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Vietnam is filled with motorbikes. Google the term “motorbikes everywhere” and your computer screen will be filled with images and articles about Vietnam. Watching the constant flow of motorbikes on the streets was eye opening for us. We saw motorbikes carrying families of four, ducks, pigs, small trees, huge bouquets of flowers, giant bags of trash…the list is endless.

Vietnam on Motorbike

This was not an unusual scene…the streets saturated with motorbikes. 

Sea of Motorbikes in HCMC


When the streets were filled, motorbikes would use the sidewalks. 

HCMC Sidewalk


And yes, sometimes we had to wait to cross the sidewalk.

Waiting to Cross the Sidewalk


Crossing the streets was an adventure.

Crossing Street in Hanoi


Motorbike in motion in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh Motorbike


More motorbikes in motion in Ho Chi Minh City.

Motorbikes in Motion


The things they carry.

Motorbike with Flowers


Chrysanthemums for Tet.

Motorbike with Chrysanthemums


Fabric and decorations for Tet.

Motorbike with Textiles


What is in those bags? How does he drive without them tumbling to the ground?

Vietnam Motorbike with Trash


Kumquat tree for Tet.

Motorbike with Apricot Tree





This photo was taken as we drove into Hue.

Ducks on a Motorbike


Things get much quieter in the days immediately after Tet.

Hanoi Street During Tet


And yes, there is even motorbike graffiti in Vietnam.

Hanoi Graffiti

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