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Since arriving back in the US, I have had some time to sort through our terabytes of data amassed during our travels. It has been so much fun going back through our photos, editing the ones I never had time for while traveling, and reminiscing about where we have visited.

Italy is gorgeous, and with the food, the history, the art, the wine, and the hiking, it is a very popular destination in Europe for travelers. We traveled as far south as the Amalfi Coast and as far north as the Dolomites, just south of the Austrian border. The two places that were favorites for our family were the Dolomites, where the hiking was phenomenal, and Tuscany, the land of vineyards, olives, and one of our favorite cities, Siena.

From bottom to top, here are some of our favorite Italy photos. This is just a glimpse into what Italy has to offer, inspiration for anyone out there considering a trip to this delicious, sun drenched, photogenic country.


Positano, located on the Amalfi Coast, is beautiful, and our favorite view was from kayaks in the ocean.

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Positano Kayacking


We stayed at Casa Elena, a holiday house located in the hills overlooking Sorrento. For dinner, we would walk down the road to a restaurant that had views over Sorrento and Mt. Vesuvius.

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Sorrento and Vesuvius


The highlight of our visit to Capri was the Blue Grotto, something we almost skipped because of the big price tag.

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Blue Grotto


There is so much to see in Rome, but one of our favorite places was Piazza Navona. At the end of the day, this is a fabulous place to have dinner or just relax with a glass of wine.

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Piazza Navona Sign

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona Rome

Piazza Navona Cafe

Best Things To do Rome

It is hard to beat these views over Rome, photo taken from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica


Florence, a city packed with Renaissance art, cathedrals, gelato, and sweeping views over Tuscany. This is a city not to be missed on a visit to Italy.

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Florence Duomo

Florence Italy

Kara Rivenbark


You could easily spend an entire week or more just visiting Tuscany. Stay in a villa, tour the hill towns, drink some of Italy’s best wines, cycle through the vineyards…this area has so much to offer.

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Best View of Tuscany

This is Tuscany, viewed from a tower in San Gimignano.

Tuscany B&W

Tuscany in black and white.

Best Things to do in Tuscany


Best View of Siena

Siena, viewed from the top of Torre de Mangia.


Walking through the streets of Siena.

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre, with its five towns perched on the hillsides overlooking the Ligurian Sea, is so photogenic that it would be impossible to take a bad photo here.





Best Things to do Cinque Terre



Monterosso al Mare


Like the Cinque Terre, Venice is another extremely photogenic city in Italy. Just a few days is really all that you need, just give yourself enough time for wandering among the canals by foot, by gondola, and by vaporetto.

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Venice Italy

Gondolas Black and White

Grand Canal Venice

Venice Canal

Venice Gondolas

The Dolomites

Our favorite spot in Italy was the Dolomites. This is where Italy meets Austria, the hot, summer air was replaced by cooler, alpine breezes, and rocky mountains towered over us. The Dolomites are pure hiking bliss and it is very hard to beat these views.

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Selva di Cadore

Dolomites House

Dolomites Mountains

Selva di Cadore Night

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  1. Question about photography in Italy. I plan on taking: a 5DmkIII, 16-35f4ISL,
    50f1.4, 100f2.8, 200f2.8L, 430EX flash. I just bought a Lowepro Flipside 400AW II backpack with the security feature of body side access. This pack is the perfect size to hold my equipment and it really is comfortable. However……I am concerned about places that do not allow backpacks. What have you experienced, and am I going to
    have to rethink how I carry my camera and lenses. I have never been to Italy.

    1. Post

      Hello Scott. That’s some nice gear you have!! In general, in Europe, at places that do not allow backpacks there are lockers to stow your things. You will have a key or ticket so your things are “safely” locked away. At first, we felt nervous about locking our belongings in these lockers. We always wondered if our stuff would be stolen. I suppose it’s a small chance that will happen, but so far, after doing this many times, we have never had an issue. Maybe you should only should bring the lenses that you think you will use the most on this trip.

      Another thing to be aware of is the amount of pickpocketing that can go on not only in Italy but in other European countries. There are professional pickpocketers that target tourists. Make sure you keep all of your access zippers into your backpack locked while walking around (if possible). From what I’ve heard, it’s more likely that you will get ripped off by a pickpocketer than have something stolen out of a locked locker. We were just in Paris and our hotel staff warned us of how professional these pickpocketers can be, so it’s definitely something to be aware of.

      Have fun in Italy and I hope you get some fantastic photos! It’s a gorgeous place to photograph.

      Cheers, Julie

  2. Congratulations on a great writeup in the Baltimore Sun. I’m sure the article will draw even more interest in your trek. Your pics of the Dolomites certainly brings back good memories of our Italian visit. On Tuesday we begin our jaunt to Australia and New Zealand. We have reviewed your blog for ideas on what to see. Thanks.

  3. Hi Julie

    Did not see as much as you did,but what I got to see this July was just fantastic. I agree with all you have said on the Dolomites – stunning !!

    You all must find it strange to be back to ‘normality’ after your epic adventures. It is no wonder you are revisiting all your photos.

  4. These were some of my favorite pictures also. I especially like the ones when all of you were kayaking in the water by Sorrento.

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