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If you have plans to visit Alberobello, one of the best things to do in this small town is to stroll the picturesque streets. We came up with a walking tour of Alberobello that includes the highlights of a visit here: the top viewpoints, rooftop terraces, photography locations, and hidden gems.

This Alberobello walking tour is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Alberobello without joining a group tour.

About this Alberobello Walking Tour

This walking tour is done as a loop, starting at the parking lots on Via Indipendenza, near the city center. It is designed to take you past the most notable sites in Alberobello but don’t be shy about taking detours down other side streets if something catches your eye.

This walking tour will take 3 to 5 hours (depending on how often you stop for photos, shopping, and food) and you will walk 3.2 km (2 miles).

There are several parking lots along Via Indipendenza as you approach the heart of Alberobello. We suggest parking in one of these lots. Expect to pay a small fee for parking (we paid 6 euros for a full day in 2022).

This walking tour will take you through Rione Monti, which is considered the main tourist area, where you will see many trulli being used as gift shops, restaurants, wine bars, etc. It will also take you through Rione Aia Piccola, where you will see trulli being used for residential and visitor accommodations.

We suggest starting this walking tour at 9:00 am. Most shops open at 9 am, some of which have panoramic terraces that we recommend visiting. And starting this early will put you ahead of the midday crowds, although you will still have to navigate through some of the morning tour groups.

For a quieter experience, arrive at 8:30am (or even earlier) and wander the streets on your own for a bit and then start this walking tour at 9:00am.

Shops with a terrace (signage outside the shop will indicate this) generally reserve the terrace for customers only. So, you need to make a small purchase to go onto their terraces. There isn’t a minimum purchase amount. In one place we purchased a bottle of water and in another we purchased a small souvenir magnet.

Some of the souvenir shops we list, either for shopping or their rooftop view, does not have a name. Instead, we will list the address or do our best to describe what it looks like on the outside.

Using the Google Maps app on your mobile device can be helpful when following this walking tour (you can download our map and follow it). Otherwise, look for street names on the side of the buildings.

Alberobello Walking Tour Map

How to Use This Map: Click the tab in the top left hand corner of the map to view the layers (points of interest and the walking routes). You can click the check marks to hide or show layers. If you click the icons on the map, you can get more information about each point of interest.
If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

Alberobello Walking Tour

Rione Monti

From the intersection of Via Indipendenza and Via Monte Nero, follow Via Monte Nero uphill. You don’t have to walk far until you reach a shop on your right that has a garden-like appearance on the outside and a garden terrace accessible from within. This isn’t a rooftop view but it is still nice to see. We purchased a small item for enjoying their garden terrace view.

Walking Tour Alberobello

Via Monte Nero. The building in this photo with the greenery is a shop with a small garden-like terrace. The photo below is the view from that terrace.


Alberobello Rooftop View

Trullo Siamese

Continuing uphill on Via Monte Nero, the road will make a sharp bend to the right. On that bend is Trullo Siamese (labeled on Google Maps as Trullo Siamese monumento negozio souvenir). Trullo Siamese is the only trullo that has two joined domes, and two entrances, hence the name. If it is open, it is possible to look inside (in 2022, it was free to enter).

Trullo Siamese

Trullo Siamese

Rooftop Terrace View

At the end of Via Monte Nero (where the short wall on your left ends) you will reach a junction of streets. On the right there is a shop that has a rooftop terrace called Maffei Sgobba Group on Google Maps. This is our favorite rooftop view in Alberobello. You will have to purchase a small souvenir, spending a few euros, to access the rooftop terrace.

Alberobello View

Maffei Sgobba Group Souvenir Store rooftop terrace view

Smallest Trullo of Alberobello

When you exit the shop, walk out the door and straight up the street in front of you, which is Via Monte S. Gabriele. Make your first right turn onto Via Duca D’Aosta. The last trullo on your left, at the end of Via Duca D’Aosta, is The Smallest Trullo of Alberobello (Il Trullo Più Piccolo di Alberobello), which is now a souvenir shop. If you are still here at night, then this is one to revisit with the outside lights on.

Smallest Trullo of Alberobello

Smallest Trullo of Alberobello

Another Rooftop Terrace View

At the end of Via Duca D’Aosta, turn left onto Via Monte S. Michele. You don’t have to go far until you come to Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano Caterina on your right. Buy something inside so that you can go up to their rooftop terrace. We purchased a bottle of water.

Alberobello Rooftop View

Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano Caterina rooftop terrace view

Beautiful Photography Spot of the Trulli

Continuing on Via Monte Michele beyond Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano Caterina, look for the set of trulli with symbols painted on their roofs. This is one of our favorite photography spots in Alberobello and we were here at all times of the day.

Alberobello Puglia

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

Continue on the same road and in the same direction until you reach the end of the road (it’s just a 1 to 2-minute walk). At the end of the road, the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua (Parrocchia Sant’Antonio di Padova), a trullo church, will be on your left.

Church of Sant’Antonio

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

Romantic Trulli

The church is a turnaround point, so now backtrack the way you came and turn left onto Via Monte Sabotino. For a landmark, Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano Caterina sits at the corner. Follow Via Monte Sabotino until it makes a bend to the right and then a little further until you come to the Romantic Trulli. This is another lovely photography spot and since it is off the main street, you get a quick break from the crowds.

Romantic Trulli

Romantic Trulli

Turn around here and backtrack up the hill to Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano Caterina. Then turn left onto Via Monte S. Michele. You will pass in front of Bar “Rione Monti” di Palmisano and then follow Via Monte S. Michele downhill.

Alberobello in Miniature

Just beyond The Smallest Trullo of Alberobello, on Via Monte S. Michele, look for a shop on the right called Alberobello in Miniature (it is called Annese Orazio on Google Maps). Inside of this shop you will see an awesome miniature recreation of Rione Monti. You don’t have to purchase anything here to see this display but donations are welcomed. There is a donation box on the wall just before you reenter the shop.

Alberobello in Miniature

Alberobello in Miniature

Rooftop Terrace View

Upon exiting Alberobello in Miniature, continue downhill. The next two shops on the right share a rooftop terrace. We purchased a souvenir before heading up to the terrace. Here is the view.

Rooftop View Alberobello

The view from 32 Via Monte S. Michele

Alberobello Photography Location

Continue downhill a few steps further and you will see Ristorante “L’Aratro” di Domenico Laera on the left with its beautifully trimmed plants and has a heart outline on the roof.

Walk a few steps past this restaurant and look back up the street. This is another place to snap a beautiful photo of Alberobello.

Alberobello Italy

Pasqualino at La Lira

At the bottom of the hill, you reach the main road. Turn right and look for “La Lira” focacceria on the right. This is a great place to try a Pasqualino. A Pasqualino is a sandwich with tuna, capers, salami, and cheese and is one of the local foods of Alberobello.

If you are not hungry yet, we provide another suggestion for getting a Pasqualino near the end of this walking tour.

Italy Travel Guide Florence

Rione Aia Piccola

It is now time to explore Rione Aia Piccola, which is the area on the hill on the opposite side of the main road.

Views of Rione Monti

Cross the main road and walk across the piazza-like area, staying close to the parking lot on your right. You will see a staircase in front of you. Don’t take the stairs, rather take the street to the right of the staircase. The street is called Via Brigata Regina.

Walking through Alberobello

Via Brigata Regina

As you walk uphill along this street, look for a yellow Belvedere sign on the side of an open doorway on your right (it will be before you reach the top of the hill). Enter through that doorway and follow the path through this park, Villa Comunale Belvedere Parco, until the view of Rione Monti opens up.

Yellow Belvedere Sign

Entrance into the park

 Rione Monti Alberobello

The view of Rione Monti

Then from within the park look for a path that heads uphill and exits through a different doorway than where you entered. This doorway is called DoorView and it is a popular photography spot, since you have a good view of Rione Monti through the doorway.

DoorView Alberobello


Trulli of Rione Aia Piccola

Standing on the street, facing the doorway and Rione Monti, turn left. This street is Via Duca degli Abruzzi. Follow this until you reach a trullo directly in front of you that allows visitors to tour the inside. It is labeled on Google Maps as Trulli – Rione Aia Piccola (UNESCO).


Circle around the right side of this trulli and then turn left onto Via Giuseppe Verdi.

Follow Via Giuseppe Verdi and look for Via Galileo Galilei on the right. This is a good short out-and-back detour to see more trulli.

Rione Aia Piccola Trullo

Territory Museum “House Pezzolla”

Back on Via Giuseppe Verdi, and in the same direction you had been going, follow it to the end and turn left. Immediately on your right is Territory Museum “House Pezzolla” (aka Museo del Territorio “Casa Dottor Giacomo Giuseppe Pezzolla”) which provides the history of the area and information about how trulli are built.

Territory Museum “House Pezzolla”

Territory Museum “House Pezzolla”

Casa D’Amore

When you exit the Territory Museum cut diagonally across the piazza in front of you (Piazza XXVII Maggio) and walk one more block until you reach another piazza (Piazza del Popolo). Make an immediate right at Piazza del Popolo and then one and half blocks later you will see Casa D’Amore on the right.

This historic home, which was built in 1797, is important in that it was the first in the area to be built “in cotto,” or using mortar. Before this, trullo were constructed by dry stacking stones, so they could be quickly and easily dismantled in order to avoid taxation.

Casa dAmore Alberobello

Casa d’Amore

Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Casa D’Amore at your back, walk towards Piazza del Popolo and then straight towards a building that says Municipio on the other side of the piazza. Before reaching the Municipio building, turn right and follow this street to Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian at the end of the street.

Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Trullo Sovrano

Swing around the left side of the basilica. Walk one block beyond the basilica you will arrive at Trullo Sovrano.

This very large trullo dates back to the early 1700’s. It was the family home of a wealthy priest named Cataldo Perta. It is the only trullo to have an elevated floor (a second level) and masonry staircase.

It is a National Monument and on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. For hours and pricing, visit the official website.

Inside Trullo Sovrano

Trullo Sovrano

Church of Saint Lucia

Backtrack to Piazza del Popolo and on the opposite side of the piazza look for the Church of Saint Lucia (it is set back off of the piazza). This church is dedicated to Saint Lucia, the patron saint of Alberobello.

Belvedere Santa Lucia

Around the right side of the Church of Saint Lucia is Belvedere Santa Lucia where you get another beautiful view of the trulli of Rione Monti.

Ending the Alberobello Walking Tour

Return to the front of the Church of Saint Lucia, and while looking at church, follow the road on your left. You don’t have to walk far before you reach La Pagnottella on your right, a sandwich shop and another opportunity to try a Pasqualino.

Rounding the corner of La Pagnottella you will find yourself at Via Brigata Regina. Turn right and follow this street to the bottom of the hill and the main road where this walking tour started.

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