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Collectively, the cities of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot make up what is called the Tri-City. These three cities sit along the Baltic Coast. Sopot is a ritzy, coastal town famous for its beaches and nightlife. Gdynia is a smaller, quieter town with a beach, a harbor, and several unique museums. From Gdansk, you can day trip to Gdynia and Sopot in one day. Here’s how to do it.

How to Get Around the Tri-City

The easiest way to get around the Tri-City is by car, train, or uber. You can also get around by bus or tram but these are a little more complicated.

Tri City Map

By Train

There are two different train lines that connect Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot. There is a regional train operated by SKM (the Fast Urban Railway) and a national railway that is operated by PKP. Since they are different companies, tickets for one railway cannot be used on the other railway.

Of the two rail companies, SKM (the Fast Urban Railway) is usually the preferred line for traveling through the Tri-City. Trains run very frequently which means you won’t be waiting long for the next one to arrive.

Average trip duration by train:

  • Gdansk to Gdynia: 33 minutes
  • Gdynia to Sopot: 15 minutes
  • Sopot to Gdansk: 20 minutes

To check the SKM timetables and get prices, click here. The main station in Gdansk, Gdansk Glowny, is listed as “Gdansk Main.” The main station in Gdynia, Gdynia Glowna, is listed as “MAIN Gdynia.”

A disadvantage of traveling by train is the location of the train stations. In Gdynia and at the Orlowo Pier, it’s a 15-minute walk from the station to the main sites. You can take a taxi to cut down on how far you walk but this will increase your trip costs.

By Uber

We used uber to get around the Tri-City (we visited Poland in July 2018). It’s more expensive than the train but it is very convenient. We didn’t have to spend time walking to and from train stations and waiting for the train to arrive. However, there are no highways in the Tri-City, so expect to sit through a lot of traffic lights.

Here are our trip costs and duration on Uber (in 2018):

  • Gdansk to Gdynia: 45 minutes, 109 PLN
  • Gdynia to Orlowo Pier: 10 minutes, 16 PLN
  • Orlowo Pier to Sopot: 10 minutes, 15 PLN
  • Sopot to Gdansk: 30 minutes, 30 PLN

For the most cost effective and convenient way to travel through the Tri-City, I recommend taking the train from Gdansk to Gdynia. The train is faster and much cheaper than Uber for this journey. However, Uber is a great way to get from Gdynia to the Orlowo Pier and then to Sopot. By taking Uber, you can be picked up and dropped off right at the main attractions, avoiding the 15-minute walks from the train stations. To get from Sopot to Gdansk, the train is quicker and cheaper than Uber.

Day Trip to Gdynia and Sopot

It’s simple to visit Gdynia and Sopot in one day. Start in Gdynia, tour one or two museums, and walk along the Gdynia cliffs. Then, spend the afternoon in lovely Sopot. Stay as long as you like in Sopot…lounge on the beach, go out to dinner, and enjoy the nightlife here. When you are ready, return to Gdansk.


In the morning, take the train from Gdansk to Gdynia. The train leaves from Gdansk Glowny and arrives at Gdynia Glowna. From the train station, it is roughly a 15-minute walk (or a quick taxi ride) to get to the Gdynia port.

Best Things to Do in Gdynia

Monument to Displaced Gdynians

Located just outside of the train station is a statue of a mother and her two children heading to the train station with their belongings. This monument was created to remember those who were deported from Gdynia during World War II.

Emigration Museum

It is estimated that there are over 20 million people of Polish descent that now live in other countries. This museum documents the history of Polish emigration. This museum is a worthwhile visit if you have an interest in learning more about Polish history.

ORP Blyskawica

This is a preserved destroyer ship that served in the Polish navy during WWII.

ORP Blyskawica

Dar Pomorza

Dar Pomorza is a preserved clipper ship that sits right next to the ORP Blyskawica. Built in 1909, this was used a training ship in Germany, Poland, and France. In the 1970’s, the Dar Pomorza entered several races and won the Cutty Sark Trophy in 1980.

Dar Pomorza

Orlowo Pier and Klif Orlowski

This very pretty spot is located between Gdynia and Sopot. It’s too far to walk here from the Gdynia port. We took an Uber right from Kosciuszki Square in Gdynia to the Orlowo Pier (10 minutes, 16 PLN). You can take the train, but it is a 15-minute walk to get back to the Gdynia station. Then it is a short journey by train to Gdynia Orlowo and a 20-minute walk to the pier. Taking an Uber in this case saves a lot of time, money, and it’s well worth the 16 PLN.

Walk out onto Orlowo Pier and enjoy the view along the beach.

Orlowo Pier

On the Pier

Orlowo Beach

The view along Orlowo Beach to Orlowo Pier

For an even better view, walk north along the beach and you will see a hiking trail that leads into a forest. This is the southern part of Kepa Redlowska, a coastal nature preserve. It’s a short walk through the woods and along the cliffs to get to Klif Orlowski and this viewpoint.

Orlowo Trail

Klif Orlowski

Looking south past the Orlowo Pier to Sopot and even Gdansk far off in the distance.


It is possible to walk along the coast from the Orlowo Pier to Sopot, but it will take about an hour and a half.

We took an Uber right from Orlowo Pier to downtown Sopot (10 minutes, 15 PLN).

There are lots of great restaurants to choose from in Sopot, so this is a great spot to get lunch. We ate at Restauracja Toscana, a wonderful little Italian restaurant in town.

Best Things to Do in Sopot

Sopot Beach

The best thing to do in Sopot is to go to the beach. So, if it’s summertime, bring your swimsuit and your towel and spend the afternoon on the beach.

Sopot Beach

Sopot Pier

This is the longest wooden pier in Europe. During the summer months, you have to purchase a ticket to walk out onto the pier.

Sopot Pier

Latarnia Morska w Sopocie

For the best view of Sopot, climb to the top of the lighthouse. It’s worth it for this view!

Sopot Pier Poland

View of Sopot

Sopot View


Monte Cassino

Located in central Sopot, this is a pedestrian only square lined with restaurants and shops.

Monte Cassino

The Crooked House

The Crooked House (Krzywy Domek) attracts a lot of visitors. It’s a quirky looking building that’s worth a quick photograph. Inside you will find shops and restaurants.

Crooked House Sopot

Return to Gdansk

To return to Gdansk, you can take the train from Sopot station to Gdansk Glowny (20 minutes, 4 PLN) or use Uber (30 minutes, 30 PLN).

Optional Visit to Oliwa Cathedral

This unique looking church is home to one of the largest organs in Poland. During the summer months, “concerts” are frequently held where you can hear the organ being played.

Learn more on the official website.

To get here, take the train to Gdansk Oliwa station and then it is a 15-minute walk (or a quick taxi ride) to the cathedral.

Tri-City Day Trip: On a Map

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each point of interest. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

 Comment below if you have any questions about this Tri-City day trip.

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Gdynia and Sopot Day Trip from Gdansk


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