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In 2012, our trip to London and Paris was our kids’ very first experience in Europe. They were only 8 and 9 years old at the time, so we wanted to pick two cities that had recognizable landmarks, good food, and fun things to do with kids. During our four days in Paris we toured most of the major sites, ate lots of french food, and spent a lot of time on Paris’ metro system.  Tyler and Kara loved Paris, and from our experience we have come up with ten fun things to do in Paris with kids.

Things to Do in Paris with Kids

Climb the Steps of the Eiffel Tower

It goes without saying that the Eiffel Tower cannot be missed on a trip to Paris. Kara looked forward to this the most so we made it the very first thing we did. Both of our kids climbed all 600+ steps to the second level. For them, climbing the steps was more fun than waiting in long lines in order to take the elevator. We met Kathy and Valerie (our Moms) on the second level and from here we had the best views over Paris.

Plan your visit with our Guide to the Eiffel Tower, which has money saving tips, information on how to avoid a long wait in line, and whether or not it is worth it to visit the top floor.

Eiffel Tower Kids

It can be windy!!

Have a Picnic in Front of the Eiffel Tower

Tim and I did this on our first trip to Paris and absolutely loved it. Rue Cler is a market street in Paris just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. Here you can assemble a lunch of bread, cheese, fruit, and chocolate, find a picnic bench or patch of grass in Champs du Mars, and have a picnic with one of the best views in the world. Going from shop to shop on Rue Cler is a lot of fun and the lunch may be one of your favorite memories during a visit to Paris with kids.

Eiffel Tower Picnic

Go on a Scavenger Hunt in Musee d’Orsay

Musee D'Orsey

The Musee d’Orsay is my favorite art museum in the world. There is just no comparison. The impressionist artwork is beautiful but seeing it in the setting of a renovated train depot is what makes this place special.

On arrival we received a guide of featured artwork on display in the museum. We picked up a second copy so both Tyler and Kara each had their own. For each of the three levels there were pictures of six pieces of art they each had to find. Tyler and Kara had fun walking through the museum looking for the artwork while Tim and I followed them. We got to see everything, the Van Goghs, the Monets, the Manets, and the Gaugins. We spent two hours in the museum and Tyler and Kara did not want to leave because they were having such a good time.

Get a Gargoyle’s View of Paris from Notre Dame

Tyler and Kara love to climb…they love to climb stairs, rock walls, mountains, boulders in their path, you name it.  So, while touring Paris, if we asked them if they wanted to climb another three hundred plus stairs they very enthusiastically answered “yes!” Make the staircase a narrow, spiral staircase and the fun factor multiplies.  

Notre Dame was the perfect Parisian entertainment for our kids. We climbed those narrow staircases and then enjoyed the iconic views of Paris in the company of centuries old gargoyles.

Important Note:  On April 15, 2019, Notre Dame suffered a devastating fire. The cathedral and the towers will be closed until further notice. Restoration work is currently being done, with a goal of reopening the cathedral by the end of 2024.

Gargoyle View of Paris


Say Hi to Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum

The Louvre is gigantic. It is so large and contains so much artwork it would take days to see it all. If you are traveling with kids, keep the visit short and sweet and it will be a much more enjoyable experience for all of those involved. We took a one hour tour of the Louvre, focusing on seeing the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory, and the Apollo Gallery.

If you are visiting Paris with kids, don’t miss our Guide to the Louvre. We have a one hour walking tour that takes you to the highlights, with the option to go deeper into the Louvre (well worth it for those who want to see some amazing Egyptian artifacts). 

Mona Lisa kids

More Stair Climbing and Fabulous Views from the Arc de Triomphe

Another narrow, spiral staircase plus fabulous views from the top make the Arc de Triomphe a must see on a visit to Paris. I personally think the views from the top of the Arc are the best in Paris. You get a perfect view down the Champs Elysees to Place du Concorde and beyond, plus perfect views of the Eiffel Tower, Invalides, and the Sacre Coeur perched on the hills of Montmartre.

If you have the museum pass you can climb the Arc multiple times. The views at night are incredible…what a magical place to see the “City of Light.”

Tyler and Kara in Paris

Arc de Triomphe View Paris

Champs Elysees

Visit Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

If your kids are still going strong and have more energy to burn, stroll the hills of Montmartre, ending at the beautiful and very unique Sacre Coeur Basilica. This is a great place to have a seat on the steps of the Sacre Coeur, look out over Paris, do some people watching, and watch the street entertainers.

Sacre Coeur

Let Imaginations Run Wild at Pere Lachaise Cemetery

This may sound a little creepy, but our hour and a half spent in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery was Tyler and Kara’s favorite memory of Paris. The cemetery is a surprisingly beautiful, serene place for a stroll, at least until your kids (and husband) start pretending that they are zombies. There are so many cobblestone paths and hiding places to explore here that kids can be entertained for hours.

We visited the cemetery in October just after a rainstorm so there was mist rising up from the ground. Above us crows and ravens were cawing, adding to the mystery of the cemetery. And the leaves were just beginning to change…beautiful.

Pere Lachaise Paris

Pere Lachaise Zombies

France Travel Guide

Pose Like the Statues at the Rodin Museum

We had a rainy visit to the Rodin Museum. Despite the weather Tyler and Kara had fun wandering amongst the statues, posing, and having their photos taken. The best feature of this museum is the fact that the artwork is located outdoors. Here we viewed Rodin’s statues in the shadow of nearby Eiffel Tower. The Rodin Museum was the “most fun” of the art museums we visited in Paris.

Rodin Tyler

Rodin with kids

Explore the Palace of Versailles

Versailles with Kids

We took one morning to tour Versailles, using the RER for transportation. We must have been visiting during an unusually busy time because the palace was uncomfortably packed with other tourists. It was hot and difficult to walk around and not very enjoyable.

So why am I recommending it? Because the gardens of Versailles are unbelievable. We visited on a rainy, dreary day when the fountains weren’t running, but if you catch this on a sunny day at the right time of year, wandering the ground of Versailles with kids would be an unforgettable experience.

Since our visit when Tyler and Kara were kids, we have returned to Versailles. In our Guide to Versailles, learn how to visit the palace without the crowds, plus lots of fun things to do with kids, such as renting rowboats or cycling around the park.

Versailles with Kids

Versailles on a rainy day


The Latona Basin Versailles

Versailles on a sunny day

More Tips on Visiting Paris with Kids:

Visit the catacombs.  They were not open when we took Tyler and Kara but Tim and I have been and we really liked them. It’s quite an interesting experience wandering underneath the streets of Paris in long hallways lined with human bones.

Tyler's iPod

Let them take pictures. Both Tyler and Kara have an iPod and they love taking pictures and video during our trips.  Once at home their pictures can be printed and they can make a scrapbook of their adventures.

Have your kids lead the way in the Metro. The Paris metro system is very easy to use. I would tell Tyler and Kara where we were going and they loved trying to figure out how to get to our train.

French Bread

Try new foods. There are so many good things for kids to try.  Great bread and cheese, onion soup, frog legs, escargot…yum!

Keep a Journal. Have your kids write a few sentences or more about what they did each day. We usually had them do their writing while waiting for dinner. It can be very interesting to hear what your kids thought about what you did each day.

Eat at an outdoor cafe. There is a cafe on every corner in Paris and this is one city where you will not have a bad meal. The adults can sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine while kids are entertained watching the activity on the streets and sidewalks of the city.

Paris Cafe

Paris is my favorite city in the world, and Tim and I were very happy to share this city with Tyler and Kara. Traveling with your kids can be a very enjoyable experience. We were always amazed at how well Tyler and Kara kept up with everything we had planned and how they handled the six hour time change easier than we did. Now, Tim and I cannot imagine traveling without them. We have really come to enjoy seeing these new places through their eyes.

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Best things to do in Paris with Kids

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  2. Avatar for Megan

    Based on your experience at Versailles, would you take the kids back there on a chilly, rainy day? My husband and I went on a cloudless July day years ago. The fountains were running, the flowers were in full bloom, and it truly was glorious (though hot!). We’re taking our children to Paris in November, and I’m trying to decide whether a day trip to Versailles is worth it, with the fountains off and the flowers gone.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      No, I honestly would not take the kids back on a chilly, rainy day. Because of the rain, it was so crowded inside, so we actually preferred to be out in the gardens, even though it was drizzly. I say go to the Catacombs instead, if you haven’t done that yet, or Pere Lachaise cemetery. I know they both sound a bit macabre, but our kids loved walking through the cemetery and I know they would have enjoyed the Catacombs (Tim and I did the Catacombs and loved it but they were closed when we brought Tyler and Kara). Cheers, Julie

  3. Avatar for Guillaume

    Can’t wait to be back in Paris in August where the crazy Parisians are on vacation somewhere else. We’ve always enjoyed visiting Paris in August and usually it’s much cooler than July where currently the temperature has hit an all time high of over 40˚C this week. I am curious about how did you find the right/best restaurants for lunch and dinner with your kids?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Hello Guillaume. We didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it, we just sat down at a cafe that looked decent and had big enough tables to accommodate us. If we really want to make sure we are eating a good restaurant, we either search Trip Advisor or do an internet search for recommended restaurants. Cheers, Julie

  4. Avatar for Veronika

    Hi! We visit Paris this august with our 4 kids from Hungary. Do you think I shoud buy tickets online in advance for the Eiffel Tower? I don’t want to que for ages… Did you lift to the smmit as well? or 2nd floor is good enough?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Yes, definitely purchase your tickets in advance, the lines can be crazy. So far we have only been to the second floor (we have been up on the Eiffel Tower twice) and I don’t think I missed out on anything by not seeing Paris from the 3rd floor. Cheers, Julie

  5. Avatar for SriK

    Do kids 18 and under who are US citizens need a Paris museum pass? How do we prove age? I have a rather tall and lanky 17 year old.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  6. Avatar for Karem

    I promise my 7 year daughter to take her to Paris!! Love your ideas and how to go around it. How many days you suggest I should go?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      That sounds wonderful!! To give yourself enough time to see the main sights, 3 days is enough. One or more extra days lets you slow down a little and enjoy the experience more. With an extra day you can also go to Disney Paris if you like that idea. Here is our 3 day Paris itinerary to help you plan your time. Cheers, Julie

  7. Avatar for Keli Fisher
    Keli Fisher

    No one ever mentions going to Disney in Paris? Is it worth it? I was thinking of making it our last day surprise trip but want to make sure it’s worth it. And accessible from our apartment. Any advice?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Hello Keli. We have never been to Disney Paris, although we have visited several others around the world (Orlando and Hong Kong). We like Disney, but we love Paris and we’d personally have a hard time tearing ourselves away from Paris to see Mickey Mouse. From what I know, you can take the RER from Paris right to Disney. If you have young kids who love Disney, than it may be worth it. If we had visited Paris when Tyler and Kara were young I would have considered a trip to Disney. Cheers, Julie

  8. Avatar for Rose
    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      We arrived in Paris by train from London. We used the metro to get to our hotel and to get around Paris. Later, we took the RER train to Charles de Gaulle Airport. It times the metro was very crowded. We would have to split up, one kid with one adult, to squeeze ourselves onto different cars of the metro. This was tricky when we had luggage but we managed. It sure kept things interesting! Cheers, Julie

  9. Avatar for Trisha
    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      I would stay somewhere in central Paris near a metro station. This will keep you close to the main sights and limit your walking. Being close to metro station makes getting around Paris very convenient. However, staying in the heart of the city increases the cost of accommodations. You have to decide what is most important for your budget and convenience. We have been to Paris twice, staying at Hotel La Bourdannais two blocks from Champ de Mars and Hotel Brighton on Rue de Rivoli near the Louvre. Both were good, midrange hotels with a fabulous location. Cheers, Julie

  10. Avatar for Kathy (mom)
    Kathy (mom)

    Julie, what a great “how to” on keeping kids happy while sightseeing. I can attest to the fact that they indeed were energized and willing. I especially loved dinner time where we rested and revived, all tired from the day, and they wrote in their journals while waiting for the meal to be served. Reading them later is priceless.

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