Destination England

Destination England

Tyler and Kara in the UK

Family Snapshots in the UK

Here are some of my favorite family snapshots on our five day tour of England in October 2012. When Tim and I first started traveling to Europe, Tyler and Kara were very young. We brought their toy...

Stonehenge UK

A Very Quick Visit to Stonehenge

During our trip to London with the family, we took a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Here was Tim’s opportunity to drive on the right side (or the wrong side, depending on how you look at it) of t...

Best of London

Our Favorite Experiences in London

During our family vacation to Europe in October 2012, we spent five days in London, visiting all of the major sites. London is awesome and it is one of our favorite cities. It is incredibly clean, ...

London Icon

The Double Decker Bus Tour of London

We took Tyler and Kara on their first international trip to Europe in October, 2012. Our moms, Kathy and Valerie, also came along with us. London seemed to be the perfect starting place for this tr...