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Hallstatt is a picture-perfect town in Austria. This was once a quiet place, off of the radar of many European visitors. However, in recent years, Hallstatt has become one of the most popular places to visit in Austria. Spending one day in Hallstatt can be a wonderful experience, there are just some things you should know before you go.

This post could have been called a lot of things…”Surviving Hallstatt in the Summer,” “Is Hallstatt Worth It?” or “7 Tips to Escape the Crowds and Actually Enjoy Your Visit to Hallstatt.” During the summer months, Hallstatt feels more like a crowded amusement park than a quaint, European town.

Our visit to Hallstatt was an eye-opening experience. We will let you know what it was really like and how to plan your day so you really can enjoy your visit to Hallstatt.

Our Experience in Hallstatt

We visited Hallstatt on a Monday in August. We drove up from Slovenia, getting to town late in the morning, which we knew was a bad idea, but it was our only option.

Parking in town was completely full. The closest we could get was over a mile away, not a good start to our “fairytale experience.”

Once in Hallstatt, we knew to expect crowds, but it was mobbed with people. Plus, Europe was in the midst of a freak heat wave, so temperatures were in the mid-90’s. It felt more like a summertime visit to Disney World than to a quaint, European fairytale town.

We spent several hours touring the main sites and honestly counted down the minutes until we could leave. That is not the experience I want you to have.

Best Things to Do in Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a very small place. You can walk from one end to the other in just fifteen minutes. And with just a handful of sites, you only need a few hours here.

Wander the Old Town

Exploring the old town is the best thing to do in Hallstatt. With streets that look like they are lined with colorful gingerbread houses and a gorgeous setting on Hallstatter See, it’s hard to believe that this place is real.

Hallstatt Market Square

Old town of Hallstatt | Best things to do in Hallstatt


Walking in Hallstatt

Hallstatt Street

Hallstatt House

Get the Postcard Views of Hallstatt

There are two great photo spots in town. For the iconic photo you see on postcards (and at the top of this post), walk to the north side of town (the viewpoint is labeled as Aussichtspunkt Hallstatt on Google Maps).

Hallstatt Photo Spot


Postcard view of Hallstatt | Best things to do in Hallstatt

There is a second viewpoint on the south side of town (labeled Badestrand on Google Maps).

Badestrand View Hallstatt


If you want to come home with lots of stunning photos of Hallstatt, consider taking this 2 hour photography tour of Hallstatt.

The World Heritage Skywalk, Another Great View of Hallstatt

This platform sits 350 meters over the tops of the Hallstatt houses, offering panoramic views of the entire Dachstein Salzkammergut region.

Hallstatt Skywalk

World Heritage Skywalk | Best things to do in Hallstatt


Hallstatt Old Town View

The view from the World Heritage Skywalk | Best things to do in Hallstatt



To get here, take the funicular or hike (roughly 1 hour of walking). A ride on the funicular costs €22.

Tour the Salt Mine

For thousands of years, salt has been mined from the mountains around Hallstatt and Salzburg. While in Hallstatt you can tour one of these salt mines.

The salt mine can only be visited on a tour. Tours last 90 minutes and start near the Skywalk. For the entire experience, including the tour and the round trip ride on the funicular, budget 3 hours of time. Learn more on the official website.

Hallstatt Ossuary

The Hallstatt Ossuary, also called Charnel House or the Bone House, is the most unusual spot to visit in Hallstatt. In this small cave-like room, over 2,100 skulls and other various human bones are perfectly stacked along the walls.

Hallstatt is a small place with a small burial ground. As cemeteries filled, bodies were exhumed in order to make room for the more recently deceased. The bones were painstakingly stacked in the charnel house and the skulls were painted with roses, wreaths, and crosses.

Hallstatt Bone House

Hallstatt Ossuary | Best things to do in Hallstatt


Hallstatt Charnel House

Hallstatt Ossuary | Best things to do in Hallstatt

Get Out on the Water

Rent a boat and get out on the water. You can rent a swan paddleboat, a small motorboat, or even go stand up paddle boarding. Learn more here.

Visit Dachstein Krippenstein

Journey up into the Alps and add a little adventure to your visit to Hallstatt. Located just a few minutes away from Hallstatt, this is a great spot to see alpine scenery, go hiking, enjoy spectacular views across the Alps, and even escape those Hallstatt crowds. You can simply ride the gondola and enjoy the view, or spend hours here doing short hikes or exploring the giant ice cave.

Dachstein 5Fingers August

5Fingers Dachstein

Dachstein Krippenstein | Best things to do in Hallstatt


Dachstein Viewpoint

Kara in Dachstein

Best Things to do on Dachstein Krippenstein

  • Enjoy the view from the 5Fingers viewing platform
  • Take a tour of the Giant Ice Cave
  • Climb the via ferrata
  • Hike the family friendly Heilbronner Circular Trail
  • Go paragliding
  • In the winter, go skiing or snowshoe hiking

You could spend an entire day here, and it’s something worth considering, especially if you like the idea of exploring the ice caves and climbing the via ferrata. We spent just a few hours here, mostly walking the alpine trails and enjoying the view, but the via ferrata and the ice cave sound like fun!

Learn more on the official website.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: If it is a cloudy day, consider skipping Dachstein. The best part of a visit here is the view, but if it’s cloudy, you won’t see much.

Austria Travel Guide

One Day in Hallstatt Itinerary

Hallstatt Day Trip Itinerary

Here is our recommendation if you will be visiting Hallstatt on a day trip.

Summer is peak season in Hallstatt. Crowds will be at their highest from 11 am to 4 pm. If you can, avoid these hours and explore Hallstatt in the morning and evening hours.

For the best experience, arrive in Hallstatt by 9 am. By getting here early, you’ll avoid issues parking (if you are traveling by car) and you can explore Hallstatt for an hour or two before it really gets busy.

In the morning, explore the old town, tour the salt mine, and enjoy the view from the Skywalk. Have lunch in Hallstatt.

If you like the idea of visiting Dachstein, do this in the middle of the day, when Hallstatt is the most crowded.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Consider using public transportation to get to the Dachstein cable car station in Obertraun so you do not have to give up your parking space. You can hire a taxi or take bus 542 or 543 from Hallstatt.

Return to Hallstatt in the late afternoon. Rent a boat and drift on the lake for an hour or two and then end with dinner in town. Return to your starting city.

Alternative Hallstatt Day Trip Itinerary

Visit Dachstein in the morning and Hallstatt in the afternoon. This works well during the off-season months when Hallstatt is less crowded. Doing it in this order saves you from having to travel back and forth between Hallstatt and Dachstein. Just note that if you do this in the summertime, finding a parking spot in the afternoon in Hallstatt may be a challenge.

Ideal Itinerary: Plan an Overnight Stay in Hallstatt

For the best experience, plan on spending one night in or near Hallstatt. This puts you in town in the evening and the early morning hours, the best times to explore Hallstatt crowd free.

Arrive in Hallstatt in the morning of day one. Spend the day touring Hallstatt and Dachstein. On the morning of day two, before leaving for your next destination, you can visit whatever you missed the day before.

Hallstatt Rooftops

How to Get to Hallstatt

From Salzburg

If you want to visit Hallstatt as a day trip, Salzburg is your best option. Salzburg is the closest city to Hallstatt and there are several options if you are traveling by public transportation.

By Car

This is the easiest and most convenient option, assuming you get to Hallstatt early enough to find parking. It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Salzburg to Hallstatt.

Once in town, there are three public parking areas all within easy walking distance of the old town. All parking lots have an electronic display showing how many spaces are available. Parking P1 and P2 are located next to the old town. P3 is located 1 km south of the old town, roughly a 15 minute walk.

The closest we found parking was at Parkplatz Landbettler, 2.2 km south of the old town (a 30-minute walk).

By Bus

It takes about 2 hours and fifteen minutes to travel by bus to Hallstatt. Use bus 150, 542, or 543.

By Train

It takes roughly 2 to 2.5 hours, plus time for the ferry across the lake (the train station is located on the other side of the lake). Start at Salzburg Bahnhof, change trains in Attnang-Puchheim, and then disembark at Steeg-Gosau in Bad Goisern. From Bad Goisern, take bus 170 to Hallstatt.

Click here to use the OBB route finder and book your tickets.

Even though Salzburg is relatively close to Hallstatt, you will have to leave very early in the morning if you want to arrive in Hallstatt by 9 am.

On a Tour

Visit the highlights of Hallstatt on this guided tour from Salzburg.

From Vienna

You can also do this from Vienna but it’s a very long day. By car, it takes 3.5 hours and by train it takes 4 hours (one way). I would only recommend doing this if you plan to stay overnight in Hallstatt.

If you are staying in Vienna and want to visit Hallstatt for the day, take a look at this tour. Travel to and from Vienna by bus and visit the highlights of Hallstatt.

Tours of Hallstatt from Vienna and Salzburg



When to Go to Hallstatt

Peak season is the summer months of June, July and August, and sometimes this busy season spills over into September. During these months, expect large crowds and higher prices. We visited Hallstatt in August and were shocked at the number of people here.

The winter months of December through February can also be busy, particularly around Christmas. Hallstatt is gorgeous in a fresh blanket of snow. Just note that the salt mines and the funicular are closed during the winter months.

The months of March, April, May, October, and November are the best time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds (although I have even heard that October is getting quite busy).

Where to Stay

Hallstatt Obertraun Bad Goisern

This is the view from Dachstein over Hallstatter See. This photo is perfect to see where Hallstatt is located relative to Obertraun and Bad Goisern.

In Hallstatt

Haus Salzberg. This lovely little property offers apartments that can accommodate 3 to 6 people. It gets rave reviews and it’s just a short walk to the old town. They also offer parking, a nice perk while visiting Hallstatt during the busy season.

I da Mitt. Located in Hallstatt, this very highly rated and relatively new property offers spacious double rooms. It’s a property well worth considering if you want to stay in the city center.

In Obertraun

Obertraun is located just 3 miles from Hallstatt. It is also easily accessible by bus or train if you are traveling by public transportation.

Haus Salzkammergut. People who stay here rave about the views, the excellent location, and the awesome breakfast. This is one of the highest rated properties in Obertraun.

Haus Hepi B&B. This newly renovated property also gets rave reviews. They offer rooms for two to four people and some rooms offer panoramic views of the mountains.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: During my research, I could not find hotels in this area that offer air conditioning. And usually this is not an issue, since normal high temperatures in the summer months only reach 25°C (77°F). But there is a chance that you could visit Hallstatt during a heat wave, just like we did. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it, since no one offers air conditioning. This is just something to be aware of…and keep your fingers crossed for nice weather. 🙂

In Bad Goisern

Hotel Moserwirt. This is where we stayed. This hotel is located in the small town of Bad Goisern. We had a family room on the top floor, which had two bedrooms, a living area, and a balcony that overlooked the town.

We liked Hotel Moserwirt, but if we did it again, we would stay at one of the two recommended hotels in Obertraun. They look like a nice escape from busy Hallstatt and it’s easy to get around by car or public transportation. Just book your hotels way in advance!!

Is Hallstatt Worth It?

So, is Hallstatt worth it?

Yes, with proper planning and the right expectations, Hallstatt can be a wonderful experience.

Try to spend one night in town (or nearby), so you can wander the streets before and after the day trippers leave. And on a clear day, the side trip to Dachstein is awesome, especially if this is your first time seeing alpine scenery.

If you are planning a trip to Hallstatt and have questions, let us know in the comment section below. And if you have already been here and would like to share your experience, we would love to hear about it!

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      Yes, you can visit Hallstatt without a car (it is accessible by bus from Salzburg and Vienna) and there are local buses as well. However, February is not a good time for hiking, as the area will be snow covered. You could look into skiing, or save your visit for the summer if you prefer hiking. Cheers, Julie

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      You’re welcome! We have not done Oktoberfest yet but it is on our list to do sometime. On our visit to Hallstatt, we started in Slovenia (Kranjska Gora), drove to and spent the day in Hallstatt, and then slept in nearby Bad Goisern. From here, we drove through Munich to the Alsace Wine Route. We had a rental car so doing all of this was very easy. When we visited Prague, we did it as Budapest, train to Vienna, rental car to Cesky Krumlov, rental car to Prague so did not go to Hallstatt on that trip.
      I don’t know if your itinerary is set in stone, take a look at your transportation options from Hallstatt to Prague versus Munich to Prague. From what I know, it is more difficult and a longer day to travel from Hallstatt to Prague versus Munich or Vienna to Prague. But if you have a rental car, then it is not as challenging (but can be expensive). The order of your cities could be based off of the ease of getting around by public transportation. To go from Hallstatt to Munich, you may have to take a bus to Salzburg and then a bus or train to Munich. And to travel from Hallstatt to Prague, you may have to take a bus to Vienna and then a train to Prague. Another option is to stay in Salzburg rather than Hallstatt and just day trip to Hallstatt from Salzburg. Salzburg is better connected to Munich and Vienna by public transportation. I hope this makes sense. If you have any other questions please let us know. Cheers, Julie

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      It depends on each property and how far in advance they accept reservations. I recommend trying again 6 months before your visit. Cheers, Julie

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