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The Canyon Overlook Trail is a gem of a hike in Zion National Park. It’s short, it’s fun, and it takes you to an awesome viewpoint overlooking Zion Canyon. This is a hike that is perfect for all ages and ability levels. So if this is your first, or even your second time in Zion, put the Canyon Overlook Trail on your list of things to do.

Facts About the Hike

Distance: 1 mile round trip
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 150 feet
Length of Time: 1 hour
Trailhead: Highway 9, just east of the tunnel

The Canyon Overlook Trail

Getting to the Trailhead

To get to the trailhead you will need a car. This hike is not accessible using the Zion Shuttle.

From the Visitor Center, take Highway 9 northeast towards the east entrance of Zion National Park. You will drive on a series of switchbacks. From this section of the road, you can see the Great Arch looming over you. The Canyon Overlook viewpoint is on top of this arch. Yes, you will be standing up there!

Great Arch Zion

Drive through the Mount Carmel Tunnel. The parking lot is immediately past the exit of the tunnel. Turn right into the car park, and if you are lucky, there will be a parking spot. It can get crowded during the summer months and this is a very small lot. If there are no spots, continue east on Highway 9 to a second overflow parking area just a little ways down the road. But not to worry, from either parking lot it’s just a short walk to the trailhead.

Parking Map

Pro Travel Tip: Because it can be tricky to find a parking spot, it is best to do this hike early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

The trailhead is located right on Highway 9, near the ranger station for the tunnel.

Hiking to the Viewpoint

You gain some elevation immediately, climbing the steps that take you from Highway 9 up onto the trail. And then it is a mostly flat hike out to the viewpoint.

The trail is carved out of the sandstone walls, so for part of the hike, a giant, stonewall will be on one side of you and to the other side you will have views into the Pine Creek Narrows. At several of the more exposed sections there are railings for safety.

The Trail

On the trail

One of the best parts of this hike is walking through the cool, hidden cave. This is a nice place to take a break, if you need it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was someone here selling snacks or ice cream or margaritas?


There are a few obstacles along the way, just enough to keep things interesting. The kids we saw on the trail loved climbing over the rocks and giant tree roots.


Hiking Canyon Overlook

Once you reach the viewpoint, the narrow trail opens up to a wide area that overlooks Zion. This is the end of the trail. Now you are standing on top of the Great Arch and below you are the switchbacks of Highway 9. And if you look closely, you will be able to see the windows carved out of the side of the Mount Carmel Tunnel.

Canyon Overlook Viewpoint

For kids, this is a fun place to explore, to a point. Just remember that you are on the edge of a cliff, and getting too close to the edge could be disastrous.

This photo was taken from the viewpoint, looking back at the trail.

Canyon Overlook

Return to your car the same way you came.

Want to Explore More?

After this hike, continue east on Highway 9. The scenery in this part of the park is stunning, with white, orange and red striated sandstone mountains. We got lucky and saw a small herd of mountain goats.

Mountain Goat

Goats in the Park

Zion Park

Making this detour can take an hour or longer, depending on how much you want to explore.

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Canyon Overlook Trail Zion


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  1. Does anybody know if this trail is still closed?? I saw on AllTrails that it was closed in the spring and probably through the summer, but the latest few reports say open…. anybody been recently?

    1. Post

      From what I have read, the Canyon Overlook Trail is currently closed. On the Zion National Park website it is not listed as an open trail. You can see the list here. Cheers, Julie

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  2. We are healthy 60s seniors. Do you think doing the trail for sunset is safe? Would we just need a flashlight to get back safely to our vehicle? From you pictures, it looks like we walk along Highway 9 to/from the trailhead. We are going in a few days (March). Thank you.

    1. Post

      Yes, you can do this at sunset. Most of the trail is on a graded path and easy to follow. It’s just the last section to the overlook where the terrain gets rough and uneven. But even after sunset it should still be bright enough to find your way back to the path. Flashlights or headlamps are a good idea. Cheers, Julie

  3. hi Julie! Great blog, its helping me a lot for my trip. I will be travelling this March. I dont have a complete day for Zion, but i think i can spend one morning on my trip from Bryce to Las Vegas. Do you think I can do this trail during the morning?

    1. Post

      Yes, you should be able to do this hike. It’s a great choice, because you will drive past it on the drive from Bryce to Vegas. Plus, you don’t have to get on the Zion shuttle for this hike, so it’s very convenient. And it’s quick and easy with a very nice view. The most challenging part will be finding a parking space, so try to get there early if you can. Cheers, Julie

  4. Hi, is this hike really an hour round trip? Google maps tells me 10 minutes each way. Have you allowed for lingering with a view for a while or is it 30 minutes each way?

    1. Post

      Yes, it’s one hour round trip but it can be done in much less time (30 minutes is very doable). I give extra time in our estimates for photos, kids, slower hikers, etc. Cheers, Julie

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