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  1. Thankyou for sharing your information was invaluable put us on the right path to enjy Vietnam and your videos are wonderful Merry Christmas Sue

  2. Tyler and Kara – We have been watching your videos, looking at your Mom’s beautiful photos and listening to our Mom read about your trip for months. We cannot wait to see the rest of your videos, especially Kara rock climbing in Thailand. As much as we have loved everything posted, seeing the ducks on the highway on the motorbike was simply hilarious! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!! Sean and his sister Erin

  3. Hello everyone! Thanks for the nice comments on my videos! I will be uploading more soon, when I hopefully get much better wifi! Stay tuned for more episodes!

  4. Felicidades, Increible historia podrian hacer una pelicula con esta historia, disfrutenlo estoy siguiendo sus pasos, me encantan los ninos son super inteligentes y preciosos…. Linda historia familiar….

  5. Tyler these are terrific! We are wondering what kind of camera are you using and what video software are you using? Thanks! Caton and Ainsley Summers (ages 10 and almost 9)

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      Hello Staci and family,

      We use a Panasonic Lumix camera that shoots both still photos and video. Tyler uses Corel Video Studio X7 for his video editing. He would love to post more videos but the wifi in Nepal is frustratingly slow. Next we travel to Bhutan and India so I am not expecting things to improve any time soon. But keep checking back…he’s got lots of great material to post from Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu!

      1. Thanks Julie! I completely understand the wifi situation and I’ve experienced it myself. Video is the hardest to upload it seems. We have read every one of your posts! I wrote to you under the comment section, introducing myself. If you didn’t get it, let me know. I am especially eager to learn how the homeschooling is going. But, I also appreciate that there isn’t as much time as you’d probably like to do things like email and writing. I mean there is a whole world out there to see! Wishing you all the best….Staci

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          Hello Staci,

          Sorry for the late response. I never did get anything in the comment section. If you want, you can email us at The home schooling is going very well. We have really gotten the hang of it. The Calvert program is excellent and Tyler and Kara are really learning a lot. Some days it can be very hard to squeeze everything in, but we are managing. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Tyler + family, Your videos are beautiful to see! Thank you for making this your project! You + Kara are getting really good at public speaking. I do not think I will ever go to Italy, so I really enjoyed your videos!

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