Rent a Car in Europe

10 Things You Should Know about Renting a Car in Europe

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Having a car provides a lot of freedom and convenience when traveling through Europe. You can travel at your own pace, stop frequently to take in the view, and get to some places that are difficult to reach with public transportation. However, there are some things to know about renting a car in Europe. Knowing these differences in advance can …

10 Days in Europe Itineraries to try

10 Days in Europe: 5 Amazing Itineraries

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Europe is such a joy to explore. With world-class cities, medieval towns, the towering, snowcapped Alps, gorgeous beaches, and some of the world’s most delicious food, these are the perfect ingredients for your next vacation. If you want to spend 10 days in Europe, we have five amazing itineraries with some of Europe’s most popular destinations. These itineraries are perfect …

Prague Clock

The Very Photogenic City of Prague

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Tim and I visited Prague in 2011, ending our trip to Eastern Europe.  This city is incredibly photogenic.  Prague is called the “Golden City of a Hundred Spires” because of the many spires on churches all over the city. Prague was the only large Eastern European city to survive WWII without being destroyed by bombs (unlike Budapest and Vienna).  I fell …

Amsterdam Bikes

Amsterdam, Our First European Experience

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In April 2008, Tim and I made our first trip to Europe.  Our one week vacation started in Amsterdam and ended in Paris.  This was the trip where our wanderlust would really begin. Tim and I instantly fell in love with Europe. Why had we waited so long before traveling to this amazing continent? Tim and I spent three days …