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Hue, located in central Vietnam, was home to the Nguyen dynasty and it was the capital of Vietnam until 1945. The Imperial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is what attracts visitors to the city of Hue. Scattered along the Perfume River sits the tombs of past emperors.

We spent several days in Hue. We toured the Imperial City, watched as people transported huge chrysanthemums and kumquat trees on the backs of their motorbikes for Tet, and were even in town for Valentine’s Day. We had no idea the Vietnamese celebrated Valentine’s Day until we saw people selling roses and boxes of chocolate in small stands set up along the streets.

Hue, Vietnam in Photos


Entering the Imperial City


Entering Imperial City

The Hue Citadel


Hue Imperial City

The Imperial City


Vietnamese Couple

A Vietnamese couple just outside of the Citadel.


Vietnamese Couple 2



Inside the Imperial City


Crumbling Gate

Crumbling gate


Marijuana in Vietnam

Marijuana growing in the Imperial City


Julie Tyler and Kara



Tyler Rivenbark

Tyler in front of another crumbling wall. Hue was the site of intense battles during the Vietnam War and because of this, the Imperial City and the city of Hue saw a lot of destruction.


Hue Gate

Gate into the Imperial City


To the Gift Shop

To the souvenir shop


Walking in Hue

Walking the streets of Hue


Valentines Day in Vietnam

Valentine’s Day in Vietnam



Chickens for sale


Arnold in Hue

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hue


Shopping for Tet

Chrysanthemums and decorations for Tet


Street Scene Hue

Street scene in Hue


Girl on a Motorbike

In Hue

Hue Motorbike


Street Signs

Street signs


More Information about Vietnam

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Hue Vietnam in Photos


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