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Theodore Roosevelt National Park is made of up three separate units: the North Unit, the South Unit, and the Elkhorn Ranch Unit. The North Unit is our favorite part of the park. The views of the badlands and the Little Missouri River are spectacular, the Caprock Coulee Trail is tons of fun to hike, and this unit tends to be a bit less crowded than the South Unit.

Overview of the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt is located on US-85. From the South Unit, it takes just over one hour to drive here.

South Unit to North Unit Map

The North Unit is much more compact than the South Unit. One road, Scenic Drive, runs through this section of the park. This is 14 miles long and along this road are overlooks, trailheads, picnic areas, and campgrounds. The road ends at Oxbow Overlook. From here, you turn around and follow the same road out of the park.

It takes half to a full day to visit the North Unit, depending on whether or not you go hiking. This section of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is very easy to see from your car, but there is one hike we highly recommend. We will get to that in a few minutes.

Theodore Roosevelt Park Sign

Things to Do in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This list of things to do in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is organized geographically. The list starts at the park entrance and ends at the end of Scenic Drive.

#1 Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive is 14 miles long (28 miles out-and-back). It starts at the entrance to the North Unit and ends at Oxbow Overlook. Without stops, it takes about 30 minutes to drive it one way.

Scenic Drive North Unit

Badlands Theodore Roosevelt

It is a gorgeous drive from start to finish. This road twists and turns through the badlands, going past overlooks and next to prairie dog towns.

There are pull outs along the way, like this one called the Cannonball Concretions Pullout.


Cannonball Concretions Pullout

#2 Wildlife Viewing

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a great park for wildlife viewing. Along Scenic Drive, there is a very good chance that you will see bison. Also keep a look out for mule deer, prairie dogs, pronghorns, coyotes, and golden eagles.

Bison in Theodore Roosevelt

#3 Buckhorn Trail

Distance: 11 mile loop | Difficulty: Moderate | Time: 6 to 8 hours

The Buckhorn Trail is an 11 mile loop that takes you into the backcountry of the North Unit. On this hike, you get to see several prairie dog towns and there is a good chance that you will see bison.

We did not hike this trail (but we hiked three others in the North Unit). Prior to our visit to the North Unit, Tim and I spoke to a park ranger for Theodore Roosevelt National Park. He said that this is a nice trail, but it is long, somewhat repetitive, and there was a recent grassland fire so the vegetation is just starting to recover.

Due to its length, this tends to be a low traffic trail, so if you like to get away from the crowds, this is a hike to consider doing. However, if you only have the time or energy to do one hike, we have several more options below.

US National Parks List

#4 Little Mo Nature Trail

Distance: 0.7 to 1.4 miles | Difficulty: Easy | Time: 30 to 60 minutes

We loved this short trail. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you get a very nice view of the Little Missouri River.

This hike starts and ends at the Juniper Campground. This hike has a short loop and a long loop.

The short loop is 0.7 miles long, paved, and takes you to a viewpoint of the Little Missouri River.

The long loop (1.4 miles) is a bit more challenging and offers great views of this part of the North Unit. You will start on the short loop. The long loop breaks off the short loop and you will start hiking on a dirt trail. This trail heads up some steps to a viewpoint of the area. Then, it loops back towards the Little Missouri River and rejoins the paved short loop.

North Unit Theodore Roosevelt NP

View from the longer loop. In this photo, you can see the paved trail of the short loop.

 Little Mo Nature Trail

The view from the highest point on the trail.

There is a nature trail guide available at the trailhead which explains the sights along the hike.

Little Mo Nature Guide

#5 Caprock Coulee Trail

Distance: 4.1 mile loop | Difficulty: Moderate | Total Ascent: 730 feet | Time: 2 to 3 hours

The Caprock Coulee Trail is one of the best things to do in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

This trail starts on the Caprock Coulee Nature Trail and then climbs up onto a plateau in the badlands. You will pass the very scenic River Bend Overlook and then you get to the best part of the hike. As the trail skirts along the edge of the badlands, you get awesome views over the Little Missouri River.

Caprock Coulee Trail

Caprock Coulee Trail

 Theodore Roosevelt National Park photo

Overlooking the Little Missouri River from the Caprock Coulee Trail.


How to Visit Theodore Roosevelt NP

On the Caprock Coulee Trail, you also have views of the badlands.

#6 River Bend Overlook

Scenic Drive climbs up onto a plateau. At the top of the climb there is a parking area and viewpoint over the park. From the parking lot, it is a short, downhill walk to the River Bend Overlook.

From this overlook and shelter, you get panoramic views of the North Unit of Theodore Roosvelt National Park.

River Bend Overlook

North Unit View

River Bend Overlook View

The view from the River Bend Overlook

#7 Bentonitic Clay Viewpoint

This viewpoint gives you views over the badlands. Bentonitic clay is the blueish-gray clay that colors these hills.

Bentonitic Clay

Bentonitic Clay Overlook

Bentonitic Clay Overlook

#8 Oxbow Overlook

As Scenic Drive heads towards Oxbow Overlook, keep an eye out for bison. This part of the drive takes you through grasslands and we saw a lot of bison here.



Scenic Drive ends at a large parking lot. Walk up to the viewpoint, Oxbow Overlook, where you can see an oxbow bend of the Little Missouri River. There are also restrooms here.

Oxbow Bend Theodore Roosevelt

Oxbow Overlook

#9 Achenbach Trail to Sperati Point

Distance: 2.4 miles | Difficulty: Easy | Time: 1 hour

For one of the best views of Little Missouri River in all of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, hike the Achenbach Trail to Sperati Point.

This hike starts at the Oxbow Overlook parking lot. The trailhead is located next to the bathroom.

It’s a rather boring hike through a grassland to get to Sperati Point, unless you happen so see bison from the trail. Even without the bison, this hike is absolutely worth it for the view.

Achenbach Trail

From Sperati Point, you get a similar view to Oxbow Overlook, but it is more impressive from here, since you are closer to the Little Missouri River and the vantage point is better.

Here is the view.

Sperati Point

Things to do in Theodore Roosevelt NP

Note: The Achenbach Trail continues beyond Sperati Point. In total, it is 18 miles long, has two river crossings, and heads into the backcountry of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Things to Do in the North Unit: On a Map

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How Many Days Do You Need in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

On the quickest of visits, you can cruise through the North Unit, stopping at the overlooks along the way. It takes approximately 3 hours to drive out-and-back on Scenic Drive and visit the overlooks.

With half of a day, drive Scenic Drive, visit the overlooks, and hike either the Little Mo Nature Trail or the Achenbach Trail to Sperati Point.

With one full day in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you can drive Scenic Drive, visit the overlooks, and hike the Little Mo Nature Trail, the Caprock Coulee Trail, and the Achenbach Trail to Sperati Point.

Theodore Roosevelt NP North Unit

How to Get to the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt is located on US-85. From the South Unit, it takes just over one hour to drive here. From Dickinson, it takes an hour and fifteen minutes to drive here.

Where to Stay

To visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we recommend staying in either Medora or Dickinson.

Medora is located next to the park entrance for the South Unit. This western-themed town has small shops, restaurants, and lodges.

We stayed in Dickinson. There are numerous hotels to choose from, with popular chains such as TownePlace Suites by Marriott (this is where we stayed), La Quinta by Wyndham, Candlewood Suites, and Hampton Inn & Suites.

In the North Unit, camping at the Juniper Campground is first-come, first-serve. With a free permit, you can also camp in the backcountry.

Juniper Campground

Juniper Campground

Plan Your Visit

Cost: $30 per private vehicle, valid for 7 days

Hours of Operation: The North Unit is open 24 hours a day all year. Visitor Center hours vary by season and you can get updated hours on the NPS website.

Time Zone: The North Unit and the South Unit are in two different time zones. The North Unit is in the Central Time Zone and the South Unit is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Before you go, check the National Park Service website for park conditions and updates on road closures and trail closures.

If you have any questions about things to do in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, let us know in the comment section below.

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