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Stroll through the picturesque city center, visit the awe inspiring Toledo Cathedral, taste Manchego cheese and local wine, visit the city’s important religious sites, and enjoy the view from a long list of stunning viewpoints…these are all things to do in Toledo, Spain.

Visiting Toledo was one of our favorite experiences in Spain, which is saying a lot, because this country is filled with many memorable places to visit. Toledo is super fun to explore…just strolling through town tops the list of must-have experiences here.

This city is also very photogenic, as you will soon see. We took hundreds of photos and I had a tough time narrowing down which ones to include in this article. 

With all that being said, we have a lot to share with you, so let’s get started.


A Few Quick Facts about Toledo

Toledo is a small city that sits on a bend of the Tagus River, a river that meanders through Spain and Portugal, ending at Lisbon, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

The first settlements date back to the Bronze Age, making Toledo well over 2,000 years old. The Romans conquered the city in 193 BC, named it Toletum, and built an aqueduct, roads, and villas, of which the remnants of these still remain today. Toledo changed hands a few more times, between Germanic tribes, the Visigoths, and Muslims.

In 1085, Toledo came under Leonese rule and the city flourished. For a short period of time, Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived peacefully in Toledo, leaving their mark on the city. Because of this Toledo has the nickname “the city of three cultures.” One of the best things to do in Toledo is to visit its churches, mosques, and synagogues.

Toledo was the capital of Spain until 1561. After the War of the Communities of Castile the court was transferred to Madrid. Now, the main industry in Toledo is the manufacture of swords and knives but this is also a very important tourist destination in Spain.

The city center of Toledo is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located about 70 km southwest of Madrid and is easily accessible by car and train.

Things to Do in Toledo Spain

Best Things to Do in Toledo

In no particular order, here is a list of the best things to do in Toledo. At the end of this section, you can see all of them on a map.

1. Alcántara Bridge

For many visitors, crossing the Alcántara Bridge will be their introduction to Toledo. This bridge sits on the walking route from the Toledo train station to the historic city center.

Spanning the Tagus River, this bridge was originally built between 104 and 106 AD under orders of Roman Emperor Trajan. It has been partially destroyed multiple times over the centuries from wars and bombings. The bridge we see today dates back to 1860 with further repairs in 1969.

Alcántara Bridge | Best things to do in Toledo

If you are walking to the city center from the train station or one of several parking lots around Toledo, you will cross this bridge. There are a few great photo ops of the bridge just before you reach it. Once you get to the opposite side, be prepared for a hill climb into the city center.

2. The Toledo Cathedral

Without a doubt, visiting the Toledo Cathedral (also called the Primatial Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo) is one of the best things to do in Toledo.

Toledo Cathedral | Best things to do in Toledo

A visit here is awe-inspiring and well worth it, even for those with little interest in touring churches or cathedrals. We have visited a LOT of cathedrals and churches in Europe and this one wowed us. This cathedral is considered to be one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in Spain.

Construction began in 1226. The Gothic nave was completed in 1493 and throughout the centuries, chapels and modifications to the cathedral were made.

On a visit here, there is a lot to see. Plan on spending about an hour in the cathedral to see everything listed below.

Things to See in the Toledo Cathedral:

Puerta de los Leones

This gate sits on the south side of the cathedral. Entry is to the left of this gate.

Puerta de los Leones

Puerta de los Leones

The Nave and Side Chapels

As you walk through the nave, you are instantly struck by the immense scale of this cathedral. Make a complete circuit around the nave to see the side chapels and truly absorb the awe-inspiring grandeur of the cathedral. You will also get to see one of the most striking features of the cathedral, the Baroque altarpiece called El Transparente.

Primatial Palace Interior | Best things to do in Toledo

El Transparente Toledo Cathedral | Best things to do in Toledo

El Transparente


El Transparente

The Choir

The Choir is worth a quick visit and is located in the center of the nave.

Toledo Cathedral Choir

Toledo Cathedral Choir Carvings

The wood carvings in the choir are amazing!

The Crypt (Cripta)

Located on the east side of the nave, descend the short staircase to visit the very small crypt to see the final resting place of Saint Ursula. In 451, she refused to renounce her Christian faith, so was killed. She was laid to rest here in 1673.

The Cloister

Take a stroll through the cloister, which leads to the Chapel of Saint Blaise (don’t miss the very colorful ceiling).

Toledo Cathdral Cloister | Best things to do in Toledo

The cloister


Chapel of Saint Blaise | Best things to do in Toledo

Chapel of Saint Blaise

The Chapter House

Built in the early 16th century, this colorful room contains oil paintings that portray scenes from the Life of the Virgin and the Passion of Christ as well as portraits of the first Archbishops of Toledo.

Chapter House Toledo Cathedral | Best things to do in Toledo

Chapter House

The Sacristy and Museum

For those with an interest in art, the sacristy is not to be missed. This one room contains works of art by El Greco, Caravaggio, Goya, Tiziano, and other famous artists.

Toledo Cathedral Sacristy and Museum

The sacristy and museum

The Monstrance of Arfe

Located inside of the Treasury, the Monstrance is made of silver and gold and decorated with gems and is used in the annual feast of Corpus Christi of Toledo.

Portal of the Clock (Puerta del Reloj)

This is the oldest entry into the cathedral, constructed in the 14th century. It can be seen on the north side of the cathedral.

You can visit the cathedral for free by entering at this entrance for select periods of time. You will enter a small, fenced off portion of the cathedral that gives you a glimpse of the nave. It is a good option for those who want to see the interior of the cathedral without paying the entrance fee. Get the hours of opening on the official website.

Portal of the Clock

Portal of the Clock

Bell Tower

In the past, visitors could climb the bell tower for the view over Toledo. As of 2024, the tower is closed (it has been closed since 2020) with no sign of reopening. However, if you learn something new, please let us know in the comment section below so we can keep this article updated. Thanks!

Primatial Palace Courtyard | Best things to do in Toledo

How to Visit the Toledo Cathedral:

For the best experience, purchase your tickets online in advance on the official website. You will purchase a ticket for specific time slot. The standard entrance ticket includes everything listed above. There is a more expensive ticket option, the Lumina ticket, which includes a daytime ticket plus a nighttime ticket where you can see the cathedral illuminated.
Tickets are also for sale in the ticket office, which is located across the street from Puerta da los Leones. However, there can be a line, so it is best to purchase it online in advance.
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6:30 pm. Sunday 2 pm to 6:30 pm. Last entrance 30 minutes before closing. The cathedral closes on holidays throughout the year so get updated hours on the official website.

3. Alcázar de Toledo & the Army Museum

Located on the highest point of Toledo sits the Alcázar, a stone fortification that is hundreds of years old. The fortifications suffered immense damage during the Spanish Civil War and was rebuilt between 1939 and 1957.

Located inside of the Alcázar is the Army Museum, which holds a collection of weapons, uniforms, and medals.

Enter the Alcázar at the Toledo Army Museum entrance. One of the first things you will see are Roman archaeological excavations followed by the Army Museum.

Archaeological Museum Toledo

The walking route of the visit then has you exit the building and walk around the exterior. Once you get to the southwest tower, you can reenter the building and then take the elevator or stairs to the library (biblioteca) on top of the tower.

There are two great viewpoints here. The cafeteria on the very top floor has viewpoints in several directions from the tower.

Best Views of Toledo

The view from the cafeteria

One level below this, in the library, is a long hallway with windows offering a sweeping view over Toledo, plus a chair, if you would like to take a break and enjoy the view.

Toledo View from Library

The view from the library (not much different from the cafeteria, but with the longer hallway and chairs with a view, it’s a nicer place to visit than the cafeteria).


Toledo Library

The hallway in the library

Exit the tower and resume the walk around the Alcázar. You can visit the courtyard and a terrace with a nice view of town before concluding your visit. You will exit the Alcázar near the southwest tower, which is just a short walk from Plaza de Zocodover.

Toledo Alcazar Terrace View | Best things to do in Toledo

The view from the terrace


Toledo Alcazar Courtyard | Best things to do in Toledo

The courtyard

How to Visit the Alcázar: We purchased our tickets from the ticket office of the Army Museum (I do not know of a way to purchase these in advance and there was no line during our visit). Get hours and pricing here.

4. Plaza de Zocodover

This is the main square in Toledo. Small shops and restaurants line the square, including a place to try marzipan (mentioned next). If you take a bus from the train station, this is most likely where you will get off. From this square, it is a short, easy walk to most of the main sights in Toledo.

Plaza de Zocodover | Best things to do in Toledo

Plaza de Zocodover


Plaza de Zocodover Clock

5. Try Some Marzipan

One of the top foods to try in Toledo is marzipan (mazapán). Marzipan is made from ground almonds, sugar, and sometimes eggs, honey, or almond oil. It is the main ingredient used in some sweets in Toledo.

The best place to get marzipan is Santo Tomé, a confectionary shop located on Plaza de Zocodover, which has been making marzipan sweet treats since 1856.

Santo Tome Marzipan | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Marzipan in Toledo | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

6. The Historic City Center of Toledo

The historic center of Toledo is a labyrinth of hilly, narrow, but extremely picturesque streets. In the center of town, colorful lanterns run down the center of the streets, sitting just under large swaths of fabric which shelters the streets from intense sunlight during the hotter months of the year.

As you visit the other sites mentioned on our list, you’ll no doubt walk down some of these streets, but it is worth setting aside some extra time, to wander to places that look interesting to you or to do a little bit of shopping.

How to Plan a Trip to Toledo Spain

Toledo Street

7. 7 Monuments in Toledo aka the Tourist Bracelet

With the Toledo Tourist Bracelet, you have the option to visit just a few or all seven of the monuments included on this one ticket. On the list is a synagogue, ancient mosque, a few churches, and several other important historical sites.

The Tourist Bracelet can be purchased at the first site you visit or in advance on GetYourGuide. It will then be scanned at each additional site.

Here is some information about all seven sites and then we’ll list the ones that we thought were the most interesting and worthwhile. This list is in order geographically, starting at the Former Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, on the north side of the city, and moving south through the city center, and then looping back up towards the north end of Toledo.

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

This mosque was built in 999 and is the oldest monument in Toledo. It was later converted to the church. This is quick to visit, taking about 10 minutes of your time.

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

Jesuit Church (Iglesia de los Jesuitas)

This church, which is also known as the Church of San Ildefonso, is a baroque church that was built in the 18th century. The main reason to visit this church is the for the views from its towers. You’ll climb 138 steps to get to the top of the tower and your reward is one of the best views of the Toledo.

Toledo Jesuit Church | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

The roof of the church


Jesuit Church Terrace

There is an outdoor terrace that connects the two towers. This is the best place for photos. Below is the view.


Toledo Spain

Church of Our Savior (Iglesia del Salvador)

This building started off as a Visigoth church, was later rebuilt as a mosque, and then became a church. The highlight here is visiting the archaeological area, where you can see the blend of these three elements. You can also climb the tower for the view but there is a mesh fence (the view is much better from the Jesuit Church).

Church of Our Savior | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Church of Our Savior View

The view from Church of Our Savior

Church of Santo Tomé

This church houses the painting “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” by El Greco. This painting is considered to be one of El Greco’s best achievements and a masterpiece by art scholars.

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz El Greco

“The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” by El Greco

Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca

This is a must see! This is the oldest standing synagogue in Europe and was built in 1190 (the Old New Synagogue in Prague is the oldest active synagogue in Europe and was built in 1270). The synagogue was built in a Moorish style and later converted into a church.

Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

This is also a must see. The Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes was built by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I (the same king and queen to fund Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America) to commemorate their victory at the Battle of Toro and the birth of their son. On a visit here, you will see the church and the cloister, which is gorgeous.

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes Cloister

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

Royal College of Doncellas Nobles

This is a former girl’s college that was founded in 1551 by cardinal Juan Martinez Siliceo. On a visit here, you will see a few rooms of the school. Just outside of the building is the elevated covered passageway that connects two buildings of the school.

Royal College of Doncellas Nobles

More Information about the Tourist Bracelet

Of the seven monuments listed above, here are the ones we think are the most worthwhile, if you don’t plan to visit all seven. For those on a day trip to Toledo, it becomes A LOT to do to visit all 7 monuments plus the other sites in this article.

  • Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca (stunning interior with the Moorish columns)
  • Jesuit Church (great view over Toledo)
  • Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes (beautiful cloister and church)
  • Church of Santo Tomé (to see El Greco’s “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”)

Get more information about each monument, including its hours of operation, on the official website.

8. El Greco Museum

For those with an interest in art or El Greco, set aside 30 to 60 minutes for this museum. It is located inside of a historic house and recreates the home of El Greco. Works of art by El Greco are on display, as well as paintings by other 17th century artists.

9. The Monastery of Saint Dominic of Silos

The main reason to visit the Monastery of Saint Dominic of Silos is to see the final resting place of El Greco. He is buried under the floor of the monastery but there is a window into the crypt so you can see the tomb. Also in the monastery are original works of art by El Greco.

In the past, you could ring a bell and then purchase marzipan from the nuns at a small cost. That tradition seems to have ended but marzipan is sold in boxes near the entrance of the monastery.

El Greco Burial Crypt | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

The crypt of El Greco


El Greco Painting

An original El Greco painting in the Monastery of Saint Dominic of Silos

10. Museum of Santa Cruz

This museum has a little bit of everything: works of art by El Greco and other artists, local handicrafts (ceramics and metalwork), and archaeological artifacts. It is located inside of a 16th century building and just a view of the doorway is worth the short walk. Get hours and pricing here.

Museum of Santa Cruz

Museum of Santa Cruz

11. Museo Cromática aka the Chromatic Museum

This hidden gem is well worth adding to your itinerary, even on a quick visit to Toledo.

This museum is located inside of the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception, which is one of the oldest buildings in Toledo. In its maze of rooms and ancient hallways are musical instruments that have been painted with colorful images of pop culture, landscapes, fantasy, and more. Music plays on speakers throughout the museum, adding to the overall experience.

There are various ticket types, including tickets that include beer, wine, or a cocktail. Take a look at the official website for hours and pricing. We spent about 20 minutes here. If you choose to have a cocktail, you could easily spend 30 minutes or more. This is a quiet, off the beaten path museum and we had it all to ourselves when we were here (on a morning in mid-April).

Chromatic Museum | How to Plan a Trip to Toledo

Museo Cromática | Things to do in Toledo

12. Puerta del Sol & Puerta Nueva de Bisagra

These two medieval gates sit near one another on the north side of Toledo.

Puerta Nueva de Bisagra is a stunning gate that sits on the roundabout near Parque de La Vega.

Puerta Nueva de Bisagra

Puerta Nueva de Bisagra

Puerta del Sol is located just inside the historic city center, about a 5-minute walk from Puerta Nueva de Bisagra.

Puerta del Sol | Things to do in Toledo

Puerta del Sol

Both are interesting to see but only if you have a lot of time in Toledo. We saw both of them just before starting the walk to the seven monuments on the Toledo Tourist Bracelet.

13. San Martin’s Bridge

This medieval bridge spans the Tagus River on the west side of the city. It is another popular photography location.

Good spots to take photos are right from the bridge, from viewpoints on the west bank of the Tagus River (such as Mirador de Puente del San Martin II on Google Maps) and looking at the bridge from the inside of the tower.

San Martin’s Bridge | Things to do in Toledo

San Martin’s Bridge

14. Fly Toledo

Go ziplining over the Tagus River, right next to San Martin’s Bridge. There is no minimum age, no advance reservation is necessary, and prices are rather inexpensive. Learn more on the official website.

15. Viewpoints of Toledo

For those who want to capture a stunning photo of Toledo, there are several viewpoints that overlook the town from the opposite side of the Tagus River. These viewpoints (also called miradors) are located along Ctra Circunvalacion/TO-3100.

One of the best times to visit these viewpoints is at sunset. Midafternoon is nice too. In the morning, you are shooting towards the sun, so morning is not a great time to do this (we did it in the morning and then reshot all of our photos in the afternoon).

Mirador del Valle is the most famous viewpoint of Toledo. Here is the view.

Mirador del Valle Toledo | Things to do in Toledo

Mirador del Valle

As you head west along the road, there are frequent parking areas and some even have a small café with tables and chairs. Here is another view of Toledo from this road.

Best Toledo Viewpoints | Things to do in Toledo

GETTING TO THE VIEWPOINTS: The easiest and fastest way to visit these viewpoints is by car. Simply drive along this short stretch of road and stop at as many viewpoints as you like. Many day trip tours of Toledo include a visit to Mirador del Valle, one of the best of these viewpoints. If you arrived in Toledo by train, it’s a long walk across the river to get to these viewpoints (Mirador del Valle is a 25-minute walk from the Alcántara Bridge).

16. Have Lunch or Dinner at Carlos’s Roof

This rooftop terrace offers one of the most spectacular views of Toledo.

We had lunch here and were blown away by the view. The food is good and the service is fast and friendly. Don’t expect a gourmet meal or an amazing dining experience…what you are here for is the view. Overall, we loved this experience and highly recommend it. Make a reservation in advance.

Restaurants with a View in Toledo | Things to do in Toledo

Cheese Board | Things to do in Toledo

17. Manchego Cheese Tasting

At the Mqm Museo del Queso Manchego, you can taste Manchego cheese, olive oil, and Iberian ham, and pair it with wine. This makes a great option for lunch or a snack after touring the cathedral.

The museum is a small, family run business and they love sharing their knowledge about the cheese and local foods with their patrons. Learn more on the official website.

Manchego Cheese Museum | Things to do in Toledo

Best Things to Do in Toledo: On a Map

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each point of interest. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

How Much Time Do You Need in Toledo?

To see the main sights in Toledo, plan on spending one busy day here. This can be done as a day trip from Madrid, which is what we did.

Get the full details and learn how to plan your trip: One Day in Toledo: How to Plan a Day Trip from Madrid.

If you have a lot of time in your itinerary, or if you like the idea of spending the night in a very picturesque city, plan on spending one night in Toledo. That gives you plenty of time to visit its must-see places, go off the beaten path, and stroll the streets in the morning and evening, before and after the day trippers arrive.

One Day in Toledo

Best Way to Get to Toledo

By Train

High speed trains make Toledo easy to get to, especially for those on a day trip from Madrid. The Avant high speed train leaves from the Atocha station in Madrid and arrives in Toledo in just under 40 minutes. Trains leave frequently throughout the day, roughly once per hour.

The Toledo train station sits outside of the city center. To get into the historic city center, it is a 1.2 km walk that takes about 20 minutes. You will cross the Alcántara Bridge (which is a must-see sight in Toledo so you can check this one off the list right away) followed by a somewhat strenuous uphill walk to the city center. If you don’t want to walk, you can also hire a taxi, take the public bus, or use the Hop On Hop Off bus.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: If you plan to take the train to Toledo and want to visit the viewpoints of the city that are located outside of the city center, consider getting a ticket for the Hop On Hop Off bus. This bus has stops at the train station, Mirador del Valle (one of the best viewpoints of Toledo), San Martin’s Bridge, the Alcazar, and other places in Toledo. It is a great way to get into town from the train station, visit the Mirador del Valle viewpoint, and later return to the train station.

By Car

By car it takes about an hour to drive the 75 km to Toledo, depending on traffic and your hotel location in Madrid.

Parking can be challenging. We chose to drive to Toledo, to visit the viewpoints outside of the city center, arriving in Toledo around 9:45 am. The parking lots we had flagged were filled so we ended up parking along a gravel road in front of the train station and then walking into town.

The #1 lot we recommend is Parking Paseo de la Rosa (a short walk from the Alcantara Bridge) followed by Safont (a larger lot but a longer walk into town). If that doesn’t work, we parked on an unnamed street next to the train station (here are the GPS coordinates). In 2024, it was free to park here and a 20-minute walk into Toledo.

There are also two paid parking garages in Toledo: at the Alcazar garage and at Aparcamiento Miradero.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: The best way to get to Toledo from Madrid is by train. It’s faster than going by car and you don’t have the hassles of traffic and parking. The only advantage a car offers is getting to the viewpoints across the Tagus River from Toledo, which is why we chose to drive to Toledo.

Toledo Covered Bridge

A Few Recommended Restaurants

Carlos’s Roof: Rooftop restaurant with stunning views of Toledo. Open for lunch and dinner. The food is good but dining here is more about the view.

Santo Tomé: This pastry shop is the place to try marzipan. It is located on Zocodover Square.

Parador de Toledo: This restaurant is located across the Tagus River. From its terrace, you get a gorgeous view of Toledo. This is a great spot to visit for dinner and sunset views of the city.

Toledo Day Trip from Madrid

Toledo is our #1 pick as the best day trip from Madrid. It’s easy to get to, tons of fun to visit, and one of the most interesting small cities to explore in a day in Spain. There is a lot to do in Toledo so a day trip here will take a full day of your time.

For more information, take a look at our One Day in Toledo Itinerary (coming soon), which has suggestions on timing, train tickets, and how to plan your day in Toledo.

Best Tours of Toledo

This full day tour of Toledo from Madrid gets great reviews, includes the viewpoints across the river, a guided tour of the city center, and free time to explore the city.

This full day tour from Madrid includes Mirador del Valle, the highlights of Toledo, plus a wine tasting in a nearby vineyard.

This tour from Madrid includes Toledo and Segovia.

And finally, this tour from Madrid includes Toledo and the Don Quixote de la Mancha windmills, which are also very interesting to see.

To help you get around Toledo, consider using the Hop On Hop Off Bus, which includes the train station and Mirador del Valle.

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Where to Stay in Toledo

Casa Palacio Rodrigo de la Fuente by Principe David is a gorgeous property that offers one and two-bedroom apartments. It is located in the city center.

Riad Medina Mudejar is a highly rated riad with spacious room and onsite baths.

Mirador de Zocodover, Apartamentos Turisticos, and Apartamento PRANA Junto al Alcazar are great picks for mid-range travelers and Hostal Santo Tome is a highly-rated budget hotel.

For the ultimate in luxury, take a look at Eurostars Palacio Buenavista (just be aware that it is not located in the city center).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toledo worth visiting?

Toledo, which was once the capital of Spain, is one of the oldest, most culturally and historically important cities in Spain. This small, compact city is a delight to explore, with its picturesque streets, Moorish and Gothic architecture, churches, mosques, and cathedrals. Go shopping, dine on the local foods and sweet treats such as marzipan, and view the city from its long list of stunning viewpoints and miradors.

Is one day enough for Toledo?

One day gives you just enough time to visit the must-see sights in Toledo, such as the Alcazar, the Toledo Cathedral, its historic gates, and important religious sites. In fact, most visitors tour Toledo on a day trip from Madrid.

How do you spend one day in Toledo?

Toledo is the most popular day trip from Madrid. Travel by train to Toledo and then spend the day visiting the must-see sights. It takes a full day to get to everything and then travel back to Madrid by train. However, some day trip tours from Madrid also include Segovia, a good option if you want to visit more than one small city are aren’t concerned about getting to everything in Toledo.

Toledo Spain

If you have any questions about the best things to do in Toledo, or if you would like to share your favorites, let us know in the comment section below.

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Best Things to Do in Toledo Spain


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