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Things to do in Bellagio

8 Amazing Things to do in Bellagio, Italy

Lake Como…a destination that is glamorous, romantic, and gorgeous. This lake is a slice of Italian paradise, and for many people, a visit to Bellagio is the highlight. Also called the Pearl of La...

One Day in Siena

One Perfect Day in Siena, Italy

Siena is easy to visit if you only have one day since it is a compact city with just a few big sites. With one day in Siena, visit the Duomo, get one of the best views in Italy from the Torre del M...

10 Day Italy Itinerary

10 Days in Italy: 3 Amazing Itineraries

Italy is a country that is on many travelers’ wish list. And why not? Italy has it all: fabulous cuisine, gorgeous cities, towering mountains and beautiful beaches, and ancient historical sites. ...

Things to do in Verona

12 Best Things to do in Verona, Italy

Have you ever visited a new place and instantly fallen in love with it? For us, that was Verona. Verona may not be as popular as other Italian cities like Florence and Venice, but don’t let that ...

Julie Rivenbark Ironman Italy

Racing IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna

Ironman Italy is destination racing at its finest. Swim in the Adriatic Sea, cycle past pink flamingoes and through Sangiovese vineyards, and then run through a charming coastal town. What a specta...

Best Views of Florence

Best Views of Florence, Italy

Are you planning a trip to Florence? Sure, you can’t miss Michelangelo’s David, the Ponte Vecchio, Italian food and gelato, and the galleries of Renaissance Art, but you also cannot miss the best v...


9 Must-Have Experiences in Venice, Italy

Venice is one of our favorite spots in Italy. Why? It is small and compact, perfect to be explored with just a few days time. Venice is romantic, historic, and gorgeous. The canals, the gondolas, t...

Cinque Terre on a Budget

The Cinque Terre for Budget Travelers

The Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most scenic spots. It is here that five colorful, gorgeous towns precariously sit on the hills that tumble into the Mediterranean Sea. The popularity of the Cin...

Pisa Day Trip

Day Trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, overrated tourist attraction or worthwhile destination? Regardless if you think Pisa is overrated or worthwhile, it still can be a lot of fun doing silly poses in front o...

Touring Tuscany

Touring the Hill Towns of Tuscany

We spent five days in Tuscany, staying in the town of Siena. We picked Siena as our home base because it is well connected by bus to the other hill towns in Tuscany and easy to get to from Florence...

3 Days in Sorrento

Three Days in Sorrento, Italy

During our tour of Italy we had three days to spend in Sorrento. Sorrento is a great home base for exploring this part of Italy, as it is well connected to the island of Capri, the Amalfi Coast, an...

Napoli Pizza

Napoli, the Birthplace of Pizza

Napoli, Italy is world famous for its pizza. And yes, we traveled to Napoli just to sample what some people claim to be the best pizza in the world. About Our Experience Our around the world trip b...

Rome in Photos

Rome in Pictures

Our one year around the world trip began in Rome on June 30, 2014. We had three days to spend here, just enough time to see all of the major sites. Rome is packed with history, many of it centuries...

Appian Way with Kids

Biking the Appian Way in Rome

After spending two solid days touring Rome’s must see sights, we chose to go off the beaten path and bike the Appian Way. The Appian Way is one of Rome’s ancient roads, connecting Rome to the A...


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