Bali Indonesia

Nyepi Day in Bali: What to Expect as a Visitor to Bali

Tyler Indonesia 2 Comments

Nyepi day is Bali’s “day of silence”. Celebrated by the Balinese Hindus on the island, this is a full day of complete silence, meditation, and prayer. Roads, beaches, shops, and restaurants close for the day, and everyone remains inside to honor the beginning of the Balinese New Year. If you’re a tourist planning a trip to Bali and find yourself …

Thailand in December

10 Winter Vacation Ideas Perfect for the Holiday Season

Julie Travel Inspiration 13 Comments

It’s nice to spend the holiday season at home, visiting with family and enjoying the low-key end to the year. But what if you want to get away? With two weekends and two days off of work for Christmas and New Year’s, it’s possible to swing a 10-day getaway without taking too many vacation days. Sounds nice, right?  Most of …