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Stroll across Charles Bridge, gaze across Prague from its Gothic towers, stroll through the Old Town and Mala Strana, visit Prague Castle, and try a few Czech foods. With 2 days in Prague, you have just enough time to visit this city’s must-see attractions and landmarks.

We want to help you plan the best visit possible to Prague. In this guide, learn how to visit Prague’s top sights without spending hours in line, the best places to eat and drink with a view, and the most efficient way to plan your time.

About this Prague Itinerary

All of the times in the daily schedules are rough estimates, just to give you an idea about timing throughout the day. Your times may differ, based on queues and how much time you decide to spend at each place. I did my best to anticipate waiting times and visiting times, but on very busy days (or very quiet days) these times can differ.

You will have to do some work in advance by booking entrance tickets and restaurant reservations, but this will save you hours of time once in Prague. We’ll let you know how to do this, too.

I do my best to keep the hours of operation and pricing up to date for each attraction, however, these can change at any time. I recommend getting updated hours and pricing for your dates of travel. The link to the official website is provided for each site.

How Many Days Do You Need in Prague?

Ideally, plan on spending at least 2 days in Prague. Two days gives you enough time to explore the city center, visiting Prague’s must-see sights as well as a few hidden gems. Three days gives you enough time to add on Prague’s New Town and sample a few more restaurants. Three days also gives you enough time to day trip to nearby destinations, such as Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hora, if you don’t mind limiting your time to 2 days in the city.

Best Things to Do with 2 Days in Prague

Below is a list of the best things to do if you only have 2 days in Prague. For a much bigger list of things to do in Prague, take a look at our Prague Bucket List.

  • Stroll across Charles Bridge
  • Visit Prague Castle
  • Get a view of Prague from its Gothic towers
  • Visit the Old Town Square
  • Explore the Old Town
  • Spend some time in Mala Strana
  • Visit St. Nicholas Church
  • Visit the Jewish Quarter
  • Try a Trdelnik

2 Days in Prague Itinerary

Prague Itinerary Day 1

The Old Town & the Jewish Quarter

Spend the day in Prague’s Old Town, exploring its colorful streets, Old Town Square, historic buildings, and enjoying the view from a tower or two. You also have enough time to visit a few places in the Jewish Quarter.

Here is an overview of today’s itinerary:

9:00 am: Old Town Square
11:00 am: Old Town Bridge Tower
11:45 am: Charles Bridge
12:30 pm: Lunch
2:00 pm: Jewish Quarter (Josefov)
4:00 pm: Free Time in the Old Town
6:00 pm: Dinner and drinks

How to Use This Map: Click the tab in the top left hand corner of the map to view the layers (places to go, restaurants, and the walking route). You can click the check marks to hide or show layers. If you click the icons on the map, you can get more information about each point of interest.
If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

9:00 am: Old Town Square

There’s no better place to start your visit to Prague than in its most iconic square, Staromestske namesti.

Prague Town Square | 2 days in Prague itinerary

This is one of the oldest, grandest squares in Prague. The Old Town Square is surrounded by other famous buildings, including the Old Town Hall, the Týn Church, and numerous Baroque and Rococo houses.

The Týn Church, also called the Church of Our Lady before Týn, is the main focal point of Old Town Square.

There are a few things to do in and around the Old Town Square.

The Astronomical Clock

At the top of every hour, starting at 9 am, the clock puts on a brief show: a skeleton rings his bell, twelve apostles walk by, a rooster crows, and then the clock chimes.

Prague Clock | 2 days in Prague itinerary

It is located on the outside of the Old Town Hall. You can try to catch the first show right at 9 am or watch the second show at 10 am, if you don’t make it here right at 9 am. And if you miss the show, it’s not the end of the world. We don’t think it quite lives up to the hype, but even so, it is still one of the most popular things to do for first-timers to Prague.

The Old Town Hall

The main reason to visit the Old Town Hall is to go to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower for a jaw-dropping view over the Old Town Square. From this tower, you get one of the most iconic views of Prague.

Best Things to Do in Prague | 2 days in Prague itinerary

The view from the Old Town Hall Tower

An elevator takes you almost all of the way to the top, making it the easiest tower to visit in Prague and great for all ages.

Inside of the Old Town Hall, you can also tour the state rooms, see the chapel, and see the inner workings of the Astronomical Clock. From the inside of Old Town Hall you can get a close-up look of the apostles on the Astronomical Clock.

Get pricing and hours here. We purchased our ticket online in advance through GetYourGuide to skip the ticket line.

Shopping in the Old Town Square

Food stalls and souvenir stalls sit in the center of the Old Town Square. There are also shops and restaurants with outdoor seating surrounding the square.

This is a great spot to try a trdelnik, dough cooked over an open fire and topped with sugar and walnuts.

The Týn Church

This church is one of the most magnificent looking buildings in Prague, at least on the outside. The interior is surprisingly plain looking and only worth visiting if you have extra time on your hands. Unfortunately, I can’t show you what the interior looks like because photos inside of the church are not permitted.

Tyn Church Prague | 2 days in Prague itinerary

The Týn Church

11:00 am: Old Town Bridge Tower

From Old Town Square, it is a short, flat, picturesque walk to the Old Town Tower Bridge and the Vltava River. We have the route marked on our map above, but you’ll walk along Karlova street, taking this right to the tower.

Karlova Street Prague

Karlova Street

From the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower, you get another iconic view of Prague. You’ll get 360° views of Prague but the best view is looking west, over the Vltava River and Charles Bridge to Mala Strana and Prague Castle.

Prague Czech Republic

The view from the Old Town Tower Bridge

The tower is open 7 days a week. Get hours and pricing here. You can get a combination ticket with the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, a tower that is on day 2 of this itinerary.

11:45 am: Charles Bridge

From the Old Town Bridge Tower, it’s worth a quick stroll on the Charles Bridge. You won’t be visiting Mala Strana today, so walk out as far as you like for the views.

Charles Bridge | 2 days in Prague itinerary

Charles Bridge (in winter)

12:30 pm: Lunch

Have lunch in the Old Town of Prague.

Our #1 recommendation is Restaurant Mlýnec. This is a fine dining restaurant that is located next to the Charles Bridge. From its wall of windows, you get a very nice view of the bridge. The food is just as great, if not better than the view, and overall this was one of our best dining experiences in Prague. Make a reservation in advance and request a table near the window.

Best Prague Restaurants

Restaurant Mlýnec

Other options include FAT CAT Burgers and Craft Beer (great for a quick, cheap eat; located on Karlova) or Restaurace Mincovna (sit-down restaurant serving traditional Czech cuisine; located near Old Town Square). Restaurace White Horse and Bar Restaurant Orloj are two restaurants located on Old Town Square; they get decent reviews so dining here is more about the atmosphere and ambience than the food.

2:00 pm: Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

Spend a few hours in Prague’s Jewish Quarter.

It is estimated that over 18,000 people lived within this small walled area. Most of the quarter was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century, so only a few original buildings remain.

Pinkas Synagogue

This is the second oldest surviving synagogue in Prague. Today it commemorates over 77,297 Czech Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Pinkas Synagogue | 2 days in Prague itinerary

Pinkas Synagogue

Old Jewish Cemetery

This is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. People were buried here between the 15th century and 1786. Because of lack of space, tombstones are literally stacked on top of one another.

Prague Jewish Cemetery

Old New Synagogue

This synagogue was built in 1270, making it one of Prague’s oldest Gothic buildings. It is also Europe’s oldest active synagogue.

Old New Synagogue | 2 days in Prague itinerary

Old New Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue

This is the newest synagogue in the Jewish Quarter. This synagogue gets its name because it was built in Moorish Revival Style. There is a permanent exhibition about the history of Jews in Bohemia from the 1780’s until after World War II.

Spanish Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue

Statue of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is a Jewish novelist. His best-known works include Metamorphosis and The Trial. His statue stands outside of the Spanish Synagogue.

Franz Kafka Statue Prague | 2 days in Prague itinerary

4:00 pm: Free Time in the Old Town

You have a few hours of free time to explore more of the Old Town of Prague. With this time, you can go shopping, climb the Powder Tower if you want another elevated view of Prague, or spend the afternoon at one of Prague’s beer halls (on this side of the Vltava River, U Fleku is our favorite).

If you want to go shopping, check out the shops on Male namesti square and walk along Melantrichova, a street that runs from the Old Town Hall to Havel’s Market. Melantrichova is lined with souvenir shops.

Havels Market Christmas

Havel’s Market

6:00 pm: Dinner & Drinks

For dinner, you can dine at Restaurant Mlýnec, if you didn’t have lunch here earlier today. You can also dine at the top of a Gothic tower at Restaurant Zvonice, an experience we really enjoyed. We also wrote a Where to Eat and Drink in Prague guide, which lists recommended restaurants, cocktail bars, pastry shops, and beer halls.

Dine in Prague Tower

Restaurant Zvonice

After dinner, if you want to have a cocktail, our favorite bars in Prague are the Alchemist Bar, AnonymouS Bar, and the Monkey Bar.

Prague Itinerary Day 2

Prague Castle & Mala Strana

Most of the day will be spent on the west side of the Vltava River, visiting Prague Castle and Mala Strana (the Lesser Town). In the late afternoon, take your pick between returning to the Old Town for shopping and dinner, visiting Petrin Tower, or taking a food or walking tour of Prague.

Here’s an overview of the itinerary:

8:00 am: Stroll across the Charles Bridge
9:00 am: Prague Castle
12:30 pm: Lunch
2:00 pm: St. Nicholas Church
2:45 pm: Lennon Wall
3:00 pm: Kampa Park
3:30 pm: Free Time in Prague
6:00 pm: Dinner

8:00 am: Stroll across the Charles Bridge

I know that you did this yesterday, but walking across Charles Bridge in the early morning hours is a wonderful experience. Plus, walking across this bridge never gets old (we do it every day we’re in Prague and love the experience).

Just a handful of people will be on the bridge this early in the day, making this a much different experience than crossing the bridge midday when it is packed with people.

However, you will walk across the Charles Bridge again in the afternoon, so you don’t miss much by skipping it this morning. Some people may prefer to get to Prague Castle by metro or driver to limit their walking.

From Charles Bridge, it takes 20 minutes to walk to Prague Castle, and a lot of this will be uphill.

Charles Bridge Prague | 2 days in Prague itinerary

9:00 am: Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important places to visit in Prague. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the largest castle complex in the world. With all that being said, there is a lot to do here.

For information on how to get to Prague Castle, details on what to see and do, and lots of helpful tips, read our Guide to Prague Castle. Here is an overview on how to spend the morning at Prague Castle.

Getting to Prague Castle

Plan on arriving at Prague Castle at or a little before 9 am (see our Prague Castle Guide for instructions on how to get to the castle, as you can get here on foot, by tram, by metro, and by Uber or Bolt).

Below is an interactive map of Prague Castle marking places to go, entrances, ticket offices, and a walking route from the Lesser Town Tower Bridge to the castle.

Prague Castle Tickets

The best option is to purchase your tickets through the official website. The official website just started selling tickets online in March 2024, a few months after our visit. At the time of publication of this guide, you could only purchase the Basic Circuit Ticket online in advance. If you want to add on the ticket to climb the South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral, you will have to purchase that at a ticket booth in Prague Castle.

Another option is to purchase a ticket through a third-party seller like GetYourGuide. This could change at some point, so I recommend checking the official website as you plan your trip. 

There are several ticket types for Prague Castle. For this itinerary, I recommend purchasing the Basic Circuit Ticket and adding on the Tower of the Cathedral ticket (if you want to climb the South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral). Below I list the most popular ticket options but there are many more add-ons which you can see on the official website.

Basic Circuit Ticket: 450 CZK. This is the base ticket and it gives you access to the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, the Golden Lane, and Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Tower of the Cathedral with a View Gallery Ticket: 200 CZK. This is the ticket to climb the South Tower of Saint Vitus Cathedral.

We recommend getting to Prague Castle at 9 am or a little before, to get in line to purchase your tickets (if you did not purchase your ticket online in advance and/or plan to climb the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral). 

Walking Route through Prague Castle

Next, we list an efficient walking route through the castle, which includes the must-see sights.

Start your visit on the west side of the castle, at Matthias Gate.

Enter through the Garden on the Bastion and the 4th Courtyard, which sits to the left of Matthias Gate. You will go through security and then enter the 2nd Courtyard.

Once in the 2nd Courtyard, purchase your tickets if you do not already have them (Basic Circuit Ticket and the South Tower Ticket). Tickets can be purchased at the Prague Castle Information office in the 2nd Courtyard and from the Prague Castle Information office in the 3rd Courtyard, right in front of Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Visit Saint Vitus Cathedral and then the Old Royal Palace.

Prague Castle Old Royal Palace | 2 days in Prague itinerary

Old Royal Palace

If you want to climb the South Tower of Saint Vitus Cathedral, this opens at 10 am, 1 hour after the historical buildings open. So, if you arrive at 9 am, take your time in the cathedral and the Old Royal Palace, putting you at the South Tower around 10 am. If you have free time, visit St. George’s Basilica.

Prague Castle View

The view from the South Tower

 St Georges Basilica Prague Castle

St. George’s Basilica

After the optional tower climb, visit St. George’s Basilica and then Lobkowicz Palace (optional and requires an additional ticket). At Lobkowicz Palace, you have the option to have coffee or a snack at the restaurant and view Prague from the terrace.

End your visit with a stroll down the Golden Lane. You will exit outside of the castle gates (the Golden Lane is one-way). From here, walk over to Vyhlídka Na Opyši, the observation terrace with a view of Prague.

Golden Lane Prague Castle | 2 days in Prague itinerary

Golden Lane

It takes 2 to 3 hours to follow this walking route.

12:30 pm: Lunch

From Vyhlídka Na Opyši, walk through the gardens on the south side of Prague Castle until you get to the top of the New Castle Stairs (about a 10-minute walk).

Walk down these stairs until you get to Medieval Tavern “U Krále Brabantského.”

Prague Medieval Tavern

This tavern transports you back to medieval times. You are after all stepping into “The Oldest Pub in Prague” which is rumored to have had patrons from smugglers to kings (it dates back to 1375).

This medieval restaurant is decorated with massive wooden tables and chairs, and ancient wooden beams and stone floor. For an even more medieval atmosphere, head downstairs and explore the cellar. One room in the cellar has skulls attached to the ceiling.

Overall, the food is just okay, but this place is more about the ambience than the food. And with its close proximity to the Prague Castle, it makes a great place to have lunch after visiting the castle.

Make a reservation in advance on the official website.

2:00 pm: St. Nicholas Church

From the tavern, it is a short, downhill walk to St. Nicholas Church.

This Baroque church dates back to the 13th century. On a visit here, view the nave from the ground floor level. Climb the steps to the second level for an even better view of the nave and the interior of the cathedral. There is a small fee to enter the church and the ticket booth is located in the lobby.

St Nicholas Church

You have the option to climb the bell tower of St. Nicholas Church. When you climb the tower, there are two different viewpoints to visit. As you get near the top, look for a door to the right that opens up to an outdoor terrace. This is best viewing option from the tower, with unobstructed 360° views of the city. There is also an upper room with windows offering partial views of the city.

St Nicholas Church View Prague | 2 days in Prague itinerary

The view from the St. Nicholas bell tower

 Prague Itinerary

Another view from the bell tower

Tickets for the tower are purchased outside of the church, next to the bell tower (a separate ticket office than for that to enter the church). Get hours and pricing here.

2:45 pm: Lennon Wall

From St. Nicholas Church, it takes a little over 5 minutes to walk to the Lennon Wall.

When John Lennon was killed in 1980, this wall was covered with memorial graffiti overnight. Every night the police would paint over the graffiti and the next day it would reappear. John Lennon’s ideas gave the Czech people hope during communist rule, so this wall became a symbol of freedom.

Lennon Wall Prague

Just around the corner from the Lennon Wall is one of Prague’s quirky statues, the Water Mill with the Gremlin (Mlýn Huť). Legend has it that this water sprite begs those passing by for a beer. If given a beer, he’ll reward you with fresh fish.

3:00 pm: Kampa Park

It’s a very short walk to Kampa Park. From this park, you get a nice view of the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge, plus another quirky art installation, a line of yellow penguins.

3:30 pm: Free Time in Prague

This afternoon you have more free time in Prague. Here are a few suggestions on what to do.

Petrin Tower. Climb Petrin Tower for the highest view you can get of Prague. This is a great viewpoint to visit in the afternoon.

From Kampa Park, it is a 10-minute walk to the funicular that travels to the top of Petrin Hill. Next to this bottom station is the Memorial to the Victims of Communism. So, visit the memorial and then ride the funicular to the top of Petrin Hill, where you will find the tower.

Petrin Tower View Prague

The view of Prague Castle from Petrin Tower

Lesser Town Tower Bridge. This underrated tower sits on the west side of Charles Bridge and offers amazing views of Charles Bridge and Mala Strana. Afterwards, you can go for one more scenic stroll on the Charles Bridge, ending the day in the Old Town.

View from the Lesser Town Tower Prague Snow

View from the Lesser Town Tower Bridge

Take a tour of Prague. Take a food tour of Prague, visit a beer spa, or a cruise on the Vltava River.

6:00 pm: Dinner

Again, take a look at our Prague Dining Guide for recommended restaurants.

For traditional Czech food, an extensive wine list, and a setting in a beautifully decorated historic mansion, have dinner at U Modré Kachničky, “The Blue Duck.” It is located in Mala Strana.

V Zatisi is a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves Czech and European cuisine. I’m sorry we missed it as many reviewers state it is the best meal they had in Prague.

Have a 5 course medieval dinner with unlimited drinks or a sightseeing dinner cruise on the Vltava River.

You can also dine at one of the restaurants mentioned on day 1 of this itinerary.

How to Get Around Prague

The best way to get around Prague is on foot. Most of the sites you will visit in this itinerary are clustered together in the city center, so you can walk to everything.

However, there is a tram system and a metro that you can use to connect points that are farther apart. For example, you can use the metro to get from the Old Town to Mala Strana or the New Town. The metro is fast, efficient, and very easy to use.

You can also use Uber or Bolt in Prague. We used Uber a few times, to get to places that were far from the city center or to get up to Prague Castle. On our most recent visit to Prague, we were here with our mothers, who are in their 70’s, and they wanted to limit how much walking they did, so we used Uber a few times to save our steps. The few times we used Uber, it took a long time for a driver to accept our trip and a long time for that driver to get to us, so it wasn’t very time efficient. We saw a lot of Bolt drivers but did not try Bolt, but it is an option worth considering.

Prague in December

Where to Stay in Prague

For mid-range travelers, we recommend Hotel Ikona (a hotel in Mala Strana that gets exceptional reviews and is located within walking distance of Prague Castle and the Old Town Square), Royal Road Residence (a small hotel in the Old Town that offers a variety of apartments, a great pick for families), and The Emerald (great location in the city center and a long list of apartments, some of which can accommodate up to 7 people).

On our first visit to Prague we stayed at Hotel Paris, a 5-star hotel in the Old Town. If you are looking for an upscale or luxury hotel, we also recommend the Four Seasons Hotel (we stayed here on our second visit and had a room with a view of Prague Castle; plus the hotel has a fantastic location in the Old Town, just a short walk to Charles Bridge) or The Julius Prague.

For budget travelers, we recommend the Roadhouse Prague (this hostel gets excellent reviews and has an amazing location in the center of Prague).

Tours of Prague

Visit a beer spa and upgrade your experience, adding on a massage.

At the Pilsner Urquell Experience, you can also learn how to perfectly pour a pint of beer (at the Tapster Academy).

You can also take a tour where you sample seven varieties of Czech beer paired with cheese and crackers.

Take a nighttime walking tour where you learn about the ghosts and legends of Prague.

Take a day trip to Cesky Krumlov or the bone chapel in Kutna Hora.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2 days enough in Prague?

2 days in Prague gives you just enough time to see the highlights of the city and add in a few hidden gems. So yes, with this time, you will be able to see and do a lot. More time allows you to go off the beaten path and add on day trips to nearby destinations.

When is the best time to visit Prague?

For the best weather and lower crowds, visit Prague in the spring and fall. Summer is the busiest time to visit Prague, so expect larger crowds and more expensive prices for flights and hotel rooms. During winter, the days are short, the weather is cold, and snow is a possibility, but December is a magical time to visit Prague, to visit its Christmas markets. We loved being here in May, with warm weather and mostly sunny skies.

Is Prague worth it?

Prague is renowned as being one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Unlike many cities in Europe, Prague emerged from World War II relatively unscathed, with its historic architecture and cultural treasures intact. Prague is absolutely worth a visit, to see its Gothic architecture, towers, churches, and historical sites.

If you have any questions about this 2 days in Prague itinerary, let us know in the comment section below.

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