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Visiting a rooftop bar or two (or three!) is one of the best things to do in Florence. If you want drinks with a view of the Duomo, you have quite a few rooftop bars in Florence to choose from. In this guide, we cover the top picks and practical information so you can choose which ones to visit.

I do my best to keep the hours of operation and pricing up to date for each attraction, however, these can change at any time. I recommend getting updated hours and pricing for your dates of travel. The link to the official website is provided for each site.

Things to Know about the Florence Rooftop Bars

Ideally, Make Your Reservation in Advance

Some rooftop bars take reservations and some rooftop bars are first come, first serve. We suggest making a reservation in advance for each of these rooftop bars, unless otherwise noted. Several of these are extremely popular spots and book up in advance.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit a Rooftop Bar?

When we did this in September 2022, on average, we paid 12 to 16€ for a cocktail. Appetizers/small plates ranged from 10€ to 20€, depending on the place and what was on the menu.

Expect to pay a minimum of 12€ per drink, plus extra if you want a small plate of food. The cocktails at the rooftop bars are extremely expensive, much more so than if you were going to get a cocktail at a restaurant elsewhere in the city.

We give the link to each rooftop bar and from here you can check the menus and pricing.

Hours of Operation

We recommend checking the official website for hours of operation. The links are included for each rooftop bar in this article.

Dress Code

For all of these rooftop bars, smart casual clothing is recommended. Some rooftop bars are very casual, such as View on Art and Fishing the Roof, while others are more upscale, such as SE·STO on Arno and La Terrazza.

Note: Many of these rooftop bars are located on top of hotels. You do not have to be a guest of these hotels in order to visit these rooftop bars in Florence.

Not all the Rooftop Bars are Open All Year

Some rooftop bars are only open during peak season (late spring into early fall). Several of these rooftop bars close around the end of September. If you plan to visit Florence in the fall, check the websites for their hours before you go.

Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

Below is a list of the best rooftop bars in Florence. These are in order from our favorite to least favorite rooftop bar.

1. View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar

Location: Hotel Medici
View: The Duomo
Hours: Noon to 10ish on weekdays, noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday
Reservation: First come first served
Website: hotelmedici.it

This rooftop bar has a spectacular view of the Duomo…the best of any place we visited in Florence.

From this outdoor rooftop terrace, you look across just a few rooftops to the Duomo. You are close enough that you can see people on top of the Campanile and the dome. From this angle, the lighting is perfect on the Duomo in the late afternoon and early evening.

Rooftop Bars in Florence | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

View on Art


View on Art Rooftop Bar | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

View on Art Rooftop | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

The View on Art seating area

The downside is that the rooftop area is very small, service can be slow, and the decor is very basic. But what you came here was for drinks with a view, and this rooftop bar definitely delivers on both of those.

The View on Art serves lunch, but since they get terrible ratings for their food, I recommend just having a drink while you are here.

We spent about 30 minutes here, just enough time to have a drink and enjoy the view. In our experience, the drinks were good and the service was fast. Overall, we had a very good experience, simply because we thought the view was phenomenal.

Come for a drink, enjoy the view, and have dinner afterwards at a different restaurant or rooftop bar, where the service and quality of food is better.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: For a seat up against the railing, arrive by 5 pm. During our visit, a lot of people arrived right around 6 pm, and some had seats with less-than-ideal views of the Duomo.

2. Divina Terrazza Rooftop Bar

Location: Grand Hotel Cavour
View: Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Bargello Museum
Hours: Opening times vary, check the website for hours
Website: hotelcavour.com

Sitting on top of Grand Cavour Hotel, with a location between the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio, is one of our favorite rooftop bars in Florence.

Duomo View Divina Terrace | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

Divina Terrazza view | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence


Divina Terrazza

Divina Terrazza seating area

 Divina Terrazza Florence

The view while seated


Divina Terrace Florence Rooftop Bar | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

From this small rooftop terrace, you have 360° views over the city. In one direction, you have an unobstructed view of the Duomo, and it is amazing. If you turn 180°, you can see Palazzo Vecchio and the top of the Bargello Museum.

This rooftop terrace has a casual, laid-back atmosphere. From most seats on the terrace, you get a wonderful view of the Duomo, even while seated. Most seating is on small sofas and high-top tables, so you are not packed in with other guests, as in some of the other rooftop bars.

Divina Terrace only offers cocktails, beer, and wine. They do not serve food, other than a small dishes of pistachios, corn nuts, and crackers that come with your drinks.

3. Tosca & Nino Rooftop Bar

Location: Piazza della Repubblica, Rinascente department store
View: Piazza della Repubblica and the Duomo
Hours: 9 or 10 am through 11 pm/midnight (hours depend on the day)
Reservation: This rooftop bar does not take reservations; it is first come first served
Website: toscanino.com

Ride the elevator to the top floor of the Rinascente department store. Walk to the wine shop, climb the staircase to the rooftop bar, and enjoy a close-up view of the Duomo.

Tosca and Nino Rooftop Bar Florence | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

The view from Tosca & Nino Rooftop Bar


Tosca and Nino Florence

We loved this view. It’s not as well-known as other rooftop bars, it’s easy to visit, and the views of the Duomo are one of the best in Florence. Once the rooftop terrace fills up, you will have to wait for people to leave, until you will be permitted to enter the terrace.

Late afternoon and sunset are popular times to be here. Early in the day (morning and early afternoon) you have a better chance of visiting this rooftop bar without a wait in line. We visited this spot multiple times and timing really makes a difference.

They serve cocktails, beer, and wine. They also serve a full menu, from appetizers to soups and salads to main courses and dessert. You can have a full meal here, all with one of the best views of Florence.

They get very mixed reviews on their service. Some reviewers state they had fast, friendly service while others say that service was very slow. We were in the “slow service category,” and it took about 20 minutes for our drink to be served.

Tim and I still think it’s a great rooftop bar to add to your list, since you don’t need a reservation and it has a great view of the Duomo. Take your pick between View on Art and Tosca & Nino, since they offer very similar views.

4. SE·STO on Arno Rooftop Bar

Location: The Westin Excelsior
View: The Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Arno River, Ponte Vecchio
Hours: 11 am to 1 am
Website: sestoonarno.com

The view from this rooftop bar is one of the best in Florence. From here, you look out over the rooftops and can see many of the city’s famous landmarks: the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, and the Arno River.

SESTO on Arno Rooftop Bar Florence | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

The view from SE·STO on Arno


Arno River | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

Arno River from SE·STO on Arno

This rooftop bar has a mix of indoor and outdoor seating. If you want an outdoor table with a view of the Duomo, there are only five available tables.

As you can see in our photos above, there are a few rooftops and nearby structures that block photos, but as you sit here, sipping on a glass of wine or cocktail, you have a fantastic view of the Duomo and the city of Florence.

The indoor section of SE·STO on Arno also has a nice view of the Duomo and across the Arno River to the south side of Florence. You don’t have the awesome views like you do from the small outdoor terrace, but it makes a good option if you happen to be here on a rainy day.

There is a second, larger outdoor terrace, but these tables have a view over the Arno River, not the Duomo.

The bar opens at 11 am for drinks. Is 11 am too early for a cocktail? Not when you are on holiday in Florence!

Lunch is served from noon until 3 pm and after this, you can order off of the snack menu. We had the burrata pomodoro salad and it was delicious. The cocktails were great too.

The service is 5 star, and this is one of the most high-end rooftop bars in Florence.

On a visit to the Westin, a walk here might feel a little bit out of the way, but your reward is an expansive view of most of the city, so we think it’s well worth it. Just make your reservation in advance…this is a popular rooftop bar in Florence.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: There is a taxi stand right outside of the hotel so you can easily get to your next destination without a lot of walking.

5. Fishing the Roof

Location: NH Collection Palazzo Gaddi
View: Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio
Hours: Hours vary, check the website for hours during your visit
Website: fishinglab.it

The NH Collection Palazzo Gaddi Hotel is a 4-star hotel in the historic center of Florence. This rooftop bar sits on the top floor of the hotel and offers stunning views of the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio.

Fishing the Roof

Fishing the Roof

 Fishing the Roof View

The view from Fishing the Roof | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence


Fishing the Roof Florence Rooftop Bar | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

We really liked this rooftop bar, both for its views and its casual atmosphere. The drinks were good, the food was good, and the staff was super friendly. On the menu are a lot of fish-based dishes, so keep that in mind. The serve small plates all evening.

Fishing the Roof is one block over from B Roof, another rooftop bar in Florence (mentioned next). We liked Fishing the Roof more, since it has a better view of the Duomo. The NH Hotel (the location of Fishing the Roof) actually blocks part of the view from B Roof, so if you are picking between the two, based on the view, Fishing the Roof is the winner.

Italy Travel Guide Rome

6. B Roof

Location: Grand Hotel Baglioni
View: The Duomo, Basilica di Santa Maria Novella
Hours: Hours vary, so check the official website
Website: b-roof.it

Sitting on top of Grand Hotel Baglioni is a rooftop bar and restaurant. Together, the restaurant and rooftop bar span the entire top level of the hotel, so it’s a huge indoor and outdoor space with 360° views of Florence.

B Roof, which is the rooftop bar, takes up the majority of the top level.

B Roof has a large outdoor terrace with tables and chairs. From this terrace, you mainly have a view of the Florence rooftops without any major landmarks, like the Duomo or Palazzo Vecchio. However, if you walk to the far end of the terrace, you get an unobstructed view of the Duomo.

Most of the terrace seating is in a garden like setting, with shrubs and flowers lining the terrace walls and a long archway of vines covering the seating area.

There are a few elevated patios on the rooftop terrace, but they were not open during our visit (the end of September). These upper patios are open from late spring through the summer.

B Roof View | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

The view from the far end of the terrace at B Roof


B Roof Florence

B Roof

Also on the top floor of the hotel is a restaurant. This restaurant is all indoors and has incredible views of the Duomo. It is open at 7:30 pm and a reservation is necessary for dinner.

B Roof Restaurant

B Roof Restaurant

For the best view from this rooftop spot, come in the summer and request the upper patios in your reservation. Or, book dinner in the restaurant.

If you can’t get a reservation for an upper patio, or if it’s not open as in our case, come for a drink, take your photos from the far end of the terrace, and then relax in the garden like area.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: For the best view from B Roof, make a reservation in advance and request the upper patio. You can’t do this online. You will have to call and speak to someone to make this request. The phone number is listed on the reservation page.

7. La Terrazza Rooftop Bar

Location: Hotel Continentale
View: Ponte Vecchio, Arno River, Palazzo Vecchio
Hours: 4 pm to 10 pm
Website: lungarnocollection.com

This small, upscale rooftop bar sits on top of Hotel Continentale, just steps away from Ponte Vecchio.

La Terrazza is one of the smallest and the busiest rooftop bars that we visited in Florence. It’s also one of the most expensive, and for the views that you get, we don’t think it is worth the high price tag.

From this rooftop bar, you can look down onto Ponte Vecchio, but there is a catch. You only get a view of this iconic bridge if no one is seated along the sofas that run along the west side of the terrace. And to get the view, you need to kneel on the sofa to look down onto the bridge. To take the photo below, I had to hold the camera out over the ledge.

La Terrazza Rooftop Bar Florence | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

La Terrazza view

If these seats are taken, you will not be able to get the view, and the photo above, so keep that in mind.

Low walls and greenery line the rooftop terrace, so once seated, you won’t see much, other than the tower of Palazzo Vecchio.

La Terrazza Rooftop Bar

Seating at La Terrazza Rooftop Bar

 La Terrazza View

The view while seated at La Terrazza


Florence Apertif

Drinks at La Terrazza

La Terrazza opens at 4 pm. It’s generally busy until 7:30 pm, according to the staff that works here. To get a seat, it’s highly recommended that you make a reservation. A reservation guarantees you a seat, but it comes with a big price tag. With a reservation, your first drink is 35 euros, whether it is a cocktail or a glass of coke. Each additional drink then gets added onto your bill.

However, without a reservation, you risk not getting a seat. We were here on a Thursday at 5 pm at the end of September, not peak season in Florence. Every seat was taken during our visit and people were being turned away.

They really pack people into this small rooftop terrace. We sat between two other couples, Tim and I facing each other across a table. It was hard for us to have a conversation, but easy to eavesdrop on those around us, since we were all seated so close together. We weren’t fans of the overall set up of seating.

On average, cocktails cost 21 euros, the most expensive of any rooftop bar we visited in Florence.

The mediocre views, expensive drinks, and packed atmosphere make La Terrazza one of our least favorite rooftop bars in Florence. If you read reviews online, they tend to echo this statement.

Things to Know: They do not serve food, only cocktails and wine. However, you get a small plate of snacks included with your drinks. The staff was very attentive, the drinks came out fast, and we liked the music.

8. Angel Roofbar

Location: Hotel Calimala
View: Palazzo Vecchio, a small portion of the Duomo
Hours: 5 pm to 12 am
Website: hotelcalimala.com

The views from this rooftop terrace are not all that exciting…you do get a wonderful view of Palazzo Vecchio and you can see the front of the Duomo (from one prime spot on the outdoor terrace), but you cannot see the dome from this rooftop bar.

Angel Roofbar Florence

Angel Roofbar


Angel Roofbar

Angel Roofbar | Best Rooftop Bars in Florence

If you are short on time, and just want a great view of the Duomo, this is one to skip. But if you want a great cocktail or meal, this is the place to go. The drinks and the food were the best we had in any rooftop bar in Florence.

Reservations are highly recommended at Angel. But that does not guarantee that you will get a table with a good view.

We had a reservation for a rooftop terrace table and sat inside, with no view, since a private event got the privilege of the better tables and viewpoints. After taking a few photos, we almost left, since we were so disappointed, and frustrated, but decided to have one drink.

The cocktail menu is very creative and the drinks are superb. We tried several, including the various Negronis, and have to say that the Ideal Negroni was our favorite drink here.

Angel Roofbar Drinks

Angel Roofbar Dinner

We had an excellent experience with the food here, but if you look at the reviews, they are all over the place. Maybe we were just here on a good night, but we loved the small plates that we ordered off the aperitif menu. It seems as if many of the bad reviews seem to come from ordering off of the dinner menu.

Tim and I recommend the Burgerini (burger sliders…yum!!), Il Tagliere (meat and cheese board), and Patata Perfetta (fantastic French fries).

So, make your reservation, if you don’t get prime seating, go up to the terrace and take a few photos, and then order drinks and snacks off the menu…we loved the experience even though it turned out differently than we expected.

More Rooftop Bars in Florence

Here are a few rooftop bars that we visited but weren’t fans of. They are either far from the city center or the views were just OK.

Loggia Rooftop Bar

Sitting on the west side of the Arno River is a historic hotel (Hotel Palazzo Guadagni) with a rooftop bar and restaurant. It is a bit of a walk from the main sites in Florence, so to get here, you will have a 10 to 15-minute walk, or a short taxi ride. The views aren’t anything special. You are looking out over the neighborhood and cannot see any of the iconic sights in Florence. The food was good, the drinks were OK, so overall, we think this rooftop bar should get a pass, unless you are staying here or will be in the area.

Loggia Rooftop Bar

Loggia Rooftop Bar


Loggia Rooftop Bar View

View from Loggia Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bar at Hotel degli Orafi

This rooftop bar is located near the city center of Florence, so it’s easy to get to. From here, you can see the Duomo, the Palazzio Vecchio, and the Arno River but the views are not as good as the rooftop bars mentioned above.

Another Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bar at Hotel degli Orafi

Uffizi Gallery Cafeteria

On the roofop of the Uffizi Gallery is a cafeteria on the outdoor terrace. From here, you have a very good view of Palazzo Vecchio and can just see the top of the Duomo. It’s a nice spot to visit if you have plans to visit the Uffizi Gallery but I don’t recommend going out of your way to visit this rooftop terrace.

Best Rooftop Bars in Florence: On a Map

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each rooftop bar. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

Best Rooftop Bars in Florence: Our Recommendations

Rooftop Bars with the Best View

View on Art is the winner of this category, with Tosca & Nino coming in second, followed by Divina Terrazza Rooftop Bar. B Roof has fantastic views of the Duomo from their indoor restaurant and SE·STO on Arno has very nice 360° views of Florence.

Most Expensive Rooftop Bars

  • La Terrazza (on Hotel Continentale)
  • SE·STO on Arno
  • Angel Roofbar

Rooftop Bars Serving Drinks and Food

Not all rooftop bars serve food. Tosca & Nino, B Roof, and Angel Roofbar has a full menu. You can order snacks (small plates) at SE·STO on Arno and Fishing the Roof.

No Reservation Necessary

If you don’t want to be bothered with making reservations and prefer to keep things spontaneous, View on Art and Tosca & Nino are your best chances to have a seat at a rooftop bar without making a reservation in advance.

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