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Trying to decide where to stay in Florence?

You have lots of great options to choose from, from cozy boutique-style hotels, highly rated budget properties, luxurious 5-star hotels, family friendly apartments, and hotels with a view of Ponte Vecchio or the Duomo.

An important factor to consider is the location of your hotel. There are several neighborhoods in Florence to choose from. You can either stay in the touristy heart of Florence (the most convenient location but also the most expensive) or in one of the neighborhoods just outside of the historic city center, which has certain advantages.

To make your decision about where to stay in Florence easier, we took the long list of hotels and organized them by location, budget, and travel style.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Florence?

During peak season, based on a double occupancy room with two people, a 2-star hotel will range from $50 to $150 USD per night, a 3-star hotel will range from $150 to $300 per night, a 4-star hotel will range from $300 to $500 per night, and a 5-star hotel will start at $500 per night.

These are just rough estimates. If you are making your reservations late (within three months of your visit), prices can be higher than this, as hotel occupancy begins to fill up.

Rooms such as suites, deluxe rooms, and apartments can cost significantly more than the prices listed above, depending on the property, location, and time of year.

How Far in Advance Should You Make Your Reservation?

If you plan to visit Florence during the peak season, which is June through mid-September, we recommend making your reservations at least three months in advance, although 6 months is even better.

If you wait too long, you will have limited choices and may end up spending more to get a decent hotel.

Florence Cathedral

The Florence Cathedral

Florence Geography 101

Florence is a small, compact city. Most of the things you will do are located in and around the city center. In Florence, you can walk to almost everything. You can also get around by bus and taxi, but for the most part, you can expect to get around primarily on foot.

The Arno River divides Florence into two parts. North of the river is the historic city center, where you will find most of the museums, churches, and piazzas. This northern part of Florence can further be broken down into the historic city center (Centro Storico), Santa Croce, and Santa Maria Novella.

On the south side of the Arno River are the rolling hills of Florence, Boboli Gardens and Bardini Gardens, and Piazzale Michelangelo. This part of Florence, which includes the neighborhoods of Oltrarno, Santo Spirito, and San Niccolò, and has more of a local feel to it.

Where to Stay in Florence: On a Map

In this guide, we list hotels for four different areas of Florence. On the map below, each area has a different color. Here are the areas and the corresponding colors.

  • Centro Storico (Historic City Center): Red
  • Santa Maria Novella: Yellow
  • Santa Croce & Sant’Ambrogio: Blue
  • Santo Spirito & Oltrarno: Green

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each hotel. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

Where to Stay in Florence: By Location

There are several neighborhoods in and around Florence to choose from. To simplify things, we are only listing those locations that are rather centrally located within Florence (within walking distance of Florence’s main sites). It’s only worth staying on the outskirts (for example, Fiesole) if you have a lot of time or really want to get away from more touristy areas of Florence.

Note: In this guide, budget hotels are 2-star properties, mid-range hotels are 3-star properties, upscale hotels are 4-star properties, and luxury hotels are 5-star properties.

Centro Storico (the Historic City Center)

Centro Storico is the neighborhood that includes the Florence Cathedral (the Duomo), Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Uffizi Gallery. By staying here, you are centrally located in Florence and can easily walk to everything. The Duomo could just be a block or two from your hotel and you may even be able to get a room with a view of it.

For those who want to stay in the heart of Florence, within walking distance of the main sites, this is the best place to stay in Florence. It’s also great for those with limited time (just a day or two), since you can easily walk to the main sites.

Florence Italy

The Florence Cathedral and the city center (photo taken from Palazzo Vecchio)


Piazza del Duomo at Night

Piazza del Duomo at night. Several hotels listed below are located right on this square so the Duomo could literally be on your doorstep.

We stayed in Centro Storico on our most recent visit to Florence. We splurged by staying in the Rocco Forte Savoy Hotel and had a room with a view of the Duomo. It was one of our favorite hotels of all time. Not only was the view spectacular, but the service is impeccable and we were a 3-minute walk from the Duomo and a 10-minute walk to most places in Florence.

Top Experiences in the City Center: The Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, the Bargello.

Pros: Central location, easy to walk to most places in Florence, possible to get a room with a view of the Duomo, lots of great rooftop bars are in this area.

Cons: Expensive, touristy, extremely difficult to drive to a hotel in this area (if you will have a rental car).

LUXURY: Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Florence and the location is unbeatable. The Savoy is located on Piazza della Repubblica, so from here it is a short walk to the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Uffizi Gallery. Service is top notch and some rooms have views of the dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Florence Savoy Hotel View

The view from our room at The Savoy | Where to Stay in Florence

LUXURY: Portrait Firenze – Lungarno Collection. This hotel is located on the Arno River, just a short walk from the Uffizi Gallery. Some rooms have gorgeous views of Ponte Vecchio. From here, it is a short walk to most sites within Florence and some rooms can accommodate up to four people.

UPSCALE: B&B La Terazza Sul Duomo. It’s hard to beat this location since you can have a view of the Duomo from your room. Rooms are large and comfortable and breakfast can be served in your room. As a bonus, you get to enjoy views over Florence from the terrace on top of the hotel. This is an excellent choice for those who want a hotel with a great view of the Duomo without paying a small fortune.

UPSCALE: Granduomo Charming Accomodation. If you stay here, the Duomo will literally be on your doorstep. Some rooms look directly at the cathedral. Each room is a spacious apartment that can accommodate between 2 and 4 people. For families who want to be in the heart of Florence, this is one of our top picks.

MID-RANGE: Hotel Duomo Firenze. We are listing this hotel because it has a fantastic location on Piazza del Duomo, which means the Duomo is right on your doorstep. Some rooms have a balcony with incredible views of the Duomo. Rooms are basic, but the view and the location is hard to beat, and this hotel gets very good reviews.

MID-RANGE: Relais Piazza Signoria. This highly rated hotel is located next to Piazza della Signoria, placing it in central Florence. If you want your own private terrace with an amazing view of Palazzo Vecchio, take a look at the Penthouse Apartment with View. The Penthouse Apartment can accommodate up to five people, making this a great pick for families.

MID-RANGE: B&B San Remigio. This bed and breakfast is located on the east side of the city center. It is a 5-minute walk to Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, a little bit longer of a walk to get to the Duomo. Rooms are basic but very spacious and there is a rooftop terrace with seating.

MID-RANGE: B&B A Florence View. Located right in front of the Florence Cathedral, this small bed and breakfast has single, double, and triple rooms. Prior guests rave about the location on Piazza del Duomo, the staff, and the value for the money.

BUDGET: Emerald Palace Family Hostel. This hostel is located next to Basilica di San Lorenzo and a short walk from the Florence Cathedral. There are a wide variety of room types, from dormitory rooms to double and triple rooms and even a one-bedroom apartment. Some rooms have a beautiful view of the San Lorenzo cathedral.

Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella is a rather large neighborhood that encompasses the area around the train station and extends to the Arno River. This area sits just to the west of the historic city center. It’s possible to stay in some fantastic mid-range hotels near the train station and some luxurious hotels near the Arno River, offering options for all budgets.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Top Experiences in Santa Maria Novella: Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, and it is a short walk to Mercato Centrale from the area near the train station and a short walk to Ponte Vecchio for hotels near the Arno River.

Pros: Close to the train station so if you are traveling by train, it is a short walk to your hotel; if you will have a car, you can park next to the train station and it is a short walk to your hotel; great for budget travelers as there are some very highly rated mid-range and budget hotels in this area.

Cons: Longer walk to the city center; very long walk to Piazzale Michelangelo (consider taking a taxi).

LUXURY: The Westin Excelsior. This hotel sits on the Arno River. Rooms range from classic double rooms to luxurious suites with a view of the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio. Sitting on top of the Westin Excelsior is SE·STO on Arno, one of the nicest rooftop bars in Florence.

UPSCALE: 25Hours Hotel Florence Piazza San Paolino. This is one of the most unique hotels on this list. Rooms are creatively decorated (if you want to see what I mean, check out the Medium Inferno Room). This boutique hotel gets rave reviews and people love it for is location, the interior design, and the staff.

UPSCALE: Florence Feel Apartment. If you like the idea of staying in a spacious, beautifully decorated apartment with a small kitchen and washing machine, this place is for you. It’s a bit far from the city center, but its location makes it handy for those traveling by train and those who will have a rental car, since you don’t have to drive into the city center. It is a 15-minute walk to the city center. These apartments can accommodate up to 5 people, so it is great for families.

MID-RANGE: Eco Urban B&B. This environmentally friendly bed and breakfast is located near the train station. Rooms are beautifully decorated and look more like an upscale hotel than a 3-star hotel. From here, you have a 15-minute walk into the historic city center, but what you are getting is a property that gets rave reviews and rooms that are clean and quiet.

MID-RANGE: La Locandiera B&B. This bed and breakfast gets wonderful reviews, particularly for its location, cleanliness, and staff. Rooms are spacious and colorful and breakfast is served to your room.

BUDGET: Ostello Bello Firenze. This is one of the highest rated budget properties in Florence. This hostel is located near the train station. Take your pick from 10-bed dorm rooms to single rooms with a bathroom. For families traveling on a budget, there is a family room with a private bathroom. Prior guests give this property wonderful reviews, raving about the staff, the location, comfort, and cleanliness.

BUDGET: Hotel Nizza. The location of this budget hotel is excellent, sitting in between the train station and the city center, so it’s a quick walk to both of them. The rooms are basic but the hotel gets excellent reviews, making it another top pick for those who want a fantastic location without spending a lot of money.

Santa Croce & Sant’Ambrogio

These two neighborhoods sit to the east of the historic city center. Like Santa Maria Novella, it is a short walk into the city center. These neighborhoods have more of a local feel and are less touristy than the city center and Santa Maria Novella.

Santa Croce

Basilica of Santa Croce 

Top Experiences in Santa Croce & Sant’Ambrogio: The Basilica of Santa Croce, Sant’Ambrogio Market

Pros: Less touristy, less expensive than the city center, best place to stay in Florence for nightlife, if you have a rental car, Parcheggio Sant’Ambrogio is a convenient place to park without having to drive into the city center.

Cons: You will do a little more walking than if you stay in the historic city center, can be loud at night.

UPSCALE: Santa Croce 14 B&B. This place looks incredible! It is located right on Piazza di Santa Croce. Rooms are large and some have a stunning view of the piazza and the basilica. This property gets near perfect reviews on Booking.com.

UPSCALE: Pietrapiana Boutique Apartments. This boutique property offers 12 apartments, ranging from double rooms, small suites, and one and two-bedroom apartments. The rooms are beautifully decorated and this is a great choice for families. It’s also a good option if you will have a rental car, since it is a 6-minute walk to Parcheggio Sant’Ambrogio Firenze, a parking garage on the outskirts of Florence.

MID-RANGE: B&B Isola d’Arno. This bed and breakfast has an awesome location, just a short walk from the Basilica di Santa Croce, the Arno River, and the Uffizi Gallery. It gets excellent reviews.

MID-RANGE: La Divina Dimora. This small property offers several apartments that are spacious, come with a small kitchen and washing machine, and can accommodate up to four people. It’s a great pick for families who will be in Florence for several days and want to do some laundry.

BUDGET: Hotel Santa Croce. This budget hotel has a great location in Santa Croce, but not far from the city center. Rooms are basic but prior guests love the location and the value for the money.

Italy Travel Guide Florence

Santo Spirito & Oltrarno

Santo Spirito and Oltrarno are two neighborhoods that sit side-by-side on the south side of the Arno River. This area is worth considering if you want to stay in a less touristy area of Florence, want more value for your money, and have plans to visit the gardens and watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo.

Arno River Florence

The Arno River, Santo Spirito, and Oltrarno (photo taken from SE·STO on Arno, the rooftop bar of the Westin Excelsior, listed above in the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood).


Florence Italy

The view from Piazzale Michelangelo

Top Experiences in Santo Spirito & Oltrarno: Boboli Gardens, Pitti Palace, Ponte Vecchio, Bardini Gardens, Piazzale Michelangelo, the Rose Garden

Pros: These neighborhoods have some of the best restaurants and wine bars in Florence; shorter walk to your hotel in the evening if you plan to watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo; has more of a local feel; cheaper than the city center

Cons: Farther walk to some sites in Florence, such as the Florence Cathedral and Gallery Accademia

LUXURY: Hotel Lungarno – Lungarno Collection. This hotel has a fabulous location right on the Arno River near Ponte Vecchio. There is a rooftop terrace and a riverside terrace with spectacular views of Florence. Some hotel rooms also offer this same view.

Ponte Vecchio Hotel Lungarno

The view of Ponte Vecchio from Hotel Lungarno | Where to Stay in Florence

UPSCALE: Geppi’s Apartments. This property has one bedroom and two bedroom apartments that can accommodate 4 and 8 people, respectively. The apartments come with a kitchen and washing machine. Prior guests rave about the interior design and outstanding hospitality.

UPSCALE: Piazza Pitti Palace – Residenza d’Epoca. Located in a historic palace, rooms are luxuriously decorated and very spacious. It is just steps away from Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens and a short walk to Ponte Vecchio.

MID-RANGE: FuordArno Bed & Breakfast. This property is located on the Arno River, near the Bardini Gardens and a short walk to Piazzale Michelangelo. From some rooms, you get a glimpse of the dome of the Duomo. It gets exceptional reviews on Booking.com.

MID-RANGE: Apartment La Casina. This property offers one one-bedroom apartment that comes with a kitchen and washing machine. It gets exceptional reviews and is located very close to Piazzale Michelangelo.

MID-RANGE: Guicciardini 24. Rooms are modernly decorated and spacious. This hotel is located very close to Ponte Vecchio and Boboli Gardens.

Where to Stay in Florence: Our Recommendations

Best Hotels for Mid-Range Travelers

Our top picks for mid-range travelers include Relais Piazza Signoria, Eco Urban B&B, B&B Isola d’Arno, and FuordArno Bed & Breakfast.

Best Hotels for Budget Travelers

If you are traveling on a budget, we recommend Hotel Santa Croce, Hotel Nizza, Ostello Bello Firenze, and Emerald Palace Family Hostel.

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

We had a fantastic stay at Rocco Forte Savoy Hotel, which is a 3-minute walk from the Florence Cathedral. Other top picks include Portrait Firenze – Lungarno Collection, B&B La Terrazza sul Duomo, Hotel Lungarno – Lungarno Collection, and Santa Croce 14 B&B.

Best Hotels for Families

Emerald Palace Family Hostel is perfect for families on a budget with its great location in the city center. Relais Piazza Signoria has an apartment that can accommodate up to 5 people and this property is centrally located in the city center. Granduomo Charming Accommodation has spacious apartments and some have views of the Duomo.

Ostello Bello Firenze in Santa Maria Novella is a great pick for families traveling on a budget.

Pietrapiana Boutique Apartments is an upscale property in Santa Croce and La Divina Dimora is a mid-range property in Santa Croce that also comes with a washing machine.

Geppi’s Apartments has a 2-bedroom apartment that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Best Hotels with a View of Florence

At the Rocco Forte Savoy Hotel, some rooms have a view of the Duomo. For a little less money in the same area, B&B Terrazza sul Duomo also has rooms with a view of the Duomo.

Granduomo Charming Accommodation, B&B A Florence View, and Hotel Duomo Firenze are located on Piazza del Duomo, so some rooms have views of the cathedral.

Portrait Firenze – Lungarno Collection and the Lungarno Hotel – Lungarno Collection both have rooms with views of the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio.

The Westin Excelsior has rooms with a view of the Arno River and from the rooftop bar and terrace you get panoramic views of Florence.

Relais Piazza Signoria has rooms with a view of Palazzo Vecchio.

Some rooms at Santa Croce 14 B&B have a view of the Santa Croce Basilica.

Florence Cathedral Dome

The dome of the Florence Cathedral

Driving in Florence

If you will have a car, driving in Florence is extremely challenging.

The city center of Florence is a ZTL area (limited traffic zone). You can only drive in the city center if you have a permit or if you are staying at a hotel that is located within the ZTL.

The historic city center of Florence is a maze of one-way narrow roads. Along each road the direction may change several times. According to the doorman at our hotel, the direction of the roads can change day by day.

We stayed in the historic city center and driving to our hotel was a nightmare. We have tons of experience driving throughout northern and southern Italy, not to mention many countries around the world, and Florence is the most challenging city we have ever driven in.

If you will have a rental car, think twice about staying in the city center, if you don’t want to deal with this added stress. You could either stay in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city center, which is easier to drive to, or park your car in a parking lot outside of town and walk or take a taxi to your hotel.

Convenient paid lots include the lot next to the train station, at Central Parking Firenze (on the north side of Florence), and Parcheggio Sant’Ambrogio (on the east side of town). Learn more about driving in Florence here.

Hotels that we recommend if you will have a car are Florence Feel Apartment (in Santa Maria Novella) and Pietrapiana Boutique Apartments (in Santa Croce).

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If you have any questions about where to stay in Florence, let us know in the comment section below.

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Where to Stay in Florence Italy


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