Walkers Haute Route Stage 14

Walker’s Haute Route Stage 14: Europahütte to Zermatt

Tyler Switzerland 2 Comments

From bridges, caves, hamlets, and impressive views of the finish line, the final stage of the Walker’s Haute Route has it all. Every step brings you closer to the end goal of Zermatt, a beautiful town that’s renowned for its skiing and hiking. Enjoy the views along the way, as they only get better the further you go. The Haute …

Haute Route Stage 13 Europahutte

Walker’s Haute Route Stage 13: St. Niklaus to the Europahütte

Julie Switzerland 6 Comments

As you enter one of the final stages of the Walker’s Haute Route, you will most likely be sore, a bit fatigued, and growing tired of massive mountain ascents and descents. Plus, the anticipation of seeing Zermatt and the Matterhorn grows. The good news is that Stage 13 of the Haute Route features the final climb of the trek. There …