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We have been traveling around the world for nine months now. In some countries we have seen monkeys. They are friendly and come up to people because they are used to being fed by humans.

Monkey Thief

A monkey that stole our pineapple in Chobe, Botswana.

It was in Africa where we saw monkeys for the first time. In Africa, we saw signs saying,  “Don’t feed the monkeys!” Why? If the monkeys are always fed by people then they get used to being around humans. After awhile the monkeys start coming up to people, begging for food. If the monkeys want you to feed them and you don’t, the monkeys get aggressive and might attack people. When this starts happening, the monkeys have to be euthanized to protect people.

Chobe Monkeys

Monkeys in Chobe National Park that stole an apple from someone’s picnic lunch.

In St. Lucia, Africa, we had our first close encounter with monkeys. We just got back from swimming and there were monkeys everywhere! While drying off from swimming while standing next to our car, we had our car doors open.  There were some monkeys brave enough to go right inside of our car and steal some of our food. Do you believe that?! We watched as they ate our sandwich bread and had a very nice meal.

In Capetown, near the Cape of Good Hope, we saw baboons walking down a row of cars. They were walking from one car to the next, trying to open the car doors for food!

In Krabi, Thailand, Dad was walking with a banana in his hand. A monkey came and jumped on his head to try to get the banana! Dad dropped the banana on the ground. Luckily, the monkey did not bite Dad to get the banana. That would have been really bad!

In Zhangjiajie, China, a storm of monkeys came running down a trail! Nearby, a group of people fed the monkeys by hand. Almost all of the monkeys stopped and ate directly from a person’s hand. I am worried if they keep feeding these monkeys then they will get aggressive. There were signs here, too, telling people to not feed the monkeys.

Feeding monkeys in China

Finally, in Taiwan, we once again saw people feeding a monkey. There were warning signs here, also. This is where I got the idea to write this post.I do not want people to feed the monkeys because I do not want them to be put to sleep. It is up to humans to leave the monkeys alone so we do not change their behavior and cause them to become dangerous to humans. If you are traveling to places where there are monkeys, please don’t feed the monkeys.

Monkey Warning

Warning sign in Taiwan.


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  1. Avatar for Kia Shi
    Kia Shi

    I studied biodiversity conservation and am grateful for your invoice on this issue. What disheartens me is that not only tourists feed wild animals, some local tourist authorities encourage this activity and even use it as a selling point. Feeding wild animals is dangerous to both animals and human. It creates litter. Some foods are harmful to the animal’s health. Animal behavior patterns get altered. Please let wild animals stay wild.

  2. Avatar for Ruma Dey Baidya
  3. Avatar for Ken

    Excellent words of warning! I would hate to find myself walking alone on a trail as the sun was setting to find that a horde of monkeys were descending from the woods on the hillside for food that I didn’t have …

  4. Avatar for Nova
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  6. Avatar for Karyn Jane
    Karyn Jane

    This is a great post. I’m actually in the process of writing one myself about this very issue, and found your post in a Google search. I’m actually an animal rights activist myself but even I unwittingly participated in this practice before I knew the truth. It’s really important we get the word out.

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Thank you, Karyn. It can be so tempting to feed the monkeys…they just look so darn cute! We were in Ubud, Bali, where feeding the monkeys is highly encouraged. Even there we saw a man bitten by a monkey he was feeding. Monkeys are wild animals which makes them unpredictable. Some people learn the hard way although it usually ends up worse for the monkey in the end.

    2. Avatar for Ken

      There’s a related issue: Do not feed ducks! If they eat bread, it causes damage to their wings, resulting in “droopy wing”, and they will no longer be able to fly!

  7. Avatar for cindy in Lutherville
  8. Avatar for Sam Matz
    Sam Matz

    I really enjoyed reading your post about the monkeys!
    It’s hard to believe there are monkeys in so many places.You have taught us a valuable lesson…Do not feed the Monkeys!

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