Overlooking Trogir

Walking through the Beautiful Town of Trogir, Croatia

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Trogir was our introduction to the gorgeous towns that line the Dalmatia Coast of Croatia. And what a great way to start our tour of Croatia…Trogir is a gem that should be included even on the fastest of itineraries.

Trogir is located just thirty minutes west of Split by car. The old town is located on an island, accessible by bridges from the mainland. This town is tiny. Really tiny. You can walk from one end to the other in five minutes, if you move fast. But this tiny town is packed with charm, scenic views, and lots of great restaurants.

We were here at the beginning of April. This is the end of the off-season and restaurants are just starting to open up again after being closed for the winter. Some places were still closed, planning to open by Easter. At times, we felt like the only ones here, exploring these narrow streets on our own. It was wonderful.

Trogir is a very photogenic town…see for yourself on our photo tour.


Trogir in Photos

The Central Square.

Trogir Square


For some of the best views, climb the tower of the St. Lawrence Cathedral.

St Lawrence Cathedral

The lovely town of Trogir Croatia

Coastline near Trogir

Croatia Flag

Awesome View from Trogir

Inside the Cathedral


Wandering through town.

Exploring Trogir

Tim Tyler and Kara Trogir


We ate lunch at Pizzeria Mirkec…amazing pizza!

Pizzeria Mirkec


Walking along the waterfront.

Trogir Promenade

By the waterfront


The views from fortress Kamerlengo are supposed to be awesome. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were here.

Kamerlengo Fortress


More views of the old town.

Cobblestone Street Trogir

Trogir Street Scene

A square in Trogir

Must be something good

Old Building Trogir

Stari Trogir

Walking through Trogir


Planning Your Visit

How Long Should You Spend?

On the fastest of itineraries, you can walk through Trogir, climb the tower of the St. Lawrence Cathedral, and have lunch or dinner in about three hours. If you want to explore the town at a very leisurely pace, spend one night and one day here.

If you are staying in Split, Trogir makes a great half or full-day day trip.

Best Things to do in Trogir

  • Walk the Old Town
  • Climb the tower of the St. Lawrence Cathedral
  • Visit Fortress Kamerlengo

Trogir in April

In early April, Trogir was just waking up from its long winter’s nap. Many restaurants and the Kamerlengo Fortress were still closed. But there were also very few people here, which made for a very nice visit. During much of our time in Croatia, daytime temperatures were about 70°F and sunny.

When to go

Peak season is the summer months of June, July, and August. Expect hot weather and lots of tourists. May and September may be better times to visit, with slightly cooler weather and fewer people.

Post updated August 2017.

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Trogir Croatia Photos

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