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So, you are planning a trip to Aruba? Just so you know, there is more to Aruba than sipping tropical drinks in the shade of a palm tree (although that alone would make for a great vacay). Go snorkeling, learn to kitesurf, explore Aruba’s gorgeous beaches, and take an UTV tour of the island. Whether you are here for just a few days or for longer, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Best Experiences in Aruba

1. Go Beach Hopping

It’s no secret that Aruba is home to some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Visit Palm Beach, where the resorts and most of the water sports are located. Some people say that Eagle Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Or leave the crowds behind at some of the out of the way spots like Arashi Beach, Baby Beach, or Boca Keto.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Start exploring today! Read about Our Top Ten Beaches.

2. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Tyler Snorkeling Aruba

Snorkeling Aruba

Snorkeling is a very popular activity in Aruba. Some of the best beaches for snorkeling are Malmok, Boca Catalina, Arashi, and Mangel Halto.

Scuba divers can go diving at The Antilla, a German freighter that was sunk in WWII.

On this 2.5 hour tour, snorkel at the Antilla and in the protective cove of Boca Catalina. Travel by catamaran and enjoy the open bar.

3. Explore Arikok National Park

White, sandy beaches line the western coast of Aruba. The east side of the island looks vastly different. In Arikok National Park, drive on dirt roads through desert terrain where cacti grow wild, and explore the rocky, volcanic coastline. This is the spot to go hiking, explore secluded beaches, and swim and snorkel in the Natural Pool.

Natural Pool

4. Go on an UTV Tour

A UTV is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. These are perfect for exploring the dirt roads and trails along the east coast of Aruba. Explore Arikok National Park and the dry, desert areas around the Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations. De Palm Tours offers UTV tours of Aruba.


5. De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a coral island that has been transformed into an island getaway, complete with restaurants, places to go snorkeling, banana boat rides, and even a zip line.

For more information, visit the De Palm Island website.

6. Enjoy the view from the California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse sits atop a hill on the northern part of Aruba. For views over the island, you can pay a small fee to climb the lighthouse.

California Lighthouse

7. Learn to Kitesurf

Aruba is a windy place, perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Hadicurari Beach is the place to go for kitesurfing lessons.


8. Cruise on the Crystal Clear Waters of Aruba

There are numerous options to cruise around Aruba. Take a snorkeling cruise, watch the sunset from a catamaran, or go on a happy hour cruise.

Aruba Drone Photo



9. Go Shopping in Oranjestad

Jewelry stores are plentiful in Aruba and most of these can be found in Oranjestad, the colorful, capital city of Aruba. Or, visit Renaissance Mall, the place to go shopping at luxury retailers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and more.


10. Ostriches, Donkeys, Butterflies, and more

Aruba may not have a zoo but it does have several animal sanctuaries, all offering different experiences. Feed ostriches at the Aruba Ostrich Farm, see kangaroos at Philip’s Animal Garden, learn about 400 species of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm, or pet the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary.

11. Flamingo Beach at the Renaissance Resort

Instagram has made this a very popular spot in Aruba. It seems everyone wants to have their photos taken with the coral pink flamingoes here.

There are two ways to see the flamingoes: either stay overnight at the Renaissance Resort or pay $125 per person for one of the limited passes for non-guests of the hotel. It’s a lot of money to spend if you want to see some flamingoes, especially when there are so many gorgeous beaches you can visit for free.

If this is something you really want to do, consider staying at the Renaissance Hotel. You can get a room for as little as $260, depending on the season, and this gets you two days on the island. If you are traveling as a couple, this is a little more expensive than paying for the day pass, but you also get two days to visit the flamingoes, on a one night stay at the hotel. However, during peak season, hotel prices will be higher, so you will have to weigh the cost with the hotel stay versus just getting the one day pass.

How Much Time Should You Spend in Aruba?

In February, we spent four days here. This included the time for our flights to and from Maryland. Aruba does work for a quick getaway like this, giving you just enough time to explore the island and enjoy the beaches. Kara said that one more day would have been perfect, and I agree. Five days seems to be the perfect amount of time to spend in Aruba, but a lot of people visit for a week or longer.

Where to Eat

Eduardo’s Beach Shack

We all loved this place. Eduardo’s Beach Shack sells fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, acai bowls, and vegan protein balls. This is where we bought breakfast every morning…a delicious, healthy way to start to the day.

Eduardos Beach Shack

Eduardos Beach Shack Aruba

Azia Restaurant & Lounge

This is a new hip and trendy restaurant in Aruba. Azia serves Asian fusion food done tapas style. You order several small plates to share or keep to yourself. The cocktails are outstanding…we recommend the Pornstar Martini!

Azia Aruba

Bavaria German Restaurant

For a taste of Bavaria in Aruba, this is the place to be. Dine on sauerbraten and Wiener Schnitzel and sample German and Belgium beers off of their extensive beer menu. Make sure you leave room for dessert!

Bavaria Aruba

Dutch Pancake House

Ever had a Dutch pancake? This you have to try!! Want a pancake topped with fruit and ice cream? How about one topped with ham, walnuts, brie, and honey? The choices are endless and the food is delicious!

Dutch Pancake House


This spot has more of a “local” feel to it than the restaurants located around the resorts. Zeerovers is located in Savaneta, about a half an hour drive south of Palm Beach. This restaurant serves today’s freshly caught fish. The best part of this experience is dining on the open-air deck with views of the ocean. Zeerovers is nothing fancy…think plastic tables and chairs. But the food is great and the prices are relatively cheap.


Pelican Nest Seafood Grill

This is a decent restaurant in Palm Beach. We loved it because the views from the pier are awesome and so are the drinks. At the end of the day, we would have our own little happy hour here.

Wacky Wahoo’s

This is a place that we never made it to but wish we had. I spoke to a man at our hotel who spends two weeks every year in Aruba and eats here half the time. Wacky Wahoo’s also gets rave reviews for their seafood on Trip Advisor. If this is a spot you want to try, call for a reservation well in advance of your trip. They book up fast!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort in Palm Beach. If you are looking for a mid-range hotel on Palm Beach, this is one to consider.

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Holiday Inn Aruba

The Holiday Inn has an awesome location, being located smack in the middle of Palm Beach. It is within walking distance of many restaurants, including our favorite, Eduardo’s Beach Shack. The beach is beautiful although it does get crowded midday. Our room was clean but it was a bit dated and worn.

Tim and I walked the length of Palm Beach several times. The Hyatt Resort and the Marriott both looked amazing, and the Ritz looked phenomenal.

More Ideas for Your Trip to Aruba



If you are planning a trip to Aruba and have any questions, feel free to comment below!! Cheers!

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Aruba Travel Planning Guide

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      That’s a good question. To reserve a palapa, the umbrella with chairs, you have to be a hotel guest, from what I understand. But anyone can walk along the beach here but I don’t think that someone who is staying elsewhere, can just have a seat in one of the hotel’s lounge chairs. We didn’t have very many meals at the Holiday Inn, maybe just breakfast once or twice, and I can’t recall how good it was (it was probably typical for the Holiday Inn chain). Eduardo’s Beach Shack is just a short walk from the hotel and they serve great smoothies and fruit dishes. Cheers, Julie

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    My husband and I just came home from a 2 week stay at the Divi Golf Resort and we absolutely loved it!!! I cannot wait to go back there. The resort was fantastic and such friendly kind people there. I would highly recommend this Resort. We were there mostly to relax and spend quality time together because we are caretakers for his mom and we don’t often have time to be together and I can tell you it’s absolutely what we needed. It’s like a renewal of of marriage, I am so happy we went. We will definitely be going back there. Enjoy people!!!

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