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Napoli, Italy is world famous for its pizza. And yes, we traveled to Napoli just to sample what some people claim to be the best pizza in the world.

About Our Experience

Our around the world trip began in Rome, in 2014. On the day that we traveled from Rome to Sorrento, we made a brief pitstop in Napoli (Naples). Making the pilgrimage to Naples for some world class pizza seemed like a must do activity on this trip.

We arrived in Naples midday and stowed our bags in the train station for the somewhat expensive price of 6 euros per bag. There was no way we were going to lug our backpacks through the hot and crowded streets of Naples.

We loved walking through Naples. This city and its people have so much character and it felt much different from Rome. In some ways it felt like Rome meets Istanbul, with grittier streets, laundry hanging from balconies, and people hanging out on street corners.



We took Rick Steves’ recommendation on Napoli’s best pizza place and ate at L’Antica Pizzeria “da Michele.” It was a fifteen minute wait to get a table at 1:30 pm. We were given a ticket, we waited our fifteen minutes on a nearby street corner, and before we knew it, we were called inside.

Pizzeria da Michele

We took our seats at a small table in the corner, surrounded by lots of other tourists but also some locals as well. Once seated, we learned that the Napoli pizza scene of the movie Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts was filmed in this very same restaurant. Kara noticed this first (there was a photograph hanging on the wall) and clued me in by saying, “Mom, it’s that movie you watch all of the time!”  I have to admit, I have watched Eat Pray Love many times while planning our around the world trip.

There are two choices for pizza: margherita and marinara. We ordered one of each along with two Coca-Colas. Five minutes later our lunch was served.

Napoli Pizza

The pizza was fantastic! It was much different from pizza we normally eat in the US. The crust is simple and topped with tomato sauce and just a little bit of mozzarella cheese (on the margherita pizza only), with lots of olive oil, garlic, and seasonings. Its simplicity made it fabulous. We devoured the margherita pizza. The marinara pizza was the same, only there was no cheese. Even without the cheese it was very, very good. We all preferred the margherita pizza over the marinara pizza.

Julie eating Napoli pizza

Our meal was quick, relatively cheap, and very tasty. We were all very glad we made this pitstop on the way to Sorrento for a taste of one of the best pizzas in the world.

How to Visit Naples in Transit Between Rome and Sorrento

Take the train from Rome to Napoli. This journey takes between 70 minutes and 2 hours, depending upon the train you book.  In the Napoli train station (Napoli Centrale), you can store your luggage for a fee.

Exit the train station and walk to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, one of the best spots to get pizza in Naples. If there is a wait, the host will hand you a piece of paper with a number on it. Once your number is called, you go in and have a seat.

Don’t expect a quiet, leisurely experience. They expect you to place your order almost immediately. You have two choices: margherita pizza (with cheese) and marinara pizza (no cheese). Both are delicious but the margherita was our favorite.

To get to Sorrento, you can take the Campania Express or Circumvesuviana train (45 minutes to 1.5 hours, cheap but notorious for pickpockets…this is what we did without any issues other than being on a hot, overcrowded train in July) or take a ferry from Naples to Sorrento.

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Napoli Italy the Birthplace of Pizza


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    Linny Milliron

    Hi Julie, We are currently planning our trip to Naples and have been trying to learn more about the luggage storage at Napoli Centrale. Is this something that can be booked in advance, or is it readily available on arrival? Searching for luggage storage online the only options that pop up are third party a few minutes walk outside the station, and we would rather store the bags within the station if possible. Thank you so much!

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      This is something that you can do right when you get there. No need to book it in advance We had no issues in July (2014) dropping our bags off at the luggage storage facility in this train station. You can take note of where the storage options are outside of the train station, just in case the one in the station is full, but I don’t think that you will have a problem. Cheers, Julie

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    Theresa Craig

    Has anyone traveled to the island of Ischia? I’m taking my daughter to Rome in August and would like to visit Naples and a nearby coastal towns or island. Any suggestions?

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    This makes me drool!!! My husband and I are going to Italy for 2 weeks in May. First stop is Naples/Capri. Love your photos & reading about your time there!!! Thanks!

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    I enjoy reading your posts from travel in Europe. I am big fan of traveling and as journalist I had opportunity to travel -sometimes for job-sometimes for pleasure. You can learn so much just traveling ….good luck for your nice family and enjoy old Europe

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    Charles Levie

    So proud of you… and happy for you too… Oh, when you get to Tokyo, let me know. I have an extra bedroom and sofabed 🙂 Camp Zama is about 45 minutes SW of Tokyo. Just a thought… Have fun..

    1. Avatar for Julie Post

      Thanks for the offer! There is a chance we will fly home via Tokyo at the end of our year. But that isn’t until next summer so who knows what we will be doing then! That is one of the things that makes this so fun. We have so much uncertainty but at the same time so much possibility right now. I still remember sitting with you at Azul 17 and discussing travel plans. You have been such an inspiration for me with all that you do. Thanks for reading!

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