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So, we have made it through our first month. How are we doing?

Silly Family

Note: This post was originally written July 2014, one month into our around the world trip.

We are all still happy, healthy, and having a good time. Tyler and Kara haven’t killed each other yet, and they actually have grown a little closer already. So far we haven’t had much interaction with other kids so Tyler and Kara are forced to get along and play with each other.

Other than a little car sickness, a 24 hour fever for Kara, and a cold for me we have been very healthy. Of course, we are in Europe, the easiest, healthiest part of the trip. Things may change once we get to Asia.

Bunk Beds

We have been very busy, which comes as no surprise. We have been filling our days with sightseeing, using any extra time for home schooling, doing laundry, or working on plans for the future months of our trip. It is very hard keeping up with everything we have planned. Slower wifi speeds than what we are used to in the US makes updating videos and the blog take awhile.

We walk a lot. Walking is free, great exercise, and a great way to explore wherever we are. We average over 5 miles per day, logging a total of 169 miles so far. Tim has been carrying a GPS logger everywhere we go. Here is a count of the miles we have traveled so far.

Mileage Count July 2014

As we have traveled, we have learned things about ourselves and the places we have visited.

Things We Have Learned So Far

Italy can be frustrating at times. In general, we really enjoyed our three weeks in Italy, but there were some things that really got on our nerves.

The public bus system was terrible at times. Since we are traveling on a budget, we were dependent on bus transportation for a large portion of the trip. In several places, Sorrento and Tuscany mostly, buses would run very late, or in many cases, not show up at all. On multiple occasions we were waiting an hour or more for our bus to arrive. Once it did, there were now so many people waiting, that it almost became a pushing match to get onto the bus. I was expecting things like this in Asia, not here in Italy!

We also found some of the people of Italy to be difficult to deal with, and at times, lazy. This is just an overgeneralization, as we met some very nice people whom we loved (in particular Margherita in Rome and Elena in Sorrento). So, when it came time to cross the border into Germany, we were very excited and looking forward to a place where life is efficient and friendlier. Don’t take this the wrong way. We loved our time in Italy. It is a beautiful country filled with amazing places to visit and some of the world’s best food, there were just some aspects of traveling here that did not meet our preconceptions.

I liked Germany a lot more than I was expecting. At the time I am writing this, we have only been a Germany a few days, but I instantly fell in love with it. Bavaria, where we will be spending most of our time, is beautiful country. The people here are very friendly. I can speak about 30 words of German, so we are a little lost here when it came to communicating and ordering off of a menu, but Germany is wonderful.

Tim Smart

I have learned about predicates, exponential notation, and the Anasazi people. We have been doing as much homeschooling as possible. Tyler and Kara are not always thrilled to start or end their days with schoolwork, but it is one of the necessities of a trip like this. So far I think it is going very well.

We have become wifi junkies. A good wifi connection is very important!! We are so dependent on wifi in order to function. I use it to write the blog, upload photos, and email future hotels. The kids use the wifi to stay in touch with their friends, and Tim also uses the wifi for trip planning. We have had one hotel so far without wifi and we felt like we were lost at sea. Some places have a super fast connection, and at others we are hanging out in the common area of the hotel in order to get the signal.

Wifi Junkies

Having a washing machine is a luxury. So far I have washed our clothes in the sink, went to a local laundromat, and at two of our hotels, had the luxury of a washing machine. We are traveling with enough clothes to make it one week without doing any laundry, about two weeks if we wear things several times and wash the essentials in the hotel sink. This is a new way of traveling for us so it is taking some adjustment, but so far I really like it. The trick is to keep our kids, particularly Kara, from getting food and dirt all over their clothes.

Laundry in Germany

We have all gotten stronger and are in better shape than we started. I look back to our first day, carrying our backpacks across Manhattan, crumbling under the weight of our packs. But just a few weeks later we can carry the same weight with much less difficulty.

Italy Train Travel

Every day does not need to be perfect. When we have travelled previously, and had just 10 days off of work for vacation, there is a certain amount of pressure to enjoy every day as much as possible. A day of bad weather or a mix up in plans can ruin a day. Now that we have tons of time and months of activities to look forward to, it is much easier to overlook the things that go wrong.

We will never get tired of Italian food. We travelled through Italy for 24 days and every single meal we ate was Italian. We loved every one of these meals. After just a few days in Germany we are quickly getting tired of schnitzel, meat, and potatoes. We have found an Italian restaurant near our apartment and eat there quite frequently. The Earth Trekkers love pizza and pasta!

Hungry for Pizza

This trip has been everything we were hoping for so far. We are seeing some wonderful places, learning a lot, and having a blast. We have about two weeks in Germany, and then it is off to South Africa, a new continent, new adventures!

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  1. Avatar for Pat Stilwell
    Pat Stilwell

    I don’t know you/your family, but I am so enjoying reading of your adventures. I’m traveling vicariously with you. I am in awe of the wonderful experience you are giving your children. I expect they will become extraordinary adults because of this trek. I’m so glad I saw your story in the Baltimore Sun. Thanks for sharing via this wonderful blog.

  2. Avatar for Dolly

    Hello Julie and Family,
    Dolly Mersinger here. . . I was a patient at your office and though I do not know your family personally I was happy to learn of your travel plans and am enjoying your blog postings. I jumped in because my husband and I just returned from a trip to Germany and had a wonderful time there. A highlight for us was the unbelievable gentle cruise on the Mosul River.. . . such breathtaking beauty of vineyards on the hillsides and historic villages in the valleys along that river. Continued good luck to you all in your travels and thanks for the chance to read about them.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Hello Dolly! It is so nice to hear from you! We are not going to see the Mosul River on this trip, we are staying in the very southern portion of Germany, going as far north as Munich and maybe Rothenburg. We are having a wonderful time as well in Germany. I will be posting about Germany soon! Thanks for reading!


      1. Avatar for Dolly

        Rothenburg was another of our special favorites. It’s an amazing city. I hope you are able to go there. I’ll keep reading to see if you do. 🙂
        ~ Dolly

  3. Avatar for Pat Justice
    Pat Justice

    Such an interesting blog! It is great you are documenting the details. (Both by photos and charts). Happy for all that things are going so well. Wishing you nice weather and looking forward to more Adventures of the Earthtrekkers!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Thank you so much for following us! We love hearing comments from everyone following us and it keeps us motivated to keep posting!

  4. Avatar for Stephanie

    So happy to hear how much you are loving Germany! We arrive in Frankfurt on the 15th and are so excited to spend 10 days in Bavaria and Austria. We love checking in on your adventures…thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Bavaria and Austria are wonderful. We have actually been touring Berchtesgaden, Salzburg and are now staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for one week. I love it here. The scenery is amazing, the people are very friendly, and we have been doing a lot of fun activities. It rains a lot here so hopefully you have some contingency time planned into your schedule. I would highly recommend seeing Neuschwanstein (go at 8 am!!) and going up Zugspitze on a good weather day, if you are going to be in the area. These have been our favorite things so far. I will be posting about this soon…it’s hard to keep up!

  5. Avatar for Gary gajewski
    Gary gajewski

    Even though I don’t know your family personally ….reading about your experiences and sharing them with other friends who are following you is a lot of fun…none of us can believe you have been traveling for a month already..congrats to all of you..thanks for you great stories..look forward to more…Best Wishes.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Thank you so much for following us! We love all of your comments! We have been feeding Kara crackers while driving in the car and that seems to be helping a lot! Thanks!

  6. Avatar for Ruth Graesser
    Ruth Graesser

    I am delighted every time I find a blog from EarthTrekkers in my inbox. I am traveling the world vicariously and loving it (more economical the vicarious way).
    Your descriptions are excellent and make it easy to imagine the sights. Of course, the photos don’t hurt.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Thank you so much for following us. I am glad you enjoy our posts and our photos ( I love them too!). We are trying to post as much as possible, so keep reading!

  7. Avatar for Kathy (mom)
    Kathy (mom)

    Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a month already. Being able to communicate with you via this blog and my phone has made it seem that you are not that far away. I love to read all of your analyses and of course love viewing the fantastic photos. Thanks for the enrichment you are providing!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
      1. Avatar for Kathy (mom)

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