Slovakia Travel Guide
Looking to hike the Carpathian mountains, find out what a chamois is, or bite into a homemade Slovakian pierogi? Home of the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube river, Slovakia is calling! As a country filled with tiny towns in pastoral mountain meadows to the teeming castles and culture of Bratislava, it’s hard to go wrong. Come and test your skills in the Tatras or relax by the Danube...Slovakia has something for you.


Official Language: Slovak

Capital City: Bratislava

Population: 439,000

Currency: Euro

Electrical Outlet: C and E

Bratislava Slovakia

Top Experiences in Slovakia

Bratislava: With its compact old town, charming city streets, and outdoor café culture, Bratislava is a wonderful place to visit. While not as popular as other central European cities such as Vienna or Prague, Bratislava is underrated as a European destination, and is a refreshing experience in the summer as a city that has just as much appeal as other European cities without the crowds.

High Tatras (Slovakian side): The High Tatras of Slovakia are an outdoor paradise. Jagged mountains, emerald green lakes, rugged hiking trails, and cable cars all come together to form the perfect adventure destination.

Hiking To Vel’ká Svišt’ovka and Zelene Pleso in the Tatras: This hike is easier than many of the hikes in the High Tatras. Even so, this hike is not to be underestimated and even requires chains on a surprisingly hard downhill portion. For stunning mountain views and a visit to several vividly green alpine lakes, the hike to the summit is worth the trek.

Rysy of the High Tatras: Rysy is a mountain in the High Tatras that straddles the border between Poland and Slovakia. It is the tallest mountain in Poland and the highest mountain in the High Tatras that you can hike to without a guide.

Slovak Paradise National Park: A unique national park featuring an outdoor obstacle course that runs through waterfalls and valleys, you will feel like a ninja warrior walking on catwalks even if you are going there to take a break from the High Tatras.

Bratislava, with its compact old town, charming city streets, and outdoor café culture, is a wonderful place to visit. Here are our top ten things to do in Bratislava, plus helpful tips to help you plan your visit.

High Tatras of Slovakia

The High Tatras is a portion of the Carpathian mountain range. It's also one of Europe's best hiking destinations. Learn about the things to do in the High Tatras and how to plan your visit. 

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Best Time to Visit Slovakia

End of May to September is the best time if you plan on hiking, as hiking trails may be closed or more dangerous in cold weather and snow, and summers are known for being warm and dry. However, the temperature during the winter ranges between the mid twenties and forties, a comfortable range for snow sports, which the Carpathian Mountains are not in any shortage of.
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