RTW Plane Ticket

RTW Ticket vs. One Way Tickets, Which One is Better?

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If you are planning to travel around the world, you have two options for booking your flights: a RTW ticket or a series of one-way tickets. Both options have pros and cons, with the main factors being cost and flexibility. If you will be traveling around the world, don’t automatically assume that you need to book a RTW ticket. There …

Craven Family

Sailing Around the World…An Interview with an Inspiring Family

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Can you tell us a little about your adventures – where you went and what you did.  We’re Caspar and Nichola – together with our 3 children – Bluebell (10), Columbus (8) and Willow (3), we’re sailing around the world. We spent 5 years planning our adventure and on 20th August 2014 we set off from UK shores.   We’ve sailed …

Trekking with kids

Worst Travel Moments While Going Around The World

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It’s a fact of life that things go wrong. In thirteen months of travel, it is unavoidable to have a few minor disasters along the way, even with proper planning and taking precautions to keep yourself healthy. Fortunately for us, the things that went wrong weren’t too terrible, although at the time we may have thought differently. We all battled …

Top 10 World Accommodations

Our Top Ten Accommodations From Around The World

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In thirteen months of travel we stayed in a lot of places, 149 to be exact. We moved quite frequently, never having much time to settle down before packing up and moving on again.  This type of fast paced travel had us staying in places like hotels and home stays more than apartment rentals. Even so, some of the few apartment …

US Flag

So, What’s It Like Returning to the USA?

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With just one week remaining of our 396 day journey around the world, how are feeling about finally returning to the USA? Honestly, we are ready to come home.  We are actually looking forward to it, which I would have found hard to imagine just a few months ago. The four of us are exhausted…this traveling schedule has really been …

Pisa Italy

A One Month Recap…How are we doing?

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So, we have made it through our first month.  How are we doing?   We are all still happy, healthy, and having a good time.  Tyler and Kara haven’t killed each other yet, and they actually have grown a little closer already.  So far we haven’t had much interaction with other kids so Tyler and Kara are forced to get …