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The Edge is the newest addition to the Manhattan observation decks. Hovering 100 floors above the city streets, this sky deck offers jaw-dropping views over Manhattan. Adding to the thrill is the glass floor, where you can peer down to the city streets far below.

On our most recent trip to New York, we visited the Edge twice…both at sunset and midday. Weather conditions in and around Manhattan can disrupt even the most carefully planned visit, as we learned. We visited the Edge twice, in order to get the photos, and the experience, that we wanted. We learned a lot from our visits and now we can pass that information on to you.

In this guide, we share with you everything you need to know about how to visit the Edge, from the best photo spots, to how to get your tickets, and tips to have the best experience.

The Edge Glass Floor

What is the Edge NYC?

The Edge is an outdoor sky deck that sits 100 floors above the city streets of Manhattan. This triangular platform is suspended in midair, creating a thrilling vantage point to view the city.

At 1,131 feet, the Edge NYC is the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere. The highest outdoor observation deck in the world is at Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In Manhattan, you will get a loftier view from the indoor observation decks at the Empire State Building (1,250 feet) and One World Observatory (1,268 feet), but since they are indoors, they don’t have the same thrill factor as the Edge.

The Edge opened on March 11, 2020, somewhat unfortunate timing, as the city locked down for COVID-19 just a few days later.

The Edge Platform

View of the Edge from street level.

How to Get to the Edge

The Edge is located in sleek and shiny Hudson Yards. This area looks vastly different than it did just 10 years ago. What was once a storage yard and jumble of train tracks has evolved into Manhattan’s newest ultra-modern neighborhood.

The trains and their tracks are still here, but this small city has been built on a state-of-the-art platform that is elevated above the railroad tracks. Glass-plated skyscrapers, a shopping mall, a performing arts theater, and another of Manhattan’s very popular attractions, The Vessel, can all be found here.

The Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards. Enter The Shops at Hudson Yards and take the elevator to the 4th floor. There will be signs directing you to the Edge.

The closest subway station is 34th Street – Hudson Yards on train 7. From here it is a 2-minute walk to The Shops at Hudson Yards. You can also get here by taxi, by Uber, or by walking the High Line, which ends right next to The Shed and The Shops at Hudson Yards.

Where is the Edge

How to Visit the Edge: Ticket Options

There are three ticket options for visiting the Edge.

General Admission: These tickets get you admission onto the Edge without any perks. Online tickets start at $36 for adults, $31 for children, and $34 for seniors.

Champagne Admission: This is a general admission ticket plus a glass of champagne. Tickets start at $53 for adults and $51 for seniors.

Premium Admission: This is a general admission ticket, plus a glass of champagne and a souvenir photo book. Online tickets start at $71 for adults, $31 for children, and $69 for seniors.

There is an additional $10 fee per ticket for sunset. If you purchase your tickets on site at the Edge tickets are $2 more than the online prices.

At the time that I am writing this, there are no fast pass or skip-the-line tickets.

The Edge is also included on the C3 NYC City Pass.

So, which ticket should you buy? I recommend buying the general admission ticket. You can add on the champagne and the souvenir book during your visit. The Champagne ticket saves you about $4 off the price of champagne at the Champagne bar.

For updated pricing and to book your tickets online, click here to visit the official Edge website.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: I recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance, especially if you will be visiting on weekends, during the busy summer months, or over a holiday. Sunset tickets get snatched up the fastest and these need to be reserved well in advance of your visit.

The Edge Lobby

The lower indoor observation deck at sunset.

What to Expect on Your Visit to the Edge

The Edge is open from 8 am to midnight.

To enter the Edge, you will show your tickets and proceed through security. As you walk to the elevator, you will pass state-of-the-art digital displays about Hudson Yards. On the quick elevator ride to the 100th floor, a short animated movie plays on floor to ceiling computer screens.

Once on the 100th floor, you can visit the Champagne bar, step out onto the sky deck, and walk upstairs to the 101st floor, where you will have 360° views of New York and New Jersey.

Things to do at the Edge

The Edge is more than just the sky deck. Here are the top experiences at the Edge.

The Sky Deck

No doubt, the sky deck and its views are the main reason to visit the Edge. From the platform, you can look out over lower Manhattan and midtown, as well as the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty.

Things to do in NYC

The highlight for most visitors is the small glass-paneled floor. Even if you are not afraid of heights, it can be a little unnerving to stand on these clear glass panels with just 1,000 feet of air below you.

The eastern point of the sky deck is another popular photo location and when the Edge gets busy, you might have to wait in line for a few minutes to have your photo taken here.

There is also a series of steps and sitting area. Called the Skyline Steps, these steps lead up to the 101st floor. From the top you get a great view over the Edge sky deck and the Empire State Building.

Skyline Steps

The view from the southeast corner of the glass paneled floor and the Skyline Steps.


Tim in New York how to visit the Edge

Tim is standing on the Skyline Steps and I am taking this photo from the sky deck. Halfway up the steps you can get a view over the glass wall for great photos of NYC (keep reading to learn more).

Champagne Bar

The main champagne bar is located inside on the 100th floor. During peak times, there will also be a champagne bar on the 102nd floor and on the sky deck.

Beer, wine, champagne, sodas, and snacks are available for purchase. Prices are expensive. A glass of champagne is $21, beer is $9, coffee is $5, and a Coca-Cola is $5. See the full price list here.

The 101st Floor

From the indoor observation deck on the 101st floor, you can look north to Central Park, west to New Jersey, and south to lower Manhattan. It doesn’t have the same thrill of the sky deck but it is definitely worth your time to make it up here for the view.

Inside the Edge NYC

Empire State View the Edge

View from the indoor observation deck on the 101st floor.

Peak Restaurant

This upscale restaurant is located on the 101st floor. From the floor to ceiling windows, look out over the Edge and Manhattan as you dine on gourmet food.

We had dinner here and it was phenomenal. Both the views and the food are amazing. For the best experience, make a reservation in advance and request a table with a view of the city skyline. You can see the menu here. 

Sky-High Yoga

Start your day with a morning yoga session at the Edge. Tickets are $50 a person and go on sale in advance. Click here to learn more.

Best Photo Locations at the Edge

Here are five places to get a great photo at the Edge.

From the top of the Skyline Steps

From here, you can look out over the Edge and lower Manhattan. You get one of the best views of the Empire State Building from here, since it is not hidden behind the nearby skyscraper.

The Edge Photo


This is also great spot to try out the panorama feature on your smart phone. Just note that you will get part of the glass wall in your photo.

The Edge NYC Panorama

Midway Point on the Skyline Steps

About halfway down the Skyline Steps there is break in the glass panels. This the best place to take a photo of the Empire State Building without shooting through glass. Just note that the view of the Empire State Building is just OK from here, since it is mostly hidden behind another skyscraper in Hudson Yards.

Manhattan Sunset


However, this is the best place for a panorama photo on your smartphone, since you don’t capture the glass wall in the photo.

The Edge Panorama Photo

On the Glass Floor

The biggest crowds always seem to be hovering around the glass floor. There are many creative ways to take a photo here, whether you are just including your feet in the photo or lying stretched out on the glass and having a friend or family member take your photo.

Even if you don’t want your photo here, this is great people-watching spot.

The Eastern Point

From the knifelike eastern point, you are on the far edge of the Edge. The views from here are spectacular and this is a popular selfie and family/friend photo spot.

The 101st Floor

On the eastern end of the 101st floor, you get a nice view of the sky deck jutting out from the building.

Platform View how to visit the Edge

Best Time to Visit the Edge

Sunset is the best time to visit the Edge. From here, you have an awesome view of the city as the sun sinks lower into the sky. Watch as the city is bathed in the warm glow of sunset and the lights across the city begin to come on. Keep your fingers crossed for partly cloudy skies and a colorful sunset.

We visited the Edge twice, in the late afternoon (and lingering around well into the night) and midday. The late afternoon was our favorite time to be here. It’s more crowded but the lighting is better for photos and if you stick around, it’s awesome to see Manhattan lit up at night.

What Happens if the Weather is Bad?

We planned our visit to be on the Edge for sunset. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for us.

Tim and I visited Manhattan in early June. It was an unusually hot day and scattered thunderstorms were forecasted for the afternoon and evening.

We arrived at the Edge at 6 pm. Before entering, the staff told us that the sky deck was closed because of the weather forecast. It was not raining or thundering in Manhattan, but a nearby thunderstorm (in New Jersey) was close enough that, for safety reasons, the outdoor sky deck was closed. We could still visit the indoor observation decks but the outdoor deck might remain closed for the remainder of the day.

The staff offered us a refund on our tickets and the chance to reschedule our visit to the next day.

Taking our chances, we stuck with our original plan, keeping our fingers crossed that the skies would clear and the sky deck would reopen.

Most people took the refund so there were very few people at the Edge. A staff member told us that once the small cell of rain and lighting in New Jersey moved 11 miles away from Manhattan, the sky deck would reopen.

While waiting, we drank overpriced wine and bourbon and watched a marriage proposal…a nice surprise.

About 45 minutes before sunset (and almost 2 hours into our visit), luck was on our side and the sky deck reopened. Since it was so cloudy, we didn’t get the colorful skies we were hoping for, but at least we got to walk out onto the sky deck.

Tim and I had dinner at Peak and I periodically walked out to the sky deck to take photos of Manhattan as the skies got darker.

The Edge at Sunset

The Edge at sunset


Manhattan at Night

The Edge at night

We returned the following day, midday, so we could see the view from the Edge with sunny skies.

The Edge Photo Tips how to visit the Edge

The Edge midday

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a visit to the Edge last?

Expect to spend about one hour here. This gives you enough time for lots of photos on the sky deck and the 102nd floor.

Sunset tickets were sold out for my visit. Is there a way that I can visit the Edge during sunset?

Yes! This happened to us too. Once at the Edge, you are permitted to stay as long as you like. Book the closest time slot to sunset and plan to stick around. During our visit, sunset was at 8:30 pm. The latest entry we could get was the 5:30 to 6:30 time slot. We entered at 6 pm and waited around for sunset.

Is the Edge worth it?

The Edge is one of four observation decks in Manhattan. Each observation deck offers a different experience.

The Edge is worth it, in my opinion. With the glass paneled floor, angled glass walls, and suspended sky deck, this is the most thrilling view in NYC. The Top of the Rock is our favorite viewpoint in the city, closely followed by the Empire State Building.

The view from One World Observatory is good but it’s our least favorite on the list. A visit here is more about taking in the view from the highest indoor observation deck in the city and the history here.

What else can I do in the area?

Spend some time in Hudson Yards and Chelsea. Visit the Vessel, walk the High Line, and grab a bite to eat at Chelsea Market (our favorite restaurants are Los Tacos, the Lobster Place, and Takumi). You can also visit the Chelsea Pier to hit some golf balls at the driving range or visit the Little Island.

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If you have any questions about how to visit the Edge, or if you want to share your experience, let us know in the comment section below.

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