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If you are visiting Berlin, there are numerous day trips you can take. Leipzig, Potsdam, and Dresden are all within driving distance. However, if you want to go off-the-beaten-path and see several very scenic places, you’ll love this Berlin day trip. In one day, you can visit the photogenic Rakotzbrücke, walk across the fairytale Bastei Bridge, visit pretty Görlitz, and even cross the border into Poland. It’s a spectacular day.

Berlin Day Trip Overview

For this Berlin day trip trip you will need to rent a car. And just so you are aware, this day trip does involve a fair amount of driving (565 kilometers and about 7 hours of driving, so it is a big day). However, most of the time you will be on the Autobahn, Germany’s legendary super fast highway.

You can also do this as a point-to-point road trip, if you are traveling from Berlin to Prague.

Plan on getting an early start, preferably at about 8 am. From Berlin, you will drive to Rakotzbrücke, then continue onto Görlitz, arriving at lunchtime. Once in Görlitz you can stroll across the border into Poland, and then your final stop will be the Bastei (Bastion Bridge). From the Bastei, drive back to Berlin with the option to stop in Dresden for dinner.

Rakotzbrücke, Is This Place For Real?

When I first saw photos of Rakotzbrücke on Pinterest and Instagram, it looked so unique that I wondered if it truly existed. There are a number of fake images floating around the internet and I thought this might be one of them.

Berlin Day Trip

Well, Rakotzbrücke is real. And it’s so easy to visit (and it’s free!!).

Rakotzbrücke, also called Devil’s Bridge, was built in the 19th century. It is completely manmade, including the jagged spires that sit on either side of the bridge. This bridge was constructed to be half of a perfect circle, so that when the sun is shining, the reflection creates a full circle.

Getting Here

Berlin to Rakotzbrücke: 165 km, 2 hours

Rakotzbrücke is located in Rhododendron Kromlauer Park near Gablenz. There is a parking lot across the street from the park (GPS coordinates of the parking lot: 51.537472, 14.635447). There is a small fee to park here, using an automated ticket booth that is easy to use (no German necessary). Cross the street and follow the signs pointing towards “Rakotzbrücke.” It is a five-minute walk from the parking lot to the bridge.

This park is filled with azaleas and rhododendrons. It must be spectacular in the spring. We were here at the end of September and there were just a few other people here, including two photographers with tripods.

Take your photos and explore the trails. Walking onto Rakotzbrücke is prohibited (there are “Do Not Enter” signs and fences) in order to preserve the bridge. A visit here lasts between 30 minutes to one hour.


Rakotzbrücke to Görlitz: 60 km, one hour

Görlitz is a pretty German town and it has been used several times as movie filming location. “The Book Thief,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and “The Reader” were all filmed here.

Gorlitz Berlin Day Trip

To get here, it’s a scenic drive on country roads. Don’t expect this part of the drive to be at fast, Autobahn speeds. Enjoy the rolling hills and farmland that stretches out as far as the eye can see.

It can be a little tricky driving through Görlitz, with its maze of narrow one-way streets. I recommend parking in the parking garage on An der Frauenkirche (labeled Parkhaus Citycenter Frauentor on Google Maps). From here, walk towards the city center, to Obermarkt (Upper Market Square) and St. Peter and Paul Church.

There are numerous restaurants in this area. Tim and I ate at Cassanova, an Italian restaurant in Untermarket (Lower Market Square). We picked it simply because we could sit outside in the square, a fabulous setting. The food was very good. But there are numerous restaurants serving traditional German food, if you are in the mood for that kind of thing. You can also walk over to Poland if you want to have lunch there.

Gorlitz Doors Berlin Day Trip

Gorlitz Clock Tower Berlin Day Trip

Tim looking into Poland Berlin Day Trip

After lunch, spend a little time walking through Görlitz and maybe even climb one of the towers for a bird’s eye view of the city. Then stroll across Staromeijski Bridge into Zgorzelec, Poland. Visit the shops, have a drink at a cafe, and then start walking back to your car. It would be nice to linger here all day but there is one more fantastic place to visit before driving back to Berlin.

The Bastei Bridge

Görlitz to Bastei Bridge: 106 km, 1.5 hours

From Görlitz, take A4 west for most of the drive. Once you get off on B98, it’s more scenic country roads.

The Bastei Bridge looks like something you would see in a fairytale. Also built in the 19th century, this bridge is almost the same age as Rakotzbrücke. The Bastei bridge spans several unique, massive pinnacles of rock. The entire landscape is surprising, with small groups of mountains made from these same sandstone pinnacles rising up from the green farmland. Just below the bridge, the Elbe River slowly meanders towards the Czech Republic. This is a gorgeous corner of Germany.

Bastion Bridge


The park is always open and it is free to enter. Just before the trail to the bridge are souvenir shops, toilets, a hotel, and a restaurant.

Saxon Switzerland Park


Plan on spending two to three hours here. There are short trails to various viewpoints, great spots for photos, and views over the Elbe River.

Through the Rocks Berlin Day Trip

Tim at the Bastei


There is one fenced off area where you pay several euros per person to visit the Felsenburg Neurathen. This is now an open air museum displaying the remains of the ancient castle that once stood here. There is not much to see as far as ruins, however, the views back to the bridge make it worth it.

Drive Back to Berlin

Bastei Bridge to Berlin: 250 km, 3 hours

This is the longest drive of the day but most of it is on the Autobahn. You have the option to stop in Dresden for dinner, depending on your timing.

Germany Travel Guide

Important Things to Know

Driving the Autobahn

The highways in Germany are in near perfect condition. No potholes, no cracks, not even a bump in the road…we were amazed at the pristine condition of these roads.

When driving the Autobahn, there are several rules to be aware of. Number 1, contrary to popular belief, there are speed limits. Most of the time, 130 kph or 80 mph is the recommended top speed. But it is not at all unusual for people to travel faster than 160 kph (100 mph).

While driving, always stay to the right. Only enter the left lane to pass slower traffic and then immediately merge back into the right lane. And never pass another car if you are in the right lane; it is illegal to do so.

If this is your first time driving in Germany or Europe, read this quick post about the Autobahn rules and how to read the signs.

Our Rental Car Company

We always get questions about which rental car company we use. For this trip, we used Hertz because they offered the cheapest rate at the time Tim made the booking. Tim checks numerous rental car companies (Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt, and Europcar) and chooses the one with the best deal.

Google Maps

I recommend using Google Maps for driving directions. Cell phone service was reliable in most of the areas we visited. The signal was the weakest between Rakotzbrücke and Görlitz.

Before leaving Berlin, you can cache the maps on your phone to have as a backup.

Does this Berlin day trip look like something you would like to do? Comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Avatar for Av

    Hello there.
    I was wondering if we could rent a car in Berlin, do the tour as described, and return the car at Dresden and continue on from Dresden to Prague via train. Trying to avoid driving back to Berlin late into the evening and then starting to Prague (our next destination) the next day morning.


    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Yes, that is most likely possible. When booking your rental car, see if they allow you to drop the car in a different city (this usually isn’t a problem, especially since it is the same country) but be aware there could be an additional drop fee. Cheers, Julie

  2. Avatar for Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Just a minor comment first: the name of the town is Görlitz, not Gorlitz. The umlaut is important, and omitting it is a serious spelling error.

    Görlitz is well worth a day trip from Berlin, but it is not necessary to drive to get there. You can take the (very comfortable) train from Berlin in about 3 hours, changing at Cottbus. A Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket, which gives unlimited train travel in the whole of Berlin and Brandeburg for a day (in fact, up until 3am the next day) for up to 5 people travelling together, is only 33 euros, or 56 euros in first class.

    It’s also possible to visit Bastei Bridge from Berlin by train: you need to get to a station called Kurort Rathen, from where it is only a 20-minute walk to the bridge. This also takes about 3 hours, but it is outside Brandenburg and so you would need a different ticket.

  3. Avatar for Michelle Dorman
    Michelle Dorman

    I have found your information on Berlin and day trips very helpful. My daughter and I will be in Berlin in May and we are planning a trip outside of Berlin. Your trip to Gorlitz strikes our interest. I know you drove but I am not sure about that for us. Do you think it is ok for us to travel by car to Gorlitz versus the train?

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      I just depends on your traveling preference. The highways in Germany are some of the best we have driven on in the world. As long as you are comfortable driving on highways you should be fine in Germany. You will be on the Autobahn and there are some rules of the road to know before you go (such as only drive in the right lane and only pass on the left lane) and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules. But we love driving in Germany. Also check out our post about renting a car in Europe to see if this is a good idea for you. Cheers, Julie

  4. Avatar for Anne-Marie Engleman
    Anne-Marie Engleman

    Hi Julie
    There is an upcoming public holiday in Germany next week and I am planning to take the following day off too to drive to Saxony and do just the 3 sites you have talked about here. I have my reservations about Rakotzbrucke though as I here the water has completely dried up so you can’t get that iconic full circle image and that it is completely out of bounds while the bridge is under construction and the whole experience is completely disappointing and not worth the drive time. Was it this way when you went? Is the attached photograph taken this September? Will I be able to get close enough to take pictures? Any information you can give me will be very much appreciated, I have wanted to go to this bucket list item for years now, but it’s a long drive and I don’t want to be disappointed, how ever I might get a lot out of the other destinations also if I go. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks so much

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Hello. We were at Rakotzbrucke one year ago at the very end of September. I did hear reports this summer that the water levels were low at the lake but I did not know anything about construction there. The latest reviews on Trip Advisor mention low or no water in the lake and construction around the bridge (I just checked). With the low water levels and fencing around the bridge I would say that it is not worth it. However, the Bastei Bridge is awesome and well worth your time. Maybe instead of going out to Rakotzbrucke and Gorlitz, you visit the Bastei Bridge and do a little exploring of Bohemia Switzerland in the Czech Republic? Just an idea. Sorry about the bridge! Cheers, Julie

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