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Hola! We’ve been in Santiago, Chile for just a few days now and wanted to let you know what we have been up to.

Our trip to South America started with one of our craziest flights, ever. On Thursday afternoon, we flew from BWI towards Atlanta. Thunderstorms in Atlanta had our airplane doing circles in the air high above the airport. When our fuel began to get low, we were diverted to Columbia, South Carolina, for an unexpected pit stop. After refueling, we lifted off once again, successfully landing in Atlanta. Fortunately, our connecting flight to Santiago, Chile was also delayed, so we did not miss our flight. At 2 am, we were back in the skies, and nine and a half hours later, we were touching down in the Santiago airport.

While going through this ordeal, Tim and I could not help but wonder if Santiago, Chile was going to be worth these long flights, made longer by crazy flight delays. But as we looked out of our airplane window and saw the Andes Mountains to our left, we knew this would be worth it. In just a few days we would be driving over those giants.

Our first day in Santiago was spent in a foggy, tired haze. We went out to a very late lunch/early dinner and were in bed at 8 pm.

Then we spent one day touring the Maipo wine region, which sits to the south of Santiago. This is a beautiful area, with small towns, the hills of the Maipo region, and the Andes Mountains towering off in the east.

Maipo Wine Region Chile

Maipo Valley and Andes

More Grapes Maipo Valley

Hills of Maipo Valley

Wine Tasting El Principal

Mi Familia

Santa Rita Wine

Easter Sunday was spent touring Valparaiso and Viña del Mar on the coast. Valparaiso is famous for its graffiti and technicolor houses on the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were bigger fans of Viña del Mar with its great restaurant scene. Peruvian food is a big deal here and we have all been eating it as much as possible.

Valparaiso Chile City Street

Empanadas Cafe Valparaiso

Making Friends Valparaiso

Julie Rivenbark Valparaiso

Tyler and Kara have been great, touring the wineries with their parents. Our real adventures start tomorrow, when we drive over the Andes Mountains to Argentina and spend next week in Mendoza. Rock climbing, horseback riding, and maybe even white water rafting is in our future, activities to keep our whole family happy.

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      Meng Yao

      oh yea I saw Simba too. Thx for sharing your adventures and tours with me. Enjoy the rest of the journey and have a good ride. By the way, Tyler looks like he grew really tall.

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        Hello Meng! Nice to hear from you again. Yes, Tyler is getting very tall. I am glad you stay in touch with us. It was very nice meeting you!

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