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Traveling with kids can be exciting, frustrating, and a little nerve-wracking all at the same time. Sure, you want to share the world with your kids, but what about getting through the airplane flight, touring museums, or just enjoying a nice dinner?

Here are some tips and tricks we have learned from traveling with our own kids.

Traveling with Kids

Have Them Write in a Journal

This is age dependent, but even kids as young as five can keep a journal, even if you have to write a few sentences for them.

Tyler's Journal

When we travel, we have Tyler and Kara do their writing at dinnertime. This seems like the perfect time to review the day and jot down a paragraph or two. For young kids, just a few sentences are fine. Older kids can write more. Have them write about their favorite activity or even about something they didn’t like. The entries may be hilarious. Plus, it can be eye opening as to what stands out to your kids as the most memorable part of the day.

Your kid’s journal just may be your favorite souvenir of the trip.

Let Them Lead the Way

Have your kids lead the way through the airport, train station, and subway station. This is a great opportunity for them to learn how to navigate through airports and metro stations and to learn how public transportation works.

Reading the map

Just in Case They Get Separated from You

Teach them what to do if they get lost or separated. Before leaving your hotel, have a plan in place just in case this happens. We make sure Tyler and Kara know where to go if we get separated on the metro, out on a city street, or at any public place.

Give Them Your Information

Write your contact information on the back of your hotel’s business card and put it in your child’s pocket or shoe. If your child gets separated from you, they will have your information and the hotel’s information so you can be reunited.

Include Them in the Trip Planning

Talk to your kids about activities in the places you plan to visit. Include some of the activities they express interest in.

If they are old enough, have them research a place you plan to visit.

Encourage Them to Take Photos

Let them bring a device that they can take pictures with and encourage them to take photos. When you return, build an album for them with their favorite photos.

Photographing Abe

Let them Buy Souvenirs

Give them a fixed amount of money for souvenirs. Let them pick out souvenirs of interest and learn how to manage their money.

British Souvenirs

Teach Them How to Haggle

If you are in a location where haggling is customary, then teach your kids how to do it, especially for the souvenirs they want for themselves.

Keep Museum Visits Short and Sweet

Visit no more than one, maybe two, museums in one day. Let’s face it, kids think museums are boring. If you push them to do too much, they’ll return the favor by whining, pouting, and making the experience less than pleasant for you.

Kara Silliness

If you do plan to visit museums, here are some tips to make the visit fun for the whole family.

Turn the visit into a scavenger hunt. Do some research before your visit. What are the main things you want your kids to see and learn at the museum. Make a list of these things and have the kids find them and check them off. You can even split into teams (with one adult on each team) and designate a meeting location for when everything has been found.

Play eye spy.

Count the number of ears in the museum, excluding live people. Sounds strange but it makes them look at everything in the museum.

Take scary face selfies in front of museum displays.

British Museum with Kids

Bring a Favorite Toy to Keep Them Occupied

If you are going on a road trip, long flight, long bus ride, or a train trip, bring along plenty to do to keep your kids occupied. Coloring books, travel games, and an iPad with games and movies are all great ideas.

Tyler and his iPod

Have you traveled with kids? What other tips and tricks do you recommend? Comment below!

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    Travellers of India

    One of the best read i have found on the web today. I have one kid but thats enough of 5 kids. These tips will really help in for my next travel. I am trying to figure out some peaceful trips. But I dont think that will be Possible. Hahha 🙂

    Note: I love my kid and enjoy travelling with him. Thanks for these tips EarthTrekkers. Keep shinning.

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  3. Avatar for Mohan

    Wow!! Really great article and also great family! Your thoughts inspired me. Travelling with kids is more fun and sometimes more challenging too, LoL!! But this post will be really helpful.. Thank you!!!

  4. Avatar for Saurabh Das
    Saurabh Das

    Most parents consider travelling with kids a big challenge. This article actually inspires to do so. I like the tips you have shared here. The idea of writing down the day’s experiences will help children store happy recollections from childhood. I also liked your suggestion about teaching children how to haggle and manage money.

  5. Avatar for Mirian

    What a great post! Our family (my wife and I plus kids 4, 7, and 9 years old) are preparing to embark on a 7 month trip and it is really necessary to be prepared with kids. Your article shared some very great tips that every family should follow.

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    What a great article. Thank you for all of your advice and information. It definitely motivated me to give it a try to traveling with kids. Lovely post.

  7. Avatar for Sara

    Lollipops! Keep a few small lollipops in your bag. When deployed at the right moment, these can revitalize a flagging kid and avert a meltdown. Also ice cream! Teach them to order their favorite flavor in the appropriate language.

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