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Ahhh….Fiji. This has to be one of the most beautiful places we have been to yet.  No wonder it is such a popular location for filming movies. Movies such as “The Blue Lagoon” and “Cast Away” were filmed here. During our short stay in Fiji we took a tour out to Modriki Island (also called Monuriki Island), the filming site for the movie “Cast Away.”

Modriki Island is located in the Mamanuca Island group, located just off the main island of Fiji.

We boarded a speedboat with a family from New Zealand and sped out to Modriki Island.  It was a forty-five minute ride.  This was our second day of strong winds coming in from the north, creating large swells in the water and very choppy conditions. Once we finally reached Modriki Island, we were all soaking wet, but who cares…we’re in Fiji!

Monuriki Island Day Trip

Modriki Day Trip


Once on the island, we were taken on a short tour and shown where various scenes in the movie were filmed.  Someone had spelled out “Help Me Wilson” using coconuts and we even got a photo with Wilson.

Help Me Wilson

Wilson from Cast Away


We walked along the beach, enjoying the view.  What a beautiful place.

Modriki Island

Cast Away Island

Palm Tree Silhouette


Tim found a palm tree to climb and Kara joined him.

Tim Rivenbark

Tim and Kara


We walked into the forested part of the island. Here, Josh from our boat climbed a palm tree, threw down fresh coconuts, and cut these open so we all could enjoy fresh coconut water. Delicious!

Coconut Tree


After our tour we had some free time. The four of us used this time to explore the beach, Tyler and Tim shot more video for Tyler’s video project, and then we all went swimming in the water.

Earth Trekkers in Fiji

At the Beach in Fiji


Fiji Water


Yes, the water really is that color.  Tim and I couldn’t get over how beautiful the water is here. By the way, looking out at the ocean in the photo above was Chuck Nolan’s (Tom Hanks) view during the movie. Waves from a different area of Fiji were added to the scene, creating the obstacle he had to cross on his raft in order to escape the island.

Modriki Island

Fiji…what a beautiful place!  Maybe I’m not in such a rush to get to New Zealand after all!

Getting to Modriki Island

Day trips to Modriki Island are possible from Nadi, Fiji and the Mamanuca Island group. We booked this tour through our resort, Plantation Island Resort. Most resorts on the Mamanucas should be able to book a similar tour for you.

Jet Ski Island Adventures offers a jet ski tour out to Modriki Island. This tour is operated from most resorts in the Mamanuca Islands.

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  1. Avatar for Dale P. Gonzales
    Dale P. Gonzales

    In the mid 60’s I worked for Pan American Airlines. Just hope that places like this are protected: not ruined, by tourism. Say it isn’t so. A few paradises must always remain on mother Earth!

  2. Avatar for Missy McNaney
    Missy McNaney

    These pictures are incredible!! I want to go there. Julie you could go into the calendar business with all of your amazing pictures you have taken this year. I buy Carolyn a tropical calendar every year ( her little get away at work) and your pictures are perfect.
    Tell Kara Iwant to go swimming with her in Fiji. Have fun. Hi to Tyler and Tim, can’t wait to see you in person.

  3. Avatar for Yin Jun Li(Celine)
    Yin Jun Li(Celine)

    Love the picture Kara writing the “earthtrekkers”into the sand,so thrilled to see the face of you all after several busy days recently!Hey Kara,where is Po because I only see Simba in the pic!Hahahaha

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Yin Jun Li,
      Po went home with my Mom. He is safely with Kara’s other stuffed animals, eagerly waiting to see Simba again.

  4. Avatar for Sonia Quintana
    Sonia Quintana

    I am jealous!!! what a beautiful place…. we just got back to UK and it is rainy and cold – not terrible but prefer tropics!! Enjoy and always take care.
    I just noticed how much the kids have grown!!!
    You guys are providing a great experience and I am sure it will be hard to get back to routine when they have to sit in a classroom….


  5. Avatar for Alexis

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