Best things to do on Bruny Island Tasmania

6 Must-Have Experiences on Bruny Island, Tasmania

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Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s southernmost islands. Covered in eucalyptus forests with long stretches of rocky coastlines and beaches, this island feels rugged and remote. But it is just a twenty minute ferry ride away from the mainland of Tasmania. Bruny Island is really two islands connected by a thin isthmus of sand. Approximately 620 people call this island …

Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Walking the Cliffs of Moher: Doolin to Hags Head

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The Cliffs of Moher were one of the things that we were most looking forward to on our trip to Ireland. This is wild, rugged, awesome Irish coastline. We couldn’t wait to see these views, hike along the cliffy tops, and enjoy one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks. So, you can imagine our disappointment when we learned that rain was in the …

Bruny island in the rain

Wild and Wet Tasmania

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Our welcome to Australia came with a one week stay on the island of Tasmania. Tasmania is home to great cheeses and wines, the Tasmanian Devil and wallabies, and as we quickly learned, highly unpredictable weather. We were here during the autumn season, time for cooler temperatures and wetter than normal weather. This week, it was much cooler than average, …