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About a week ago, my family was taking a one week tour around Bhutan. While we were in Punakha, we went white water rafting. It was very fun, and we all enjoyed it.

Mother River Bhutan

It was a nice, sunny day in Punakha when we went white water rafting. Before getting into the raft, we put on our gear, met our crew, and went through some rules about how to stay safe while rafting. We all hopped into the raft and then we were off.

Our ride was super fun! The rapids pushed us along the river, and we were actually going pretty fast! Sometimes, we got to a really crazy area, and that was always my favorite part. We would hit these giant rapids, and get a huge splash! The water was very cold, so when we got a huge splash, we would be super cold!

Along the way, we came across the Punakha Dzong. We had visited it the day before, but it was still pretty cool to go rafting past it. The Dzong was huge, and it was also very cool looking and had amazing woodwork!

White Water Rafting Bhutan

We rafted for about 2 hours. I was starting to get a little bored of it at the end, probably because there weren’t many rapids any more.

Bhutan White Water Rafting

In conclusion, we all had a great time rafting in Punakha, and maybe next time, we could go on some more crazy rapids!

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White Water Rafting Bhutan


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  1. It looks super adventurous yet fun. I plan to do this. Although some of my mates suggest to skip Punakha but my trip agent(drukair.com.sg) needs to take me to this haha! Please check it out @Marry @Nora

  2. Which river rafting service did you use? Your guide looks like the one interviewed by ABC News. See YouTube video “White Gold: Discovering Bhutan’s Natural Treasure” (11min 27sec for likeness image of guide)

    1. We used the tour company Bridge to Bhutan for our trip to Bhutan and they set up this white water rafting trip for us. I watched the video (it is very good and brought back lots of wonderful memories). I don’t think it is the same person, but if you are curious, you could reach out to Lotay or Fin with Bridge to Bhutan and see if they know more. Cheers, Julie

  3. Tyler, I can’t believe all of the really cool and exciting things you are getting to do and all of the people you’re getting to meet!! I am looking forward to India.

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