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I admit it. I was obsessed with getting the perfect photo of Stari Most (the Old Bridge) in Mostar. This fairytale bridge has been on my photography bucket list ever since I saw photos of it on other travel websites.

Stari Most at Night

In order to have the best experience, we planned on being in Mostar for 24 hours, visiting the town in transit between Kotor, Montenegro and Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. But we also took a quick peek a week earlier, while driving out to Croatia from Sarajevo. Yes, I was like a kid on Christmas…I couldn’t wait to see this bridge!

But before we get to the photos, here’s a little history about Stari Most.

Facts about the Old Bridge

Stari Most was constructed by the Ottomans under the commission of Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century. Straddling the Neretva River, this bridge links the two parts of the old town together.

The bridge stood for 427 years until it was destroyed by Croat forces in the Croat-Bosniak War on November 9, 1993. Roughly ten years later the bridge was rebuilt, opening on July 23, 2004.

Diving off the Old Bridge

For hundreds of years, people have been diving off of Stari Most into the Neretva River. It’s a risky jump and people have died attempting this feat.

Members of the Stari Most diving club stand on the bridge, taking donations from tourists. Once they get 25 euros, they make the leap from the bridge. We saw several of these men diving into the river during our visit.

Making the leap, at least one time, is a right of passage for many of the men who live in Mostar.

Tourists are permitted to jump from the bridge. First, you must get approval from the diving club. Then you take a practice jump from a lower bridge before making the final leap from Stari Most.

Stari Most in Photos

Here are six places to get the best views of Stari Most.

On the West Bank of the Neretva River

This is the most popular spot to photograph the bridge. There are two different places here that offer a slightly different angle, what I am calling “the beach” and “the steps.”

Best View Stari Most


“The Beach:” For the spot closest to the bridge, walk down the cobblestone path and steps near Ascinica NAR, a café near the banks of the river.

Mostar Old Bridge in April


“The Steps:” The second spot is just a short distance away, separated from the beach by a stream. To get here, walk back into the old town, head away from the bridge, turn left at Hindin Han, then turn left again to walk out towards the river. Even though it’s just a little farther from the bridge, I think the view here is better.

Stari Most in April

From Lucki Most

Lucki Most is a bridge that crosses the Neretva River, just a few hundred meters south of Stari Most. This spot is the farthest away from the Old Bridge on the list, but it adds a wonderful perspective of the city. Plus, few people venture out this far, even though it is only a 5-minute walk from the Old Town.

If you want an even better view, there is a concrete peninsula jutting out from the bridge. We walked onto this to take these photos. Just be careful and hold onto the railing.

Note: We recently received a comment that there is now a diving platform erected next to the river and blocks part of the view of Stari Most. Our photos are from our visit in 2017.

How to photograph Stari Most

Stari Most from the bridge

Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque

Located north of the Old Bridge, you must pay a fee to take your photos. But included in the fee is a visit to the mosque and the minaret.

For a small fee, you can take a photo of the Old Bridge at ground level, getting this shot.

Visiting Mostar


Pay a little more and the view is spectacular…an aerial view taken from the top of the minaret. To get to the top, it’s a narrow, claustrophobic spiral staircase with steep stairs, but it’s worth it!

Stari Most from minaret

From Restoran Lagero

There are a number of cafes and restaurants on the banks of the Neretva River, all advertising their amazing views of the bridge. We chose Lagero, because of its terrace overlooking Stari Most. This is a great spot for dinner or just to have a drink. Sit back, relax, and take in this view. Gorgeous!!

Lagero Mostar

Lagero Mostar View

From the Old Bridge

A visit to Mostar would not be complete without a few photos taken from Stari Most. Take some selfies or have another traveler snap a photo of your group; there will be plenty of people up here doing the same thing.

To get a close up view of the Old Bridge, there is a vantage point just before stepping onto the bridge.

On Stari Most

Photo from the Old Bridge

View from Stari Most

From the Streets of the Old Town

Our final spot is taken from the streets of the Old Town, located on the east bank of the Neretva River.

From old town


Several Tips for Getting the Best Photos

Do you want photos of the bridge without groups of people on the banks of the Neretva River? Go at sunrise. Mostar is very quiet in the early morning hours. The only people who seemed to be awake on the morning of our visit were a few other groggy photographers and several people on their way to work. And cats…there are cats all over the place here.

Sunrise and sunset are the best times to photograph the bridge. Unfortunately for us, our sunrise was rather boring, with the sky blanketed in clouds. Just an hour later it started raining and would not stop until later that night.

Stari Most Sunrise

If you can, plan to stay overnight in Mostar. This allows you to see the bridge at sunrise and sunset, which is a nice experience, even if you are not planning to photograph the bridge. This is a charming little town and it’s nice to relax and explore the old town without feeling rushed.

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    There is now a three-story diving platform on the right hand side of the river. When taking picture from Lucki Most, it ends up almost right in the middle of the arch of Stari Most 😭

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    Really great,I am not a photographer but I love it.I dream for a trip to mostar.Dear julie can you recommend any hotel near beach spot you mentioned above.
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    This is great information. I’m visiting Sarajevo and Mostar only for the long weekend from the 29th of Mar onwards. I cannot see me veering off too much from what you have already mentioned. 2 nights in Sarajevo and a night in Mostar. I’m tossing up whether to ge a local guide to show us around or rent a car? What would you suggest?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      A guide in Sarajevo may be worthwhile, just because of the recent, tumultuous history of this city. You will get a lot more out of that visit. I don’t think you need one for Mostar. Mostar is one of those cities that it’s just a joy to wander through, photograph, shop, and eat. Cheers, Julie

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    Wonderful photos and information Thank you!!
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      Out of the three places you mention you want to visit, Dubrovnik is the only one with an airport nearby. You could fly into Dubrovnik, take a day trip tour to Mostar, and I think it is possible to take a bus to Plitvice, although I am not 100% about this. Plitvice is far away from Mostar and Dubrovnik; it’s a 5 hour drive between Dubrovnik and Plitvice. On the way, you’d be going right past other great Croatian towns like Split and Zadar, so you might want to consider adding these into your itinerary. Cheers, Julie

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    Thank you. Your post is very helpful. We’re visiting Mostar in September, and since we only have a few hours there, we can make the most of it to get the best pictures, thanks to your post. And by the way, those are very nice pics that you took.

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