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We spent three days in Udaipur, a city that is labeled as India’s most romantic city and one of its least hectic cities to visit. One of Udaipur’s claims to fame is that it was featured in the James Bond movie “Octopussy.”

Hotel Boheda Palace

We stayed at Hotel Boheda Palace, a great hotel with reasonable prices and views over Udaipur to the City Palace.

Boheda Palace



From our hotel it was an eight minute walk through residential streets into the main part of town.

Walking through Udaipur

Udaipur Street

Cows in the Street


Many buildings had paintings like these next to their front doors.

Elephant Art

Lake Pichola and Jagmandir Island

One of the main things to do is to take a boat ride around Lake Pichola and out to Jagmandir Island.

Jagmandir Island

Julie in India

Jagmandir Island Building


While touring Lake Pichola by boat, we passed several places where people were either washing their clothes, washing their hair, or bathing in the lake. This lake is filthy. Just look at all of the trash in the water. Udaipur has the potential to be such a beautiful city, but there is so much trash everywhere.  It’s such a shame.

Bathing in trash

Shopping in Udaipur

We did a little shopping, buying some Indian art and antique postcards.

Shopping in Udaipur

The City Palace

We also visited the City Palace. Here we toured the museum, which was honestly not very exciting for us, as we know little of Indian history. Seeing the building and the views of Udaipur were worthwhile, but if only we knew how long we would have to wait in a series of lines to exit the museum we may have skipped this!

City Palace Entrance

City Palace

Overlooking Udaipur

Lake Pichola


Taken inside the City Palace, this is one of my favorite photos.

Tim Kara Tyler Udaipur

Here is a view of one of the many lines we waited in to exit the museum. It was torture. Anyone who has ever waited in line with Indians probably knows that it is not an orderly procedure. People are constantly trying to elbow their way in front of you and push up against you. Poor Tyler and Kara, who stand at armpit height, were miserable.

Waiting in line

India Travel Guide

Halloween in Udaipur

On the night of Halloween Kara got a Henna Tattoo. This is the closest she got to dressing up in a costume this year.

Henna Tattoo

Halloween is not celebrated in Udaipur, so instead, Tyler and Kara handed out candy to the kids here, wishing them a Happy Halloween. It was a big hit.

Jagdish Temple

Another place to visit in Udaipur is the Jagdish Temple, and Hindu temple in the center of town.

Udaipur View

Temple Carving

Horse carvings

More Views of Udaipur

Walking through town we saw old faded street signs like this one.

Street Art


Nighttime in Udaipur was very pretty, particularly around Lake Pichola.

Lake Pichola at night

Udaipur at Night

Udaipur was a nice, low key stop on our tour of India. I honestly had expectations that Udaipur would be nicer and cleaner than it was. As we continue to travel through India, I am learning that Indian standards of cleanliness are much different than other countries. We would really see this at our next stop, Jodhpur!

Our visit was in 2014 as part of our trip around the world.

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