Tokyo in Photos

Tokyo In Photos

Tokyo has so much to see and do. We were here for a week (the final international destination of our around the world trip in 2014 and 2015) and barely scratched the surface of this amazing place. ...

Feeding Deer in Nara Japan

Feeding Deer in Nara, Japan

While getting ready in the morning, I was greeted with Tyler’s typical question, “Mom, what are we doing today?” When I asked them if they wanted to feed deer in Nara, I got a half-hearted yes from...

How to Watch Sumo Wrestling

How To Watch Sumo Wrestling in Japan

Our most anticipated day in Japan came on July 17…we had tickets to watch sumo wrestling in Japan, something we have been talking about for months now. I have to say, we have become lackadaisical t...

Kyoto Japan

Kyoto, Japan in Photos

Since arriving in Japan, we have been sightseeing at warp speed. The clock is ticking…in just two short weeks our amazing adventure will be coming to a conclusion and we will be back in Columbia, M...