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Massachusetts Travel Guide

Massachusetts is a diverse destination with something for everyone. Explore the historic city of Boston, relax on the charming beaches of Cape Cod, or venture into the rolling hills of the Berkshires. Delve into American history by visiting some of the country's oldest settlements, where you can learn about the Revolutionary War and 18th-century life. Alternatively, escape to coastal destinations offering outdoor activities, delightful shopping streets, and picturesque lighthouses.

Northeast Itinerary

Embark on an exciting New England road trip, exploring Cape Cod’s beaches, Maine’s coastal beauty, and the vast White Mountains of New Hampshire. This fast-paced itinerary is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a mix of sightseeing, town hopping, and hiking. Each destination has its unique charm, providing a well-rounded experience of the best sights in the American Northeast.


Cape Cod

There are an overwhelming number of activities, towns, and beaches to visit on Cape Cod. Planning a trip here is difficult, especially when you only have a short amount of time but want to see everything. Here is how we spent two days on Cape Cod with tips to help you have the best experience.

Top Experiences in Massachusetts

Boston: Boston is famous for a lot of things: the Boston Red Sox, the Freedom Trail, Harvard and MIT, and the famous Boston Tea Party, the event that kicked off the American Revolutionary War. We spent almost one full week touring Boston and the nearby towns and we were amazed by how much there is to do here.

Plymouth, Lexington, & Concord: Plymouth, just a short drive from Boston, is where the pilgrims first made landfall in Massachusetts, establishing one of the oldest settlements in the United States. Follow Paul Revere’s footsteps out to Lexington and Concord, where the first battles of the Revolutionary War were fought. These three destinations can all be visited in one big day trip from Boston.

Provincetown: Provincetown was our favorite Cape Cod destination, and it is easy to visit as a day trip from Boston. This lively town is brimming with shops, antique stores, art galleries, ice cream stands, restaurants, and it is well-known for its welcoming LGBTQ+ community.

Martha’s Vineyard: Martha’s Vineyard, a sizable island off the Cape Cod coast, boasts a variety of attractions including coastal towns, shopping districts, beautiful beaches, and picturesque clay cliffs. This island destination is a great day trip from Cape Cod or from Boston.

Nantucket: Nantucket offers a timeless island getaway with its golden beaches, shopping hubs, biking routes, and seafood spots. You can access the island via ferry services from Cape Cod. Since the island is fairly small and parking is a challenge, exploring on foot or by bike is better than by car.

Berkshires: Both outdoor lovers and artists flock to the Berkshires, with its rolling hills, idyllic villages, and gorgeous natural sites. Admire the 80-foot Bish Bash Falls and the hike to the summit of Monument Mountain. Or, spend your day in the country’s largest contemporary art museum, the MASS MoCA, and listen to a symphony at Tanglewood.

Best Time to Visit Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a year-round destination, each season bringing its own charm. Spring is marked by blooming flowers and pleasant weather. Summer brings hot temperatures, perfect for exploring Cape Cod. Fall showcases beautiful foliage, while winter offers a serene atmosphere, and you can enjoy skiing at Ski Butternut, the state's largest ski resort.