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Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque spots to visit in Slovenia. This small lake has all of the ingredients for the perfect getaway…a castle perched high on a hillside, a pretty little island to visit, hiking trails, secluded swimming spots, and a fantastic sweet treat. Here are 8 of the best things to do in Lake Bled.

The Best Things to Do in Lake Bled

Visit Bled Island

Bled Island is the centerpiece of Lake Bled. To get here, you will have to get out on the water…and this is one of the best experiences to have at Lake Bled.

Bled Island

Bled Island (by drone) | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

By Rowboat

For those feeling adventurous, you can rent a rowboat and paddle out to the island. Tim happily volunteered to be our rower. Meanwhile, Tyler, Kara, and I got to sit back and enjoy the view.

Row Boat Lake Bled


Once at Bled Island, we were instructed to dock our rowboat on the far side of the island (opposite the huge staircase). Tie up your boat and then take your time exploring the island.

Lake Bled Rowboats

Rowboats | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

There are several shops located around the lake that will rent paddleboats by the hour. We rented our rowboat from a small shop called Pletna B&B (location on Google Maps: 46°21’37.5″N 14°05’58.7″E). It costs approximately €30 per hour to rent a rowboat.

You don’t need prior experience to do this, but the boats can feel wobbly and unstable at first. It takes roughly 15 minutes to row from shore to the island. But it’s also great exercise. Plus, whoever rows the boat gets an extra piece of Bled Cream Cake!

Our entire round trip visit to Bled Island took about one hour. For Tim and I, this was our favorite experience at Lake Bled.

By Pletna

If you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, you can hire a pletna. These larger boats hold up to twenty people. Expect to pay about €18 per person.

Most pletnas dock at the 99 steps leading to the Assumption of Mary Church.


Pletna on Lake Bled | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

Ring the Wishing Bell

As you approach Bled Island, most likely you will hear the church bells ringing over and over again. What you are hearing is everyone ringing the bells to have their wishes come true.

There is a legend that whoever rings this bell will have their wish come true. The story goes that 500 years ago a widow had a bell made in memory of her husband. While the bell was being transported across the lake, a storm struck Lake Bled, sinking the boat, the bell, and everyone on board. The Pope consecrated a new bell and that one was successfully installed in the church. Now, when you ring this bell, you are showing honor to the Virgin Mary and your wish will come true.

So, does it work? Well, I can’t tell you what I wished for…you’ll just have to come visit Lake Bled and give it a try! 🙂

Lake Bled Wishing Bell

Kara ringing the wishing bell | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

After ringing the bell, you can also climb the bell tower. We were hoping for a nice view from the top of the tower, but honestly, it wasn’t anything great.

Take a Stroll around Lake Bled

A popular thing to do here is to walk around Lake Bled. The total distance is 6 km and it takes roughly an hour and a half, longer if you stop frequently. The views are gorgeous and along way you may come across some very pretty swimming spots.

The views from the south side of the lake to Bled Castle are amazing.

Lake Bled in July


I also really liked the walk along the western side of the lake. Now, you are on trail under the cover of trees, away from the cars and congestion of the road that runs along Lake Bled. Plus, the view out to Bled Island from here is one of the best!

Lake Bled Slovenia

View of Lake Bled | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

Visit Lake Bled Castle

For more than 1000 years this castle has sat on these cliffs, enjoying one of the best views of Lake Bled. This is the oldest castle in Slovenia, dating back to 1011. On a visit here, enjoy the spectacular view over the lake from the terrace, tour the museum, and go wine tasting in the wine cellar. Want to dine with a view? Have lunch or dinner in the Bled Castle Restaurant.

Lake Bled Castle

Bled Castle (by drone) | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

Website: Get updated hours and pricing on the official website.

Hike to Mala Osojnica

For one of the best views of Lake Bled, hike to Mala Osojnica. It’s a quick hike, a little bit on the strenuous side, but your reward is the iconic, aerial view of Lake Bled.

The hike starts on the west side of the lake. There is a bench here and a small sign marking the trailhead (GPS Coordinates: 46°21’31.7″N 14°05’07.5″E)

The trail climbs steadily up to the viewpoint. Most of the time you are under the cover of trees. There will be short sections of wooden steps and there is short scramble along the trail using chains.

Mala Osojnica Chains


You know you are getting close to the top when you see this long, metal staircase.

Mala Osojnica Steps


At the top of the staircase there is a wooden bench and a gorgeous view of Lake Bled. If you keep going just a little bit farther (about 5 more minutes of hiking), you arrive at Mala Osojnica, the main viewpoint.

Mala Osojnica

Mala Osojnica | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

Beyond this point the trail keeps climbing. However, I turned around at this point.

The entire hike takes 45 minutes to one hour round trip (longer if you sit and enjoy the view). You do not need hiking shoes although a sturdy pair of shoes like running shoes are recommended.

Take a Ride on the Toboggan at Straza Bled

From spring to autumn you can go for a ride on the Straza Bled toboggan track. This is a fun spot for kids (and kids at heart). You ride up to the top of the hill in a chair lift and speed down the hill on the toboggan, enjoying the views of Lake Bled as you go (if you can take your eyes off the track!).

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This was Tyler and Kara’s favorite experience at Lake Bled. What a gorgeous place to rent paddle boards! You can paddle around Bled Island and explore the coastline of the lake.

Kara Rivenbark

Kara paddle boarding | Best Things to do in Lake Bled


Tyler Rivenbark

Tyler paddle boarding | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

There are several locations to rent paddle boards. We rented paddle boards at a dock on the southwestern side of the lake, near Vila Bled.

Indulge in Bled Cream Cake

While Tyler and Kara were out paddle boarding, Tim and I relaxed at a small, lake front café and indulged on Bled Cream Cake and Union beer. Bled Cream Cake is the regional dessert and worth trying while you are here. Normally, I don’t like this type of thing, but I thought it was delicious!!

Bled Cream Cake

Bled Cream Cake | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

Spots to Try Near Lake Bled

Vintgar Gorge: One of the Coolest Spots in Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge is a must while you are at Lake Bled. It’s not located at Lake Bled (it’s a 10 minute drive to get here), but it’s well worth taking a trip here, even if you only have one day to tour Lake Bled.

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge | Best Things to do in Lake Bled

For 1.6 km you walk on elevated boardwalks along the Radovna River. It’s gorgeous, it’s easy to do, and it’s fun for the entire family.

On this 4-hour self-guided e-Bike tour of Vintgar Gorge, cycle from Bled to the gorge and explore it at your own pace. It’s a great option if you don’t want the hassle of parking or do not plan to rent a car while in Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj: Another Idea for Your Trip to Slovenia

Also worth a visit is Lake Bohinj, just a short drive down the road from Lake Bled. Yes, it’s another lake, but it’s a very different experience. If you have the time, plan to spend at least one full day at Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

How to Visit Lake Bled

If you have the time in your schedule, I recommend spending several nights in either Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj. You need one day to do everything we have listed in this article and it will be a long, busy day. 

With two days in this area, you can spend one full day at Lake Bled and one full day at Lake Bohinj. With a third day, you can add on Vintgar Gorge (get here early or very late in the day!) and use the remaining time at either Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj.

Day Trip to Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a popular day trip from Ljubljana, especially for those with limited time in Slovenia. If you have a rental car, you can drive out for the day, explore Lake Bled, and return to Ljubljana at the end of the day.

If you do not have a rental car, it is possible to get here by public transportation. Or, to make things easy, you can join one of these tours. 



Are you planning a trip to Lake Bled and Slovenia? Comment below if you have any questions!

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Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Guide


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Best Things to do in Lake Bled

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    I visited lake bled last winter and had a garlic cheesy naan bread, I forget what it’s called but it was so good, can you help with what it is called

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      The restaurant is called Okarina neal Lovec Hotel. They are the only one with Indidan menu beside local dishes

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    Karen Lee

    I love your blog! I’m using it to plan my entire month in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

    Where would you recommend staying in Lake Bled? We’ll be there in April.

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Hi Karen. I’m glad you like our blog! I don’t have any specific recommendations for Lake Bled. We use Booking.com to find and book our hotels and apartments. Typically, we try to stay in places that are 9.0 or higher. Cheers, Julie

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    Hi, I plan to visit Slovenia in October. May I know what are the best days to see the fall colors in Lake Bled area? Early, middle or late October?

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Hello Wong. I am not really sure, since we have only been there in the summer. I recommend Googling the best time to see fall colors in Slovenia. Cheers, Julie

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    Thank you very much for a well written overview of Bled, I will be visiting next month from South Africa. I wasn’t very keen on the boat ride to Bled island and I thought i must look around whatever I can do. Now I am looking forward to trying the hike and maybe also the Vintgar Gorge as well because of your blog.

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Great, glad we could help! If you go to Vintgar Gorge, try to go first thing in the morning, if possible. It makes such a difference! Cheers, Julie

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    Nassi Tsoukala

    Hello from Greece!
    My name is Nassi and I have just <> you!
    I found out you looking for information about Slovenia and especially about Lake Bled.
    I have read everything you have written with very big interest and pleasure! You have a very special style in writing,
    I have loved it! I read and enjoy with all my heart everything you have written! It is because you do write with your heart and not with your pen!
    Please let me thank you VERY much from the bottom of my heart,for the help you have offered me with the information you have written.
    Thank you very much,too, that you allow us to share with you all these information!
    I really do feel grateful to you!
    You have helped me sooooo much!
    If you come in Greece please communicate with me…..
    Many many regards from Greece and
    Nassi Tsoukala

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Thank you for your wonderfully kind words! I am glad you like our website. We were just recently in Greece and had a wonderful experience. Have fun in Slovenia! Cheers, Julie

  6. Avatar for Amanda

    Thank you for your blog! We consult it every time we take a trip or need inspiration for where to go next. We were especially happy with your recommendation to visit Brother’s Point on the Isle of Skye and the Skye Pie Cafe (so good!) This was a highlight of our trip to Scotland last summer and my kids talk about it all the time.

    We’re headed to Slovenia this July, so I was wondering what time of year you were there. I’m especially concerned about how easy it will be to rent a boat on Lake Bled or with visiting the Vintgar Gorge, which I heard can get really crowded. We don’t usually travel in July, so I’m a little nervous about it since I really hate crowds and long lines! We’re going to be skipping Postojna Caves in favor of Škocjan on your recommendation for just that reason.

    Your photos don’t make it seem crowded at all though, which is why I was curious about when you went. Thanks!

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Guess what…we were there in July! 🙂 It was towards the end of July into early August that we visited Slovenia. The trickiest part of visiting Lake Bled is finding parking. Get there early, because there is limited parking around the lake. We parked right here (here’s the link on Google Maps). There was a man collecting money. I don’t recall how much we spent but I think it was around $10 USD for the day, but I could be wrong. We had no problems renting a boat, there were plenty. And definitely get to Vintgar Gorge right at opening time. We try to do everything we can to avoid crowds too. There will be a lot of people of Lake Bled in July, but it won’t be “crowded” like other spots in Europe. Cheers, Julie

  7. Avatar for Patricia Lewis
    Patricia Lewis

    My daughter is going on a swimming holiday for 4 days and has asked me to come long to look after her one year old child. Will there be places for me to walk to and spend time looking after him?
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar for Julie

      Yes, there is a relatively flat trail around the lake. He can put his feet in the water and go on short walks on the path. There are even small “beaches” along the water where you can relax for several hours. You could take a ride in a pletna, visit Bled Island, and eat the Bled cream cake. Lake Bled is a great spot to relax with kids, even very young ones. Cheers, Julie

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