Mangart Saddle

Driving to the Mangart Saddle in Slovenia

The Mangart Saddle, also called the Mangart Pass or Mangartsko sedlo, is the highest lying road in Slovenia. It’s a winding, white-knuckle drive through the mountainous region of northwest Sloven...

Piran Slovenia

6 Great Things to do in Piran, Slovenia

Most of Slovenia is landlocked, with the exception of a tiny sliver of land that stretches out to the Adriatic Sea. Called Slovenian Istria, there are three small coastal towns that dot this short ...

Epic Things to do in Slovenia

20 Epic Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia…this small, mountainous country is one of Europe’s best outdoor destinations. Hike the Julian Alps, explore the karst caves, raft the crystal clear aquamarine rivers, and paddle board ...

Tolmin Gorge

How to Visit Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia

The Tolmin Gorge is one of many gorgeous places you can visit in Slovenia. Walk along the crystal clear Tolminka River, photograph the moss-covered canyons, and walk on a suspension bridge high abo...