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Maine Travel Guide

Explore the charm of Maine with its tasty lobster rolls, vast pine forests, and quaint towns by the blue coastline. Enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking in Acadia National Park, spotting moose, and discovering historic lighthouses. Dive into the rich maritime culture and explore charming towns for a delightful and easy-to-enjoy experience in this scenic state.

Northeast Itinerary

Embark on an exciting New England road trip, exploring Cape Cod’s beaches, Maine’s coastal beauty, and the vast White Mountains of New Hampshire. This fast-paced itinerary is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a mix of sightseeing, town hopping, and hiking. Each destination has its unique charm, providing a well-rounded experience of the best sights in the American Northeast.

Acadia National Park

Greater Portland Area

Top Experiences in Maine

Acadia National Park: Known for its scenic views of the coast and mountains full of vivid autumn colors, this park has trails with ladders, metal rungs, and cliff walks for experienced hikers and easygoing, grounded trails that will take everyone’s breath away.

Bar Harbor: Located just outside Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor has a number of beautiful ocean trails, sailing, kayaking, and various shops and restaurants in town. In the winter, cross country skiing and snowmobiling are also popular.

Portland and Cape Elizabeth: Portland, a lively city by Maine’s Casco Bay, features historic red-brick buildings, cobbled streets, and century-old monuments. Along the shore, travelers embark on whale watching cruises, ferry tours, and fishing trips on Maine’s blue seas. And don't miss Cape Elizabeth, just south of Portland with historic lighthouses and scenic coastlines.

Camden: Camden is the perfect spot for those who want easy access to outdoor adventures, a cute small town to explore, and a nice middleground to see the rest of Maine.

Monhegan Island: A small artisan colony, Monhegan Island can be visited by ferry for a fantastic day or overnight trip. Some of the best things to do are hike its 7 mile perimeter trail to see seals, cliffs, and a rusting shipwreck, hop on connecting trails to explore the forest and town, and delight in art galleries/shops, restaurants, and beer garden before heading back on the ferry at the end of the day.

Best Time to Visit Maine

With so much outdoor space and so many places to go, when to visit Maine will depend on what you would like to do. May to September is the best time to visit for pleasant weather on the coasts and to hike, but it also means there will be more crowds and it will be harder to find a place to stay.

Skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing are best from January to March due to fresh snow, but this also makes roads and travel more risky.

Fall colors in Maine are also a common reason to visit and start toward the last week of September in northern Maine and the middle to end of October toward the coasts and southern areas.