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Dare I say that one of my favorite experiences in Dubrovnik was eating? There are so many mouthwatering restaurants to try, and unless you are planning to be in Dubrovnik for at least a few weeks, you’ll never get to sample all of them. So, how do you decide which Dubrovnik restaurants to try?

With two days in Dubrovnik, we dined at five restaurants, one wine bar, and one ice cream shop. Here are seven spots to try if you are traveling to Dubrovnik.

7 Great Dubrovnik Restaurants

Panorama Restaurant

For the restaurant with the best view of Dubrovnik, put Panorama Restaurant on your list.

Panorama Restaurant sits high on hills behind Dubrovnik. To get here, take the scenic ride on the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

Panorama Restaurant View


The Panorama Restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and steak. The food and the service are fantastic, making for an all around terrific dining experience.

Panorama Restaurant


The best tables are up against the railing where you will have unobstructed views of Dubrovnik. In the busier summer months, call at least several days in advance for a reservation. For the ultimate experience, book your dinner at sunset and enjoy the awesome view over the city.

Location: Upper cable car station
Website: nautikarestaurants.com/panorama-restaurant-bar/

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal serves authentic Bosnian food, not Indian food like its name implies. If you want to try the best Bosnian food in town, this is the place to go.

If you’re not sure what to order, try the Cevapi, which is a very popular Bosnian meal of grilled minced meat served in flatbread and eaten with onions and sour cream.


I ate the specialty of the house, the “Taj Mahal,” which was our favorite dish. Turkey, veal, mushrooms, and cheese are rolled in dough and served hot.

Bosnian Food

There are lots of choices on the menu and meat is the main ingredient in most of these dishes. If you are vegetarian, keep reading.

This is a very popular restaurant so consider making your reservations in advance, especially during the summer months.

Location: Nikole Gucetica 2, Old Town


Nishta is a vegan restaurant located in the Old Town. We usually do not dine at vegetarian restaurants but we heard good things about this place so we wanted to give it a try.

Tim ate falafel, Tyler and Kara each ate Tempehritos (Mexican), and I ordered the Indiastic, which features several specialties from India. The food was good but not great.


Indian Food

If you are vegetarian and want a highly rated restaurant to try, consider Nishta. Otherwise, you may want to give this one a pass. This is the only restaurant on this list that we would not return to again on a repeat trip to Dubrovnik.

Location: Prijeko bb, Old Town

Takenoko Dubrovnik

Now this is a place we could visit over and over again and never get tired of it. Takenoko is outstanding.

Takenoko is a Japanese fusion restaurant and well known in Croatia. Our dinner was delicious and the sushi here rivals what we ate while in Japan.

Takenoko sushi

Takenoko is located just outside of Ploce Gate. If you eat on the terrace you will have a wonderful view of the Dubrovnik harbor.

At Takenoko

We were in Dubrovnik in April. On the night we ate here, we were the only customers. It was crazy, especially for how good the food is. 

If you want superior Japanese food with a beautiful setting, go to Takenoko. We just loved this place.

Where: Hvarska 2, Ploce
Website: takenoko.hr

Pizzeria Mirakul

This is another very popular Dubrovnik restaurant. Every time we walked by, even during the quieter month of April, almost every table was filled. The pizza is delicious, and with fast service and cheap prices, Pizzeria Mirakul makes a great lunch or snack spot while you are touring the Old Town.

Where: Nikole Gucetica 6, Old Town
Website: pizzeriamirakul.hr

Gossip Ice Cream Shop

When you are walking down the Stradun on a hot, sunny day, why not pop into Gossip ice cream shop for a cool treat?

Ice Cream in Dubrovnik

D’Vino Wine Bar

Did you know that Croatia produces awesome wine? To sample Croatian and Montenegrin wine, don’t miss D’Vino Wine Bar. Take a wine flight and try the meat and cheese platters…delicious!! This was one of our favorite experiences and we visited D’Vino on two of our three nights here.

Dvino platter

Call ahead for a reservation, especially during the busier summer months. This is a small place with only a handful of tables.

Location: Palmoticeva 4a, Old Town
Website: dvino.net

This concludes our food tour of Dubrovnik. Have a great time exploring the city!

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