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For us, traveling somewhere new does not seem complete without doing at least one hike. So when we read about the hike to Vidova Gora, the highest point on the Adriatic Islands, we were hooked. Not only would we get to break out our hiking shoes but we’d also get to explore the island of Brac.

In order to do this hike, we spent 24 hours on Brac. The town of Bol is the most popular spot on the island for tourists to stay, mainly because of its proximity to the spectacular beach, Zlatni Rat. We spent one night in Suncana Villa, located within walking distance of the Vidova Gora trailhead.

With so many different islands in Croatia to explore, we honestly wondered if we made the right decision in choosing Brac. Well, let me tell you, the time we spent on this island was one of the highlights of our trip to Croatia. Not only was the hike wonderful, but we fell in love with the small towns, the people, and the views on Brac.


Zlatni Rat and Vidova Gora

The peak of Vidova Gora seen from Zlatni Rat beach.

About the Hike

Distance: 10.6 km (6.6 miles) round trip
Length of time: 3 – 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 715 m/2340 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: The trailhead is in Bol (Google map coordinates: 43.265236, 16.649414). The trail starts at the top of the hill in Bol at the intersection of Ul. Donje Podbarje and Bracka cesta.
Why do this Hike? For amazing views of the Adriatic Islands and a view down to Zlatni Rat beach.

Vidova Gora Elevation Profile

Vidova Gora elevation profile


Vidova Gora Hike

Hiking up Vidova Gora

The first section of the hike is not on a hiking trail, it’s along a road that leads up to a stone quarry. Brac is famous for its stone, which has been used in the construction of the White House, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and the Parliament building in Budapest.

Vidova Gora Trailhead

Starting the hikeLooking back to Bol

During this first part of the hike, follow the Vidova Gora signs. There are also white and red blazes painted along the trail at regular intervals.

Rocky trail to Vidova Gora

Eventually, the road becomes a rocky hiking trail leading up the mountain. It is a slow, steady climb to get to the top. The path is covered with stones, making it uneven, so watch your step.

As you switchback up the mountain, part of the hike will be sheltered in forests of pine trees. We did this hike in April and there were long trains of caterpillars meandering on the trail. There were also lots of spider webs although we did not see many spiders. I have heard reports from people who did this hike later in the season that they saw spiders everywhere.

Almost at the top

The trail summits onto a ridge high above Bol. From here, it still takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the official highest point of Vidova Gora.

Vidova Gora viewpoint

Vidova Gora can be accessed by car (but where is the fun in that?!). The trail meets up with a road and the official entrance to Vidova Gora.

Vidova Gora Park

In all honesty, this is not the most exciting hike, at least not until you get to the top. Then the views make your hard work worth it! On a clear day, you can see Zlatni Rat, Bol, Hvar island, and the Croatian mainland.

Vidova Gora and Zlatni Rat

Hiking Vidova Gora with kids

There is a picnic table, the perfect spot for a snack or a picnic lunch. Then it’s time to hike back down the mountain.

Vidova Gora picnic spot

If you are visiting Brac as part of a group and not everyone wants to hike, the non-hikers can drive to the Vidova Gora viewpoint, saving you the trek back down the mountain if you so desire.

Once back down at sea level, Zlatni Rat is the perfect place to cool off!

Zlatni Rat in April

Getting to Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is located on Brac, one of the largest islands in Croatia. You can take a car ferry from Split to Supetar or from Makarska to Sumartin. If you do not have a car, you have more options, depending upon the season (click here for the ferry schedule).

Important information about the hike

If you are doing the hike in the summer months, start early to avoid the midday heat. Bring lots of water and sunblock. There is some shade on the trail but there are long sections where you will be exposed to the sun.

You do not need a map for this hike. The trail is well marked and very easy to follow.

Hiking shoes are recommended but not necessary. Kara and I each did the hike in running shoes. You do need to wear a sturdy pair of shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are just asking for trouble on this very rocky, uneven trail.

The best place to stay is Bol, since it is located next to the trail and has many options for accommodations and restaurants. You can also walk or drive to lovely Zlatni Rat.

If you need snack food or groceries, Supermarket Tommy is the best place in town, according to our host, Julio. Their fresh baked bread and deli meats are the perfect ingredients for a picnic lunch.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Suncana Villa apartments. Our two bedroom apartment was spotlessly clean, quiet, and the wifi worked perfectly. From our balcony we could look out over the Adriatic Sea. In just five minutes we could walk down to the center of town for dinner. Our host, Julio, went out of his way to make sure we had the perfect stay, giving suggestions for things to do and places to eat. We loved this place and would stay here again on a return trip to Croatia.

Have you been to Croatia? What is your favorite hike? Comment below!

More Information about Croatia

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  1. Avatar for Jessica

    Hello! My husband and I are planning to hike Vidova Gora this summer with our girls (5 & 7), and I’m curious about whether there are trailheads along the way that allow hikers to drive part of the way and then enter a little further up. I’m trying to gauge how challenging it would be for shorter legs. We live in an area that has allowed us to take our girls hiking, but sometimes it’s nice it enter a little farther into the trail so that attitudes stay positive! Haha

    Thank you for your post!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      I don’t recall there being trailheads along the midpoint of this hike…just at the very beginning and then once you get to the official entrance of Vidova Gora. This could be a lot for a 5 year old, since it’s mostly uphill to get to the summit. If you think it’s too much, one person could hike with your 7 year old and the other parent could drive to the summit with the 5 year old. Cheers, Julie

  2. Avatar for Hitched to Travel
    Hitched to Travel

    We did the hike to the top of Vidova Gora during our trip to Croatia. It’s a quite heavy hike, especially on a warm day as was the case for us. Your instructions on the hike were very helpful and thorough though, thank you for that :).

    When we arrived at the top, I found it a pity we didn’t take a decent camera. We only had our phones, so taking a decent photo was kind of difficult.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Thanks for writing in! I’m glad we could help. Bummer you didn’t have a camera…it is a great view, especially looking down on Zlatni Rat. I wish I had had a bigger zoom lens to get a better photo of the beach. Cheers, Julie

  3. Avatar for Michaela & Phil
    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  4. Avatar for Mark Dueñas
    Mark Dueñas

    Hi! We are a group of 4 and we will be visiting the island of Brac this weekend. Vidova Gora is one of the spots that we will possibly go to but can we go up there even if we don’t have experience on hiking? and is it safe there? Many thanks!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Hello Mark. Vidova Gora will be fine to hike if you don’t have much hiking experience. The trail is easy to follow. It will be tiring, climbing to the top, but that’s part of the fun. And yes, it is safe. If you are worried about doing the hike, you can also drive right to the top. Cheers, Julie

  5. Avatar for Frank

    Very nice! I was googling this hike because we are doing it on Saturday. Sounds pretty easy! (my wife is generally not a hiker but I think she’ll be ok on this one). Great views.

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  6. Avatar for Neja

    Vidova gora is super cool! My husband and I just returned from our romantic weekend in Brač where we mostly spent cycling the backcountry. We stayed in Bol one night, like you guys, and cycled up to Vidova gora on a paved road, admired the views (OMG!), and then cycled down mostly on gravel following a most scenic road. Truly amazing! Here are some photos of our cycling trip in Brač: https://www.facebook.com/pg/exploringslovenia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1081561401975222

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  7. Avatar for Andrew Leech
    Andrew Leech

    Really enjoyed reading your whole review of your hike. I was looking for tips and info as my Girlfriend and I were thinking about having a go at it this summer when we visit Brac. Tips about going up at the earlier part of the day and that its a relatively well marked trail were priceless information. Thank you for that! I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂

    1. Avatar for Julie Post
  8. Avatar for Kathy (Mom)
    1. Avatar for Julie Post

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