luang Prabang, Laos.

KFC Laos


Q here for a taxi in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Budget taxi


Our warning sign in our apartment in Cape Town, South Africa. In fact, there were signs warning people about the danger of baboons all over Cape Town.

Beware of baboons


But this guy doesn’t look so dangerous…he’s happily checking himself out while sitting on the side of the road. The little guy next to him is a bit more modest.

Baboon penis


Driving through South Africa we passed many restaurants with interesting names.

Hot and meat


This is my favorite.

Eat sum meat


Where did Tyler go?

Tyler in Cambodia


Read #6 carefully.

Vietnam instructions


Can’t say I’m lovin’ it.

I'm lovin it


Nice name for a hill in Australia.

Break me neck hill


This was a favorite of Tim’s. This was one worth turning around for just to get a photo of it.

Alien invasive species


More monkey warning signs, this time in Ubud, Bali. Take care your stuff!

Monkey crossing Bali


What a great pelican, smiling pretty for the camera!

Taronga Zoo


Do you really need a sign telling people not to spit on the wall? And is that spit all over the sign?

Do not spit on the wall


Finally, here was one of the most memorable, humorous moments while traveling. At first we thought the rhino just had an itch, but apparently he had more than just a little itch. This lead to an interesting conversation with Tyler and Kara once we all realized what he was doing.

Rhino masturbating


He was going at it so much he fell over. Ha!

Funniest photos

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