Myanmar Travel Guide
Myanmar, a country that has only recently opened its doors to tourism, left us awe-inspired with its stunning array of intricate temples, towering Buddhas, warm-hearted people, and distinctive cuisine. From the enchanting land of 2,000 temples in Bagan to the mystical Taung Kalat Monastery atop a dormant volcano, and the iconic U Bein Bridge standing gracefully on stilts over a tranquil river, Myanmar boasts wonders unlike anywhere else. It's an ideal destination for travelers seeking authenticity and unforgettable experiences.

Myanmar Stats

Official Language: Burmese

Population: 55 million

Capital City: Naypyidaw

Currency: Myanmar Kyat

Power Outlet: C, D, F, and G



Yangon, once known as Rangoon, is the largest city in Myanmar.  This city was our introduction to Burmese culture, and we had seven full days to spend here. Most people tour through Yangon in two or three days but we spent extra time to relax and get to know this city.


Myanmar In Photos

Myanmar is a wonderful country to visit in Southeast Asia. It is not as popular of a destination as Thailand or Cambodia, but that does not mean that Myanmar is not a magical place to visit. The temples of Bagan are an amazing sight to see, but there is also the shiny, golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and unique places around Mandalay and Inle Lake to visit.

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Top Experiences in Myanmar

Yangon: As Myanmar's largest city, Yangon is a vibrant hub teeming with impressive sights, exotic foods, and friendly locals. A standout attraction is the Shwedagon Pagoda, renowned for its intricate gold embellishments and multitude of shrines.

Bagan: The ancient city of Bagan is a sprawling marvel, home to over 2,000 Buddhist and Hindu temples, with little else in sight, making it a truly extraordinary destination to explore. The best way to experience Bagan is by biking through its beaten pathways. And for a breathtaking aerial view, ride a hot air balloon over the landscape or watch the sunset from the top of one of its numerous temples.

Inle Lake: Take a ride on a wooden boat and gaze at the sight of Buddhist temples emerging from the tranquil waters, surrounded by villages on stilts, marshy reeds, and distant mountains. Nearby, stroll through the various collections of hundreds of stupas, each bearing testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Mandalay: Mandalay, the last royal capital before British occupation, boasts an impressive array of Buddhist pagodas, temples, and monasteries within its bustling urban center. One standout attraction is the iconic U Bein Bridge, a local footbridge supported by stilts that stretch high above a river, offering a remarkable sight to behold.

Kalaw: This mountainous region of Myanmar is a haven for trekkers and those yearning for a rustic getaway. Here you’ll find numerous day hikes leading to pagodas and scenic viewpoints. For a longer adventure, embark on Myanmar's popular "Kalaw to Inle Lake" multi-day trek, immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences along the way.

Ngapali: Ngapali stands as one of Myanmar's most sought-after beach retreats, renowned for its pristine waters ideal for snorkeling and its nearby resort town perfect for unwinding. Just a stone's throw away lies Ngwe Saung beach, another beloved destination for those seeking sun, sand, and relaxation.

Taung Kalat Monastery: At the peak of the dormant volcano Mount Popa, sits the Taung Kalat Monastery, a revered pilgrimage site adorned with numerous Nat temples and relics. It is accessed by a climb of 777 steps and past the monkeys that reside on the mountain. 

The Golden Rock: Known as the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, this site holds immense significance in Myanmar's Buddhist heritage. Perched precariously on the edge of a cliff, a massive boulder is said to balance miraculously, supported only by a single hair of the Buddha according to legend.

Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Myanmar welcomes visitors year-round, but the prime time to visit is during the dry season from November to February, characterized by warm and dry weather. However, this period tends to see higher tourist numbers.

Monsoon season sets in from May to September, bringing lush greenery and occasional discounts on travel. While traveling during this time can still be enjoyable, expect hot and rainy days. Keep in mind that April is the hottest month in Myanmar.