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Trolltunga is one of Norway’s best hikes. It is a very long day hike and for the best experience you should plan on spending the night near the start of the hike. Here are recommendations for some of the best places to stay near Trolltunga.

Trolltunga Hiking Guide

Best Places to Stay Near Trolltunga

When you look at Trolltunga on a map, it looks like it’s sitting in the middle of nowhere. There are no big cities near the hike. When looking for a place to stay, you will have to take your pick from the small towns in the area.

Here are our recommendations in the nearby towns, starting in Tyssedal, the town closest to the start of the Trolltunga hike, and working our way out from there.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: The popularity of Trolltunga has skyrocketed in recent years. Make your hotel reservations as soon as possible (preferably several months in advance) so you get a decent place to stay.


This is as close as you can get to the start of the Trolltunga hike. This small town only has a few accommodations and restaurants but it’s the perfect town to base yourself if you want to avoid a long drive to and from the hike.

Trolltunga Guesthouse

You can’t beat the location and the review scores of this budget hotel. It looks a bit like a prison on the outside, but inside, the rooms are large, clean and comfortable. Take your pick from a room with two twin beds, a one bedroom apartment, or a bunk bed in a dorm.

Distance to Trolltunga: 6.2 km (12 minute drive)

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Trolltunga Panorama

Also located in Tyssedal, this 4 bedroom apartment can accommodate up to eight people. It comes with a kitchen and air conditioning and is one of the newer properties in the area.

Distance to Trolltunga: 6.4 km (12 minute drive)

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Odda is just south of Tyssedal (6 km or a 7 minute drive). Odda is slightly larger than Tyssedal, with several more hotels and restaurants to choose from.

If you are traveling through Norway using public transportation, Odda is the best place to stay near Trolltunga. Trains and buses link Odda to the other large towns in Norway. Plus, you can take a bus from Odda to the trailhead of Trolltunga. Click here to learn how to get from Odda to Trolltunga using public transportation.

Trolltunga Hotel

This budget hotel and hostel offers a wide range of room types at reasonable prices. The hotel was renovated in 2017 and it is located near downtown Odda. The shuttle from Odda to Trolltunga stops near the outside of this hotel making it a convenient place to stay if you won’t have your own vehicle.

Distance to Trolltunga: 15 km (25 minute drive)

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Trolltunga Odda Apartments

This brand new, beautiful property offers several two-bedroom apartments that can accommodate up to six people. These apartments have a kitchen and a washing machine. If you are looking for a modern apartment that gets great reviews, this is a property to consider.

Distance to Trolltunga: 13 km (21 minutes by car)

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This small but gorgeous hotel gets rave reviews from its customers. They offer several three bedroom apartments that can accommodate up to seven people, perfect if you are a family or traveling as a group. Rooms even come with a washing machine, great for washing those sweaty clothes after the hike to Trolltunga.

Distance to Trolltunga: 15 km (25 minutes by car)

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Kinsarvik is located north of Trolltunga, almost one hour a way by car. So why stay here? You get more for your money in Kinsarvik. Not only are hotels cheaper but in general they get better ratings than several of the hotels in Tyssedal and Odda. You will have to drive further, but the drive is gorgeous, and it may be worth it to save some money and stay on a nicer property.


Sorfjord and your view on the drive from Kinsarvik to the Trolltunga trailhead.

Kinsarvik Camping

With a beautiful setting on Hardangerfjord, Kinsarvik Camping offers cottages that can accommodate up to 6 people. These cottages have two bedrooms and a kitchen. There is also a 3-bedroom house that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Distance to Trolltunga: 42 km (52 minutes by car)

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Huse Gjestegard

Huse Gjestegard gets rave reviews from prior guests. Take your pick from beautifully decorated, private cottages or bedrooms in the main house. Cottages can accommodate up to five people so this is a great pick for families. 

Distance from Trolltunga: 42 km (52 minutes by car)

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Eidfjord is the furthest town from Trolltunga on this list and it may seem strange that I am even recommending it, but I am doing so because this is where we stayed. To get to the start of the Trolltunga hike it’s a 70 km drive and it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

So, why did we stay here? On our road trip through Norway, we drove in from Bergen, hiked to Trolltunga on the following day, and then drove up to Flåm the next day. For our itinerary, it made sense to stay north of Trolltunga. Sure, we had to drive more on the day of the hike but it really wasn’t that bad.

Vik Pensjonat og Hytter

We loved this charming boutique hotel. We had a two bedroom apartment that Kara describes as “epic.” The breakfast is delicious and we loved the views from our room. Vik Pensjonat og Hytter also offers family sized cabins.

Distance to Trolltunga: 71 km (1:15 by car)

Stay in Eidfjord

Our Recommendations

How do you decide where to stay? I narrowed the list down based on travel style and budget.

If you are a budget traveler, we recommend the Trolltunga Guesthouse in Tyssedal. It gets rave reviews, has the closest location to the start of the hike, and offers rooms at budget prices.

If you are traveling through Norway on public transportation, stay in Odda and choose between the Trolltunga Hotel and the Trolltunga Odda Apartments.

For families, we recommend Huse Gjestegard and Vikinghaug.

If we did it again, our family of four would stay in the Trolltunga Odda Apartments (brand new property that is modernly decorated and has a kitchen and washing machine) or Vikinghaug (I love the rave reviews and charm of this place).


This will be you soon! Enjoy!

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Best Places to Stay Trolltunga Hike


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  1. Avatar for Amy Haralson
    Amy Haralson

    Hi Julie, I really appreciate all of your lodging recommendations! It has made it so easy to plan our trip. I would like to ask your opinion between two options based on what you have written above. Currently we are double booked. I had hoped to stay one night at the Trolltunga Odda apartments but a two night stay is required, which would put us farther from Flåm for the day after the hike. So the second option I have booked is to stay the first night before the hike at the Trolltunga Guesthouse, then the second night at Vik Pensjonat in Eidfjord in the two bedroom apartment your daughter loved, which also shortens our drive to Flåm. You mention that if you did it again you would stay at the Trolltunga Odda apartments. It is actually the cheapest of my two options, but I’m having a hard time giving up the balcony with the view in Eidfjord and being closer to Flåm. I would love to understand a little more your reason for staying in Odda if you did it again or what you would recommend based on the two night minimum stay in Odda. Thank you!

    1. Avatar for Julie

      The reason why I said we’d stay at the Odda Apartments was because its close location to the hike and having an apartment with a kitchen, which can be useful. That doesn’t take into account where people would be going next, for example, your next stop being Flam. I think you have booked two good options, it just comes down to your preference of shortening the drive to Flam (but packing and unpacking more) or staying near Trolltunga to have a longer drive to Flam. Cheers, Julie

      1. Avatar for Amy Haralson
        Amy Haralson

        Thank you, Julie! All three places have kitchens, but you make a good point about packing and unpacking. If I’m able to change my booking to 2 nights in Eidfjord and also get a P3 parking reservation at Trolltunga, we may ultimately choose Eidfjord. I like the idea of being close to the Voringsfossen Waterfall and seeing that during our stay there. Hopefully won’t have to wake up too early to drive to Trolltunga!

        1. Avatar for Julie

          I think that sounds good. It is a gorgeous drive from Eidfjord to the Trolltunga trail! Have a great time in Norway!! Cheers, Julie

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