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Montenegro is a gorgeous country. With its walled coastal towns, stunning Bay of Kotor, misty mountain peaks, and off-the-beaten-path wetlands, this small country is full of surprises. Most people visit Kotor on a day trip from Croatia, but there is enough to do here for days, even weeks.

We had just two days here, which was barely enough time to visit Kotor and the surrounding towns. We did not get to see all of Montenegro, but we did see enough that we can show you just how amazing this country is.

Here are 22 of our best photos, 22 reasons why you should consider Montenegro as your next European destination.

Montenegro in Photos

This was our first view of Kotor Bay, seen from the Kanli Kula Fortress.

Herceg Novi View


Visit Montenegro in April when the wisteria are in bloom.



Small, medieval towns dot the coastline. This is Budva, one of the more popular coastal towns to visit, famous for its party-like atmosphere.



Wander through the old town in Herceg Novi, to see town squares and quaint churches like this one.

Herceg Novi


If you have a rental car, drive up on twisting mountain roads for some of the best views over the Bay of Kotor.

Overlooking Bay of Kotor


Perast is the prettiest city that sits on the Bay of Kotor. From here, you can take a boat out to Our Lady of the Rocks.

Perast Montenegro


Our Lady of the Rocks is an artificial island with a Roman Catholic Church built upon it. This makes for a very quick, very scenic side trip while exploring the Bay of Kotor.

Our Lady of the Rocks


This is one of my favorite views of Montenegro…the Savina Monastery with the Bay of Kotor as a backdrop.

Savina Monastery


Montenegro is not just mountains and coastal towns. There are also protected wetlands and lush, green landscapes. This is Lake Skadar, a freshwater lake straddling Albania and Montenegro.

Skadar Lake


Here is another view of Lake Skadar.



Colorful, pastel buildings are in abundance in the old towns of many cities. This is Herceg Novi (again!).

Herceg Novi Square


The view from the medieval fortress can be the perfect place to watch the sunset over Kotor.

Kotor at Sunset


This is Milocer Beach, yet another gorgeous spot in Montenegro. Not a bad place to spend the day if you are a beach lover!

Milocer Beach


Kotor is a must-visit while in Montenegro. Here is the Clock Tower. In the background, the medieval walls of the fortress wind their way up the mountain.



The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is a popular place to snap a photo in Kotor.

Kotor Cathedral


It takes a few hours to drive around the Bay of Kotor, especially if you keep stopping to take photos, like we did.

Bay of Kotor in April


For this awesome view you can either hike up the Ladder of Kotor or drive your car on very curvy roads to this viewpoint. Either way, it’s worth it for this spectacular view.

Amazing view of Kotor


Mount Lovcen one of the highest points in Montenegro. From this viewpoint it looks like you are standing on top of the world.



Here are houses lining Kotor Bay. Passing cars on this road was a bit nerve-wracking. With very narrow roads and two-way traffic, there was no room for error. This had us wondering how many cars slide off the road into Kotor Bay?

Kotor Bay Road


Could there be a prettier place in Montenegro to watch the sunset than overlooking Kotor?

Kotor Sunset


And this is Kotor early in the morning.

Kotor in the morning


We could not forget about Sveti Stefan. This ancient medieval town is one of the most photogenic spots in Montenegro. But you are only allowed onto Sveti Stefan if you have a reservation. This is now a 5-star hotel operated by Aman Resorts.

Sveti Stefan

About Our Visit

We spent just 48 hours in Montenegro, just enough time to fall in love with this country and to know that we must return here again someday. We were here in April which is shoulder season. The weather was in the 70’s (Fahrenheit) during the day and cooler at night. Kotor and other towns were not very busy, so it did not feel crowded and finding restaurants for dinner was very easy. We loved being here in April and recommend it, especially if you want to avoid the much more crowded peak season of June through August.

There is a lot more to see and do here than we included in this post. Durmitor National Park is breathtaking and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many more coastal towns to explore, such as Ulcinj, Bar, and Tivat. Finally, there is Ostrog Monastery, which is about a two hour drive from Kotor. This monastery is built into a cave on the side of a mountain and is listed by Lonely Planet as one of the 500 best places in the world to visit (444 to be exact…the Bay of Kotor is number 47).

Where We Stayed

We stayed in Kotor at Residence Portofino. We had the penthouse suite, a three bedroom, three bathroom apartment with kitchen and living room. From our balcony we had awesome views of the Bay of Kotor. This place is a great value for the money…clean, quiet, spacious, and modern. To get here, it was a 7-minute drive from the Old Town on a very narrow road along the Bay of Kotor. It was a bit nerve-wracking passing cars on this road, with a drop off right into the water.

More Information about Montenegro

BEST OF MONTENEGRO: On the quickest of visits, 2 days is all you need to see the highlights of Montenegro. Hike the Ladder of Kotor, and visit Lake Skadar National Park.

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Montenegro in Photos


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  1. Avatar for Doug Tam
    Doug Tam

    I’m planning a trip to Montenegro in April 2023 and I’m interested in finding the place where the picture just below the comment “Could there be a prettier place in Montenegro to watch the sunset than overlooking Kotor?” was taken. Can you help me?

    Your website is amazing and a great resource. I’m inspired to continue my world travels.

    Thank you

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  2. Avatar for Ali

    wonderful scenery photos. It’s quite a grown up vacation. Did you get to do anything fun with the kids? They must be so tolerating being shown so many views in 48 hours lol!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Tyler and Kara like the views and scenic drives just as much as we do. But they loved hiking the Ladder to Kotor and climbing the castle walls. Cheers, Julie

  3. Avatar for Sara

    Hello, I was wondering where the picture of Skadar lake was taken from..it is breathtaking. Actually all the pics are! Would appreciate an answer. Thank you!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  4. Avatar for Erna

    Hi, your photos are amazing!!! I do wonder tho, was it difficult to rent a car for the whoel trip? I meant the parking, the gas, was it a hassle? I’m planning to go this september and was wondering if you could help us by answering these questions ?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Having a rental car was a tiny bit of a hassle, but it allowed us to explore at our own pace and avoid taking tours. If you want to visit multiple countries in the area, such as Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia, it takes a little bit of research to find a company that will let you drive into all of these countries. We used Europcar and picked up and dropped off the car in Sarajevo. When you visit the small medieval cities, such as Dubrovnik, Split, etc, you have to park outside of town and walk in. With luggage, this can be a hassle. If you don’t mind these minor inconveniences, it’s absolutely worth it to have a rental car. Cheers, Julie

  5. Avatar for David

    Great photos of Montenegro and cool blog. Can you recommend and campsites within walking distance of Mount Lovcen? Or indeed any 4*+ campsites in and around Kotor? We are travelling by motor home in September and having some trouble locating decent campsites in the area?
    Many thanks

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Sorry, won’t be much help with this one. We stayed in an apartment in Kotor and had a rental car. I just did a quick search and couldn’t find much either. Good luck! Cheers, Julie

  6. Avatar for Shanna Thomas
  7. Avatar for Dan

    I agree with your title. These photos do make you want to visit Montenegro. I’m only familiar with this place because of the movie Casino Royale.

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