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My Life as a Travel Blogger: An Unexpected Journey

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Five years ago, if you told me that I would be a travel blogger at this point in my life, I would have called you crazy!! And here I am.

This unexpected journey has been a life changing experience, not only for me, but also for Tim, Tyler, and Kara.

This is a post that I have wanted to write for sometime. It’s a lot more personal than how I normally write, but I wanted to share what it’s been like to run this travel blog.

If you have dreams of starting your own travel blog, or you just want to learn more about our story, fix yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine 🙂 ), sit back, and enjoy.

Travel Blogger Life

The Idea of Earth Trekkers

Four years ago, in early 2014, the idea of Earth Trekkers was “born.” Our plans to spend one year traveling around the world were already in the works. Our house was up for sale, an epic route around the world was taking shape, and big dreams of far off places were running through our heads.

It was at this time that we started this travel blog. The idea behind this blog was to keep friends and family up-to-date on our travels, and to document what we were doing. At the time, we had hopes that Earth Trekkers would become something more once our around the world trip ended, but we had no idea if that would actually happen.

Which leads us to picking out a name for our blog.

What’s in a name?

Coming up with a name for a travel blog is big deal. It needs to be catchy and memorable and relevant. The name also has to be different from everything that is already out there. It becomes your brand and part of who you are. It’s a decision not to be taken lightly.

Tim and I spent over a week going through potential names for our website. Looking back now, some were just terrible, like Waffles and Wine. Ugh, could you imagine? I really liked Chasing Elephants, but the domain name came with a $2500 price tag so that was a no-go.

We narrowed it down to Earth Trekkers and 4gortw (an acronym for 4 go around the world). 4gortw was short and sweet but it would lead into long explanations for those who don’t know what rtw stands for. Plus, once our big trip was over, that name wouldn’t really make sense anymore.

So, Earth Trekkers was the big winner.

Life as a Newbie Travel Blogger

With absolutely no experience on website design, blogging, and writing for an audience, we started Earth Trekkers in February 2014.

Immediately, I came to the realization of how much work this would be. It took days to come up with a design and a flow for the website. I figured it would just take an hour or two to write a blog post. Boy, was I wrong. It takes hours to write a post (and now, sometimes, I spend days, yes, days, writing a single post). How was I going to do this and travel and homeschool Tyler and Kara?

I spent the months before the trip writing about our past travels, just so we had some content on the website. Some of those posts are still here and some have become quite popular, such as hiking to Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten in Norway.



Our First Taste of “Fame”

About a week before we started our around the world trip, we were interviewed by the Baltimore Sun. Tim and I expected to be featured in a short article on page 2 or 3 of the travel section. Well, the day before we started the trip, we had an amazing surprise. We weren’t on page 2 and we weren’t a tiny article. We were the entire front page of the travel section of the Baltimore Sun. It blew our minds!!

It also drove a ton of traffic to our website. We got 1000 views in just one day! That’s nothing now, but leading up to June 28th, we were only getting about 25 – 75 views a day. Along with the website traffic came well wishes from a lot of new followers, not only in Maryland, but from many other places across the US.

Suddenly, Earth Trekkers was enjoying a little bit of fame. We were ecstatic, but also a little nervous.

As we sat in JFK airport, waiting to board the first flight of the trip, I couldn’t help but feel a little stressed out. All of sudden, a lot of people were watching us. There was this new pressure not only to share our experiences, and share them well, but also not to fail. Not with so many people watching.

And that was one of our first lessons we learned about travel blogging. We write about everything we do. We advertise where we are going. If something goes wrong when we travel, whether or not it’s our fault, you all will know. So I feel like there’s this extra pressure on us to travel well, to not miss anything, and to not screw up. As travel bloggers, we are supposed to know what we are doing, right? Well, ha ha, that’s not always the case.

Blogging During the Around the World Trip

For 13 months we traveled around the world, visiting 35 countries on 5 continents. It was an amazing experience that I am still thankful for every single day. As Tyler and Kara get older, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to share that experience with them during their childhood. Visiting new places was great, but it’s really the family bonding and memories we made together that Tim and I are most appreciative for.

Earth Trekkers

During this time, I embraced blogging. The more we traveled, the better our articles (and my photography) became. We slowly but steadily acquired new followers, and even got features in Terp Alumni magazine, National Geographic, Matador Network, and the Voice of America.

My biggest mistake during this time was ignoring the importance of social media. I just didn’t get it. Maybe it was because I was 40, and not one of these 20-something bloggers who Tweets and Snapchats with ease. I posted regularly on Facebook, but that was it. We had a Twitter account we never used, and did zippo on Pinterest or Instagram (they weren’t started until 7 months after traveling around the world!).

Knowing what I know now, I would have spent a lot more time on social media. It’s incredibly important in building your brand name, getting new followers, and driving traffic to your website. If we had used social media more during our around the world trip, I think we would be a much bigger name in the travel industry now.

Coming Home

Our around the world trip ended in the summer of 2015. We were ready to come home. We had kept up an ambitious, fast paced level of traveling that left us completely burnt out at the end. But it was worth it.

Before the big trip, Tim and I had no intention to move right back to our hometown to our “old lives.” We were free now, why not move to Colorado, California, or New Zealand? Because we learned that our lives in Maryland, near our family and friends, was pretty freaking sweet. Sometimes, it takes leaving home to realize how great home is.

So, maybe it’s lame, but we moved back to our hometown. And it has been wonderful.

At this point in our lives, it’s important that Tyler and Kara have the whole high school experience and everything that comes along with it…friends, sports, tests, dances, parties, girlfriends and boyfriends. It won’t be long until they are in college (and Tim and I are paying college tuition).

In order to give Tyler and Kara this experience, more long-term traveling plans are on hold (but let me tell you…we talk about and dream about another big trip around the world someday).

Cappadocia Balloons

Cappadocia, Turkey

Life after an Around the World Trip

Once we were home, Tim, Tyler, and Kara settled right back into conventional lives fairly easily. Tim returned to his career in the aerospace industry, working full time but also feeling refreshed after a year off. Tyler and Kara resumed public school without missing a beat.

I was lost. For over a year I had put my heart into this website, writing several times a week about our travels. But now we weren’t traveling anymore.

How do you write about traveling when you are no longer traveling?

I wanted to keep Earth Trekkers going but I had no idea how I should go about doing that.

So, in the meantime, I resumed my job as a Physician Assistant, working in the operating room of a local hospital several days a week. For 15 years, prior to our big trip, I worked in orthopedics and sports medicine. Being a PA is a great job and I love being in the OR, but my real goal was to turn Earth Trekkers into something bigger than a collection of our experiences.

Earth Trekkers

Skellig Michael, Ireland

2016: My Chance to turn Earth Trekkers into something bigger

2016 was an experiment. I gave myself one year to work really hard, to see if I could turn our little blog into something much bigger. If, at the end of the year, nothing good was happening, I’d pull the plug on Earth Trekkers.

I worked like crazy, not knowing if Earth Trekkers and this website would ever become as big as I wanted it to be. And I wasn’t even thinking about making money, yet.

So, I joined the world of social media, began writing more informative posts on how to travel better, and redesigned the website.

I was amazed at how much time it takes to run a website. It’s not like you just spend three hours a few times a week and write a post. It’s getting involved on social media, answering emails, updating posts, planning future trips, and fixing things when things go wrong. And the more traffic you get, the more emails and comments you answer.

Running a travel blog, and doing it well, is a full-time job.

We made a total of $150 in 2016 and I worked on it for almost 40 hours every week. I would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, wondering what am I doing? Is this a giant waste of time? We have college educations to pay for soon and retirement to save for and I am making the wrong decision here?

It was a big risk and I walked around with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach for most of 2016. I felt like I was being irresponsible for investing so much time into a travel blog that was not making money.

But then we would get an email or a comment about how much someone loved our blog or how we helped you plan a perfect trip. I would literally cry tears of joy, knowing that maybe I really was doing something wonderful for people.

So, I kept working.

Adventure Travel Blogger

2017: A Turning Point

In 2017, things changed for us. Our website traffic grew like crazy. This allowed us to sign up with Mediavine to put ads on this website (and finally begin making money).

Do we like the idea of populating this website with ads? Nope. But it’s necessary to cover the expenses of running this website, not to mention that it took 18 months of long hours without any income to get here. How many people would work that hard with no guarantee of ever making any money from their effort?

Our main goal of running this website is not to turn a huge profit. I have never been motivated by money. But I am motivated to have the best life experiences possible.

And that’s what we want for you.

We want to help you travel better, discover new places, and make some amazing memories.

Where are we now?

Earth Trekkers is in a very good place. Our traffic is steadily growing and we are beginning to reach a lot of people.

In January 2016, we were getting 23,000 views per month on this website. In early 2017, that number grew to 126,000 views per month. Now we get well over 400,000 views per month. It’s a huge increase, but it’s just the start of what we want Earth Trekkers to be.

Tim and I have ideas on how to turn Earth Trekkers into more than just a travel blog, so stay tuned.

Family Adventure Travel Blog

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

What have we done wrong?

It takes a lot of time and effort, and even a little bit of good luck, to be a successful blogger.

I have not done many of the things you’re supposed to do to have a successful travel blog, but somehow it still worked out.

I never took an online blogging class. I have never been to a travel blogging conference. We have never had a paid trip with a tourism board. And remember, I ignored the importance of social media for almost two years.

We don’t travel full time. I work a second job. We have kids in school and Tim works full time. You could say that we do everything wrong.

What do we do right?

We are workaholics. Tim and I are pretty boring people when we are at home. Every spare second we have we are working on Earth Trekkers. At night, we don’t go out to dinner or zone out in front of the TV. We are working on this website. One of the main reasons why Earth Trekkers is doing so well is because we work every single day on this website.

I do my best to write good content and fill that with vibrant, inspiring photos. Sometimes I write listicles but I mainly focus on writing informative posts to help you travel better.

My goal is to write enough good enough content to keep you coming back for more.

So, what about Tim?

You always hear from me. I write the posts, I write the newsletters, and I’m the one in charge of social media. Yes, I am the main voice of Earth Trekkers, but none of this would be possible without Tim. By working full time, Tim has paid our bills and our travel expenses, giving me the opportunity to put so much time into this website.

However, if you have ever sent us an email, then you know that it’s Tim who writes back. This is something that he loves to do.

And it’s Tim who fixes this website when I break it. And break it I do, every once in awhile. Sorry about that.

Tim Rivenbark

Tim is like the man behind the curtain and the whole thing would fall apart if he were not there. Tim doesn’t get the same exposure that I do, but he is just as important to the running of Earth Trekkers as I am.

Feel free to say hi to Tim in an email (or in the comment section below). It would put a big smile on his face. 🙂

The Future of Earth Trekkers

We are going to continue traveling as much as possible around our work and school schedules. Believe me, we would love to take another long-term trip, but while Tyler and Kara are in school, those long-term plans are going to have to wait. Their education is our #1 priority right now.

Julie Tyler Kara

We are reaching the point where I could give up my career as a Physician Assistant and put all of my time and effort into Earth Trekkers. But I’m not ready to do that. Being a surgical PA is something I worked hard for and something I love to do. Sure, being a travel blogger is a dream job, but I love the professionalism of being a PA. Plus, being a PA sets a good example for Tyler and Kara, who will soon be seriously considering what they want to do as adults.

In the OR

I no longer wonder if I am doing the right thing, running this website. I know that I am doing the right thing, at least for now.

What I do wonder about is the future of travel blogging. This is a relatively new field of work and its future is not set in stone. Blogging could continue to become a lucrative career or it could all fall apart in several years. Only time will tell.

For 2018, we have a lot of great travel in the works. We are becoming masters at squeezing travel into school breaks and turning Tim’s work trips into short vacations.

And finally, we would like to say Thank You!

Earth Trekkers wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you. It’s your visits to this website that keep us going.

Every time we get a comment at the end of a post or an email in our inbox, it’s like getting a little gift. Tim and I love hearing from you, offering you advice, and helping you travel better. Never hesitate to reach out to us.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

Happy travels!

Do you have dreams of becoming a travel blogger? Do you want to learn more about what it is like? Comment below if you have any questions, or if you just want to say Hi!

Or just say Hi to us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!

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Comments 52

  1. Hi Julie and Tim. Firstly thanks for your commitment and very well written posts. We’ve just returned from a trip to the SW USA taking in a lot of the parks that you’ve mentioned in your blog and the advice you’ve put in there has been invaluable in us getting the most out of our (very expensive) journey. We loved every second!

    Guide books are good to give an itinerary or an idea of what you can do see – what they do miss is what is appropriate for families to do. With kids ranging from 16-6 it’s a challenge sometimes to see what is appropriate and what isn’t. I can’t imagine getting most of the way up a hike (say, Angel’s) only to be confronted with a wholly inappropriate section for a 6 year old to negotiate. Your blog puts a different and most welcome context to some fantastic destinations – thank you!

    Next time you’re in the UK, you must try Wales – there are some incredible walks and scenery in our beautiful part of the planet!

    1. Post

      Hello Chris. I’m glad you had a great trip to the American Southwest! I agree, we need to get to Wales. I have actually contemplated doing the Ironman race they have there but the water is so COLD (for me) and it’s a very challenging course. But it looks beautiful and definitely a place we plan to visit sometime. Happy travels. Cheers, Julie

  2. Julie and Tim !

    Your pages load so fast now – its great !

    I hope you will do a blog soon on hiking gear – clothes, shoes, backpacks – with some links and all 🙂

    I got an email update that you are devoting full time to this blog , Julie– so I wish you all the best ! Hope this site brings you much deserved income and becomes more successful (just don’t let it get taken over by more ads than content). Your site is definitely one of the best travel blogs I have come across — like the writing style, the pictures and the useful tips !

    Warm regards, Indira

    1. Post

      That’s so nice! Thank you for the wonderful comment! You are right…we do need to write a hiking gear post. I will put it on my list! We are traveling a lot this summer so I’ll try to get to it this fall. Cheers, Julie

  3. Hi Julie, I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now. Our family loves to travel as well. Tim was exceptionally helpful in answering all my questions regarding our trip to Utah. We had a wonderful time using your itinerary and his suggestions. I look forward to reading your adventures for 2018 as we plan our next trip using your itineraries as our guide. Thank you!

    1. Post

      You’re welcome. 🙂 I’m so glad we could help you out and that you had a good time in Utah!! We have some really, really cool things coming up this year…I can’t wait to share them all. In one month we’ll be in Svalbard, Norway, a place we have dreamed of visiting for a long time now. Happy travels, and feel free to reach out to us again if you have more questions. Cheers, Julie

  4. Hi!
    I enjoyed every word you write and the entire article. I love travelling and do all efforts to travel as much we we can as a family and my husband and as a couple. I think that the next thing you think about experiencing and writing about is ski vacations and ski resorts. Keep up the wonderful work on your website and keep it going . Thank you.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Idit. We have talked about a skiing trip over winter vacation…that would be a lot of fun! Thanks for reading (and commenting). 🙂 Cheers, Julie

  5. Just found your blog this week and I am loving it. It sure is making me dream. I am in no position to travel the amounts that you do and had, but I do hope that one, I can.
    Currently, I am hoping and dreaming for a hike of the Half Dome. That is how I found you; by stumbling upon your Half Dome blog post. It has been on my bucket list for a good 8 years or so, and I am ready to cross it off. I did not know about the permits until doing real research on it for the first time this week, so it looks like it won’t be a trip this summer, but I will try next summer.
    Reading your blog about it, actually frightened me a bit, but I think that I am in shape and determined enough to do it. I am a half marathon runner and have done some sprint triathlons as well. So, hopefully that, with some added walking miles, will do the trick and be enough for me. When I do go, I will be contacting you with questions!

    Thanks for the awesome blog. You are inspiring me and making me dream even more!

    1. Post

      Hello! You still can submit an application for Half Dome, just so you know. I doesn’t matter if you submit it March 1 or March 31, you still have the same odds of getting a permit. You just need to know your dates. You could always submit an application for a time when you think you want to go. If you get a permit, great! If not, try again next year. It only costs $10. Just a thought. Thanks for writing in to us, and we look forward to hearing from you again. 🙂 Cheers, Julie

  6. I just discovered your blog and it’s great! We’re heading to Skye this June and you can bet I’ve bookmarked your Skye posts. Thanks for this great blog, the whole thing is so useful and worth it! Keep at it!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  7. Hello Julie and Tim.

    You have done an amazing job with your website. I found your website while looking for information about hiking the Milford Track in New Zealand. While you haven’t done that particular hike your website popped up when using hiking in New Zealand.

    Your blog has been helpful as my 12yo high functioning special needs son wants to do the hike with me. It’s a big decision to take him but reading your base camp hike shows me what kids can do.

    I would also be very interested in reading about the equipment you use for hiking; clothes, shoes, etc. I have been looking at local stores, but amazon looks a much cheaper place to buy things even with international shipping.

    1. Post

      Hello Ursula. I should publish a hiking gear guide. We do get questions on this quite frequently. We all wear Merrell waterproof hiking shoes. Our go to store is REI. The REI brand gear is less expensive than other well-known brands but the quality has been just as good. We know because we wore some of this REI brand gear around the world for one year and it held up great (we also like Prana and the kids wear Under Armor). I am a big fan of the zip-off hiking pants. They may not be the most fashionable clothing, but it’s so convenient when you’re hiking and get hot. Plus, it’s like 2 pairs of pants in one so you can pack less clothing.

      Good luck on the Milford Track! It’s so beautiful in that part of the world. What a wonderful adventure you have to look forward to!

      Cheers, Julie and Tim

  8. Hello Julie and Tim!

    I feel like we are living similar lives. My wife and I are beginning a year-long trip around the world this May and blogging about it at We started our blog about a year ago while traveling in Iceland and are just now seeing real traction. Hopefully we will catch some similar media exposure as we ramp up to the departure date.

    I love the fact that you travel with your kids. There is no greater gift than that of experience! Our younger son, Ben, will be joining us for the entirety of the summer before he begins a study-abroad program in South Korea. Our older son is in the Army and stationed in Hawaii, so he’s already living his own adventure.

    We found your blog while searching for info about the border crossing between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and, as a result, I’ve actually made some adjustments to our route! So, thank you for that. In fact, I will be consulting your posts frequently as we will be venturing to many of the same places you experienced.

    Safe travels, and thank you again!
    Mike, Angela, Ben, and Zack

    1. Post

      Wow, this sounds great!! I think it’s a good idea that you got your blog started well before your trip. The more you write, the more active you are on social media, and the more adventures you have, the more traffic your blog should generate. Enjoy your journey and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! Cheers, Julie and Tim

  9. Julie! This article is so great! Thank you! We are on a 6 month trip around the world and I would love to start a travel blog when I get home! I feel bad that I haven’t written while on this trip but I honestly haven’t had any time since we are exploring from sunup to sundown with our kids! It’s refreshing to know that we can tackle it when we return! Did you find it difficult to write about the trip after the fact?? I’m also thinking about a name, it is so difficult!!!

    1. Post

      Hello Charlotte. That’s so exciting that you are on an around the world trip! If you want to start a blog when you get home, I recommend keeping a journal now, just to capture your emotions and the things you are doing. It’s really not difficult writing after you travel, at least while the memories are fresh (and you have good notes). Good luck coming up with your name and enjoy your travels! Cheers, Julie

  10. Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your website. Can’t remember how I found you but it is just wonderful. I have read most of your articles. And am using your London guide for an upcoming trip to London. Your pictures are amazing. Your articles are well written, informative and honest. I dream of a rtw trip. Someday I hope. Until then I will travel as much as I can and travel vicariously through your website. Kudos to you all for following your dreams and working so hard on this site. I (and apparently many others) appreciate your effort and hard work. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    1. Post

      Thank you for all of these wonderful words!! Keep dreaming about that around the world trip…we dreamed about it for quite awhile before we could actually make it happen. Enjoy London! Cheers, Julie

  11. Hi Julie and Tim
    I came across your blog when I was planning our trip to the Southwest USA last year. Your tips were so useful (and we loved the restaurant you recommended in Kayenta – Amigo Cafe) and I have loved reading your blog updates.
    All your time and effort have been well worth it – what a fantastic website and travel resource! Thanks!

    1. Post
  12. Dearest Julie & Tim
    You have done such a wonderful job of letting us travel vicariously around the world with you. I love your honesty and openness in this article – clearly why you were chosen for the UMDNJ PA program ;). Thanks for all the continuing depth and breadth of info. I especially LOVE seeing your pics. You have truly had quite a metamorphosis in the travel industry/blogging and your contagious way of inspiring others. I love it when I mention your blog to a like-minded travel-lover and they say they follow you!!! Only I am the lucky one to say we sold our first dining room table to that newlywed couple so many years ago…hahaha. Cheers to you in 2018. Hope you make it back to the West Coast again, there’s always an open door in San Fran! <3

    1. Post

      Thank you, Heather!!! This means a lot, hearing this. I would like to say Thank You to you, for sharing our articles and giving us the occasional shout out. 🙂 It has been crazy, this change in direction of my life, it’s been like a dream in many ways. BTW, we used that table up until we took the around the world trip…first it was our kitchen table and then it became our art table. I always wanted to send you photos of how much of our life revolved around that table for so long. 🙂 Thanks again, and hopefully our paths will cross in San Fran or somewhere else in the world. Cheers, Julie and Tim

  13. Thank you for a marvelous blog. I love reading your travel stories and gazing at the beautiful photos. If (or more like when) you return to Australia and visit Sydney, I would be pleased to invite you for an experience you may not yet have had, a flight in a glider. Then you can add that experience to your blog if you enjoyed it.

    1. Post

      That sounds awesome! We would love to return to Australia someday. With only a month to visit the country Australia, we barely scratched the surface, but we were there long enough to know that there are many great things to do. Thank you for the offer! Keep in touch, Julie

  14. Hi Tim !! – Now that the mystery is revealed that you are the one that replies to mails and posts 🙂 Thank you for replying to my many questions on the various blogs you have done !!

    Julie – your website is amazing ! I am glad you are making some money of it– you have clearly put a whole lot of effort into it. Your writing style is simple, yet captivating and makes me want to book a ticket right away ! Its nice to see your kids have grown up – they are taller than you or close ! I regularly come and check the website ! Its helped a lot in planning our Ireland trip (Summer of 2018 !) – we are also going to spend a day on Aran Islands – excited about that !

    I come to your website regularly to look for ideas to plan our next trips – 2019 and out. We also have 2 kids coming of college age and can only plan a trip a year, at the most. I like the fact that you guys are into hiking– that’s my passion too and so I feel I really gain a lot from reading your articles and can plan hikes into my trips as well. My husband is not so sure of all the hiking 🙂

    I wish you both all the success in running this blog and look forward to your travels and articles ! Keep up the excellent work ! Thank you for sharing all the information so generously and taking time to respond to all the emails and questions !!

    Warm regards, Indira

    1. Post

      Hello Indira. I would like to say Thank You for these very kind words. It really means a lot to Tim and I to hear comments like these. It makes running this website an even bigger pleasure. Yes, you’re right…Tyler is taller than me now! That means he can carry my backpack…ha ha!! But it’s crazy how kids just seem to grow 5 inches taller overnight at this age. I hope you have a great time in Ireland and may your husband learn to love hiking. 🙂 Thanks for writing to us and don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have more questions. Cheers, Julie and Tim

  15. Thank you for a great post and the previous posts. I followed your RTW trip here. I am interested in spending a year in Japan and filming or writing about my travels there with my Japanese wife and kids and your site inspires me to do that even more. I am really interested in how you managed to increase your visitors so dramatically in 2017. Thats a really big jump. How did you do it?

    PS: Please keep up the good work. Its great and adds so much value to people’s travels.

    1. Post

      We did a lot of little things in 2017 that all added up to generate more traffic: spent a lot more time on social media, upgraded to a faster server and did some website optimization (although I still have more to do), wrote more lengthy, detailed content, and traveled to and wrote about places that we thought would generate more traffic. We have several posts that get a ton of traffic everyday so that helps. Pinterest has been our best social media traffic generator and Facebook has been #2. I also go back and update our older posts.

      A year in Japan sounds like a wonderful experience. I wish you all the best! Happy travels! Cheers, Julie and Tim

    1. Post

      We love hearing from people who have been following us since the beginning. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Cheers, Julie and Tim

  16. We mainly travel via our RV so enjoy your travel experiences on the continent of North America. Have you ever considered renting an RV for the summer and heading west for an adventure? I would sure enjoy following that.

    1. Post

      That would be a fun adventure! Tim and I talk about doing something like this once Tyler and Kara are in college. So maybe in a few years! Cheers, Julie

  17. I was introduced to your blog near the end of your rtw trip by the wife of a coworker of Jim’s. She is on QVC as a guest vendor and she mentioned your site on her Facebook page! I’ve been hooked ever since. My husband and I are retired, but traveling now is difficult for me due to health concerns. I live vicariously through you and your family’s travels! Your children are, I think, about the ages of our grandkids. Keep traveling, I’m enjoying your trips. We’re Marylanders, too. Have you ever ventured to Western Maryland to ski? Deep Creek Lake has a lot to offer a family.
    Hi, Tim! Keep up the good work!

    1. Post

      Hello Vicki. We have not been skiing yet in Deep Creek yet, although we do talk about it. We would also like to visit Harpers Ferry/Western Maryland in the summertime, especially since it’s right around the corner from where we live. Thanks for writing in! Cheers, Julie and Tim

  18. I discovered your website last year, and have been enjoyed reading your blogs a lot! I wish you and your beautiful family to have another wonderful year ahead! Best of luck!

    1. Post
  19. We’re so glad you came to Mediavine and really appreciate the shoutout!
    As publishers with our own websites, we completely agree that ads aren’t always our favorite, but we also firmly believe that digital content creators should be compensated for all of the wonderful material they create.
    We do everything we can to continue improving our ads and avoid doing the things that really interfere with user experience.
    We’re glad you have stuck with it and keep creating such beautiful content. If you ever have questions, please reach out to
    We’re looking forward to an awesome 2018!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

    1. Post

      Thank you! Mediavine is so wonderful and we are so glad we linked up with you. Your customer service is phenomenal and the support we receive has been amazing. Joining Mediavine was one of our best decisions since starting this blog and I know that I am probably not the only blogger that feels this way. Cheers, Julie

  20. It has been a pleasure to read about your travels. Please keep posting. Had the pleasure of working with you, and now have the pleasure of seeing the world through you and your families eyes.

    1. Post

      Hi Colin! Nice to hear from you! Those were great days, I miss that time (although this is pretty good too). Thanks for writing in! Cheers, Julie

  21. Well – you are inspiring me. Thank you! I have a hard time balancing a family and my love / need for adventure. It is so nice to see how others can do this. Thank you! Love your writing, blog, inspiration, and frankly – direction. 🙂

    1. Post

      Thank you, Kristen. It is a juggling act, and we always feel a bit overwhelmed, but it’s all been worth it. I am glad we are inspiring you. 🙂 Cheers, Julie

  22. Wonderful, wonderful. Ever since our honeymoon (where we received the Best timeless advice from an OLD couple to “travel while you’re young,” we have visited 34 countries, 13 cruises and discovered Airbnb. Sometimes with kids, sometimes without, I have wanted to do what you have done! I read the great book Vagabonding last year and YEE HA, others are as crazy as I am/ we are. So our house is going on the market soon, moving to cheaper and slower Mid-West, and traveling more. Maybe we can help you write in the future. Great pix, great videos. Keep it up. We’ll see ya back in Croatia.

    1. Post

      Love that book!! I read it back in 2012 and it was one of the factors that pushed us to travel around the world. I think it’s pretty awesome that you are downsizing your life to travel more (although it sounds like you are already doing a great job getting out to see the world). Happy travels! Cheers, Julie

  23. Hi guys! I read your post about Nashville and planned a trip with a few UMD friends, however, we had to cancel last minute. I am still waiting to try again. Love seeing you so passionate! Your info is great and easy to understand for us not so seasoned travelers.

    1. Post
  24. Thank you, Julie AND Tim!! Hi Tim! I really enjoyed this peek behind the curtain. Personal touches are what make travel blogs so much more fun to read than traditional media. I first found Earth Trekkers in 2016, after a family trip to Scotland. We were there just a few weeks before you, and went to many of the same places. I was Googling it after the trip because I just loved Scotland so much – I couldn’t get it out of my head. I tore through all your Scotland posts and was completely hooked, coming back time and time again to read through old stories of other destinations. I was thrilled when you added the dedicated hiking page! Seriously swooning over here. I am now a loyal reader and always click through to your page first whenever a new article shows up in my feed. And you definitely influenced our last big trip – we hiked the Puez-Odle Altopiano after I read about it on your site, and it was my absolute favorite day of an awesome trip. So thanks again, and please keep it up!

    1. Post

      Thank you Sara! This is all so nice to hear! Isn’t Puez-Odle amazing?! We dream of going back to the Dolomites someday…it’s one of our favorite hiking destinations in the world. I am glad we can inspire you…it’s hearing things that this that put a big smile on our faces and keeps us motivated to keep blogging. Thanks again! Cheers, Julie AND Tim 🙂

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