London Itinerary

5 Days in London: The Ultimate London Itinerary

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There’s just something about London. With its iconic skyline, trendy neighborhoods, world-class museums, and long list of popular attractions, London is a city that every traveler should visit. We put together this 5-day London itinerary to help you have the best experience here. About this London Itinerary In general, I grouped sites together based on their location in order to …

Tower Bridge

The London Bucket List: 50 Must-Have Experiences

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If you are planning a trip to London, how do you decide where to go? London is massive. And London ruled the world for a good chunk of history, and during that time, stocked its museums with artifacts from around the world. It takes days, weeks really, to see the best of London. Trying to figure out what to do …

Best of London

Our Favorite Experiences in London

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During our family vacation to Europe in October 2012, we spent five days in London, visiting all of the major sites. London is awesome and it is one of our favorite cities. It is incredibly clean, easy to navigate using the underground tube system, and packed with iconic sites, world class museums, and good food. Here are some of our …