Big waves of Nazare

14 Amazing Things to Do in Nazaré, Portugal

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Nazaré is a small fishing town surrounded by a long stretch of sandy beaches. This city has a long, rich history, but in recent years it is growing in popularity because of its enormous waves. During the winter months, the largest surfable waves in the world crash on Nazaré’s shore, making this a surfing mecca. Seeing the giant waves tops …

Obidos Portugal

15 Wonderful Things to Do in Óbidos, Portugal

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Stroll the picturesque streets, walk the castle walls, and drink ginja in a chocolate cup …these are all things to do in Óbidos, Portugal. If you have been to Tuscany, Italy, a visit to Óbidos will feel very much like exploring one of Italy’s smaller hill towns, such as Montepulciano or San Gimignano. Óbidos is a compact town, perched on …